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Andro was established in the late 1980s in Dortmund by German national team players Wilfried Micke and Ralf Wosik. A key reason for the company’s success is the philosophy that there is no such thing as a universally perfect racket and that andro needs to meet every player’s demands with the right material. Andro is also known for their vibrant colors, trendy marketing material, and informative tech talk videos that assist customers in choosing the right material. Andro offers a broad range of high quality “Made in Germany” rubbers. The Rasanter series – with its trademark neon green sponge – is Andro’s flagship series and is offered in hardness levels ranging from 37 to 50 degrees. Other ... Andro rubbers include the Hexer, Plaxon, and the GTT series, as well as the Blowfish and Hexer short pips rubbers. The latter comes with Andro’s innovative 0/90 technology that allows the rubbers to be glued in two orientations, 0° for higher speed and 90° for greater control. Andro also offers a wide selection of top quality blades, including the Ligna and Wanokiwami series as well as the Treiber, Temper Tech, and Super Core Cell series – something for all players of all types and skills. Rising German star Sabine Winter (2014 European team champion), Stéphane Ouaiche (2014 and 2016 French champion), Wu Jiaduo (2009 European women’s singles champion), and Tomas Konecny (2014 Czech champion) are just some of the players who play with Andro equipment. Did you know that Andro has been supporting the Kids Open tournament that is held in Düsseldorf for over 25 years? This event attracts over 1500 young table tennis players every year. Show more Show less


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