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Andro Protection Foil Energy Cell

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clean the rubber surface with a rubber cleaner and then allow it to dry completely Place the pro foil at the lower end of the rubber and stick without bubbles Excess material can be cut off

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26/09/2023 Good to keep protection on without slipping off Review by Anand Rathnasamy Muthusamy
Good job and sticking onto the rubber surface so it prevent it from falling off accidentally, loses stickiness in a couple of months. Can extend the life a bit if you clean the protection foil and put it back on will probably last about 4 to 5 months at best. Would be usable as a non-adhesive protection sheet for as long as it’s needed I suppose.
21/09/2023 Way too sticky, breaks after first use Review by A M
These sheets are way too sticky so I was only able to use them once. I peeled them off my racket to play with it, and put two sheets together with sticky sides facing each other. They stuck together so good I wasn't able too peel them apart later without tearing one of them. Sticking the protection sheets together is literally the only way to store them so they don't accumulate dust, and with these sheets it's impossible. Nittaku ones are much better and way cheaper.
21/07/2023 Хороший Review by Anatoliy Krasheninnikov
Мне показался слишком тонким, легко мнется в чехле.
Очень липкий (не знаю, плюс это или минус).
Взял второй раз для окончательного решения, пользоваться им в дальнейшем или продукцией Nittaku.
29/06/2023 my favorite rubber protector Review by Nicolaas Strik
A sticky rubber protector sheet that does a great job staying on my rubber sheet.
08/06/2023 não muito prática Review by Joaquim Barbosa
para o uso diário torna-se dificil a sua paplicação
13/04/2023 great rubber protection Review by Grzegorz Dudzik
perfect for rubber protection, best so far compare to previous I used
11/04/2023 best rubber protector Review by Nicolaas Strik
This is the best rubber protector ever! I need to buy more!
Andro Protection Foil Energy Cell