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Andro Rasanter C53

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Rubber type : inverted
Rasanter R45, R48, C48, R53 and C53 rubbers are equipped with the sponge that has the same pore size as the previous Rasanter versions but with increased inner tension. This makes each cell a small compressor and gives the rubber greater power potential. C is for counter-spin. The pimples in the topsheet of Rasanter C rubbers are equipped with wider basement that neutralizes the incoming rotation and allows controlled counter-spins with aggressive trajectories. Due to the compression of that pimple base, the Rasanter C also makes it possible to improve the serve-return game considerably. The 53 degree is the hardest and fastest version, built for the top players. It requires more practice to control than the Rasanter C48 does.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

01/02/2024 Great rubber Review by Roberto Salazar Asturias
Great forehand rubber, high spin and control plus fast
09/01/2024 Loving this rubber Review by Terence Carlon Stewart
I had tried R48 and R42 and decided to try combination of C53 and R53 on my now go to paddle, the Nittaku Hino 7.2.2 have to say I am loving it. I won my 3 league matches tonight. The rubbers work very well and the paddle is amazing. Thanks TableTennis 11.
18/11/2023 Its a good forehand rubber. Review by Cesar Sibayan
This rubber suits my playing style for blocking and counter looping and also good controll in short push.
03/05/2023 Excellent Review by Jaloliddin Usmonov
High quality, best defence and attack!
10/04/2023 Excellent Review by Toni Cirstea
I already knew what I was getting. I saw someone who put c53 on Viscaria super alc. It just works, the spin is unbelievable, I played with Hurricane a long time, hurricane 3 neo, hurricane 8, and at short movement i can put loads of spin. Very good at block and topspin, it is little tacky at the beginning but after 1 week it becomes just grippy. It doesn't feel hard at all, the Viscaria super alc is kind of soft wood faster than viscaria at slow movement but slower at high end speed. It is stiff at slow speed and becomes softer at high speed. Forget the reviews on youtube or elsewhere, it is a blade which is diferrent from viscaria, the only thing similar is the handle an way it feels in backhand on faster shots. The rubber is a marvel it compements spinny shots and block. It is not that fast, you have to tryout and see. I had the same feeling i had whent i played with joola explode a long time ago at least at slow shots.
08/02/2023 Best forehand rubber I've tried Review by Thomas McCabe
I have this rubber on a harimoto alc blade and I simply cannot miss with it. It has all the speed of a European tension rubber but with the dwell of something akin a hurricane 3. Looping and driving are fantastic, you can lift heavy backspin with ease and always feel in control. Serve is great, chopping/push is fantastic... Really excels in the counter loop game.
23/12/2022 Simply the best choice so far Review by Jbetemit
one or two days to get use to the speediness and pump. I'm a new stronger player.
Andro Rasanter C53