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Yasaka Sweden Extra

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The Yasaka Sweden Extra is similar to the Sweden Classic but adds that extra kick needed to execute powerful offensive shots. Though it may have that extra gear in speed, it still allows for tremendous control and excellent feeling.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/07/2022 Lots of Control and Feel Review by Abdullah Khan
I am a beginner player and so for me, control and feeling are a priority. This is perfect for what I wanted. All wood, perfect fool, control is excellent.
14/07/2022 blade Review by Andrew
85g great controllable blade, don't need expensive blades to start. This does not all. Great feel, Can be low in power however med/hard rubbers will speed it up.
05/07/2022 Excellent Review by elie benbaruch
Excellent work Very fast delivery and excellent goods
05/07/2022 wow Review by Jonathan Gehrkin
I'm transitioning from Long 5, just got this to work on form. Very good feeling, can easily cover the ball without fear of missing the table. It's helping my stroke angle development. I plan to go back to the long 5 when I feel ready to play with the changes.
29/06/2022 Best blade Review by LewisL
THE blade you should own. Cheap and Good. Try it and u will get addicted to it.
12/04/2022 Great blade! Review by Daniel
I'm a beginner-intermediate ALL-OFF player, no coaches, TTD Academy, and self-taught, "street ping pong" so to say, for 2 years.

I have the Yasaka Sweden Extra with Rasanter R37 Ultramax on both sides. It's great.

Good control, good speed - not too slow not too fast, good feel, nice sweet spot, comfortable handle. Perfect for developing and advanced players alike. Serve, loop, push, block, smash, chop. Everything works.

I have also tried:
- Yasaka Sweden Classic (slower, smaller sweet spot)
- Donic Defplay Senso (a lot slower, really good control, flexible, bigger head, good blade)
- Tibhar Stratus Powerwood (a great blade, also good control and feel but faster and crisper, requires good technique and movement, it's waiting in the drawer for my technique to get better)

The Yasaka Sweden Extra is good quality, nice looking, well-playing blade. I will definitely stick to it. No need to look further. The combination with the Rasanter R37 Ultramax is perfect for feel, control, spin, and speed at my level. Strongly recommend!
15/02/2022 For training purpose Review by Ruel Rubio
Good quality blade by Yasaka!
22/11/2021 Good blade for beginner to intermediate level players Review by SUSHANT AGARWAL
Has great control.
17/09/2021 Good blade at a very affordable price. Review by Oscar Correa
The quality is very good (considering the price). The speed is nice, I recommend it for training using soft rubbers to compensate for the speed.
06/09/2021 good quality Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
A classic for beginners with a lot of feeling, ideal for developing shots... and can be used for a few more years by putting more offensive rubbers.
24/08/2021 Excellent blade for someone who really wants to improve their technique. Review by Solomon Opare Larbi
I bought this blade based on reviews as I have tried several blades within a year of my introduction to the game. I must say it’s the best so far combined with Xiom Vega Europe. I have total control of the game now. Am sure I will play better if I maintain its constant use for about 4 months. The only setback is the continuous pains I get in my shoulder due to the excess force I applied to generate the required speed to finish a point. Hopefully, once my technique improves, it will be sorted. Have bought one for my 10-year-old son already. Sweet product from Yasaka.
29/04/2021 Best blade ever Review by Lewis Liew
This is the best blade that I am using now. It gives the best control and feeling. Speed is remarkable too. You can throw all your other blades and keep this one. I have done that.
31/03/2021 i enjoy block with sweden extra and also good spin Review by JAYENDRA RAVAL
I enjoy block with Sweden Extra and also good spin.
12/01/2021 Sweet mama! Review by Bob Afdlin
As the name implies, the blade is SWEET!! One of my favorite blades! High control, the feel is outstanding.
02/09/2020 It is an excellent wood for beginners and intermediates Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
It is an excellent wood for beginners and intermediates, its vibration gives us the information we need to develop all our strokes, learn and control the balls. It is very comfortable and gives confidence, nice quality, and good price. Obviously it will lack some power at medium or long distance from the table, but that can be compensated for with powerful rubbers like the Sieger PK50 or with tensor technology. I use them with DHS Hurricane 8 on both sides for beginners and intermediates.
26/08/2020 Хорошее основание Review by ТТ
За свои деньги очень хорошее основание. Играю этой моделью уже два года и ни разу не пожалел, что выбрал его.
02/07/2020 Very nice blade for beginners and developing players Review by Andy William
I got this with AN handle, on sale. The build quality is a bit rough but the feeling is very nice, better than my Butterfly Primorac, less vibration, speed is fast. I would rate this blade as an ALL+. This a solid choice for beginners.
19/06/2020 Best buy blade Review by Filip Filipovski
You can't get any better blade for this money. 10/10 value for money.
02/06/2020 Great blade Review by Matej Weiss
Definitely one of the best blades for this price. Also, I had ButterflyInnerforce Layer ALC before and it was faster, so I decided to try Yasaka Sweden Extra and very satisfied in all aspects. Speed is medium, control great, if you want to increase speed put speedy rubbers. Great blade.
13/05/2020 Perfect Review by Werner Althaus
The blade is exactly right for a beginner to intermediate who wants to play offensive.
27/04/2020 Good Review by viren kanani
The blade is of good quality as per the expectation.
05/03/2020 Overall very good. Lacking in spin generation Review by WW
Great for intermediate-level players looking to improve on technique and control. Great feel and ability to generate power when needed. However, this blade doesn't generate spin as well as other blades that I've tried and is indeed noticeable to myself as well as other players. I'd recommend this for all-round players, but not for power loopers.
31/12/2019 Отлично Review by Peter Kitchenko
Не all. Реальный off минус. Отличный контроль и управляемость.
04/12/2019 Good control with reasonable speed Review by RAJESH MATOLIA
Good control with reasonable speed.
26/09/2019 Value Review by Mark Elert
How does a product become a best seller?
If you're looking for a "can't go wrong" all-wood blade that is not over-priced hype like so many I'm seeing, you won't be disappointed. Great blade for learning to sense hitting "clean" sweet-spot shots, it rewards you for a better position and stroke. Medium flex, medium speed, great touch. You can do what you want if you know what you're doing. Unfortunately for me, I'm too often a bum moving my feet, block too often, and need carbon help for bigger sweet-spot and speed. In other words, better players benefit more from this quality blade.
09/09/2019 Good Review by Zee
Good but without that J.T.T.A.A. mark
23/05/2019 Better looking stiga classic Review by Nathaniel Bell
This blade is, in my opinion, a better-looking and better-feeling alternative to a Stiga Classic. It is also cheaper on TableTennis11.
15/05/2019 All Out Control Review by ozan nazif kayihan
Well, Yasaka Extra was my old blade 10 years ago. Back than it was great. Now it's different. 38mm balls, Speed Glue Era was totally different. With 40+ plastic balls and modern rubbers needs much more springy and thick blades. Extra is thin and not bouncy at all. Not crispy either. If you're new to this sport its a perfect choice. If you're good, but still need some control, than you need really springy mid-hard to hard aggresive rubbers. 45-50 degree ESN rubbers with tons of booster plus Yasaka Extra is reaalllly interesting. That combo really gave me the feeling of Speed Glue Era. Tons of dwell time, feeling, and spin. Without booster or softer sponge rubbers do not work with the Yasaka Extra. Maybe we all should consider 5.5-5.8mm all-wood blades with boosted 45-50 degree ESN rubbers.
14/05/2019 Versatile and Reliable Blade Review by Mike Grozak
From my point of view, this blade is simply excellent. Very reliable and predictable. The straight handle is comfortable with a big tab for the thumb. My version weighs 86gr, as I'm inclined towards attack. 2 x Donic Baracuda's are used, 2.0mm, and I like the combo (although rubbers are high-throw). Game on the table/short game is predictable, and opening topspins from the 1st zone are reliable. It's also completely OK to finish the point with it. Speed/control-wise it's really ALL+. Blade is slower then the Xiom Fuga, which is nowadays rated as OFF-. From the 1st zone all strikes are good, but from the 2nd zone I feel a certain drop in power during attacks with drive and topspin (more with the drive). After adjusting the swing and engaging the blade a bit more, it's also totally fine. I almost never play from the 3rd zone, so I can not say anything about it. All in all, in my humble opinion, this blade is suitable for both combinational players and players who want to establish their 'core' game style as it allows very wide spectrum of possible strikes without loosing any control.
12/05/2019 Good Blade Review by Justin DAntonio
A little slow, pretty light, very well rounded overall.
03/05/2019 Excellent blade Review by Alex Travitskov
Excellent blade. You can do anything with this blade and Yasaka mark V (fh) and mark V HPS soft (Bh) rubbers. With this set a lot of control and fast enough for a novice player and a player close to the table. Enough speed to complete the point. It feels like the ball is immersed in a racket and can be sent to any point of the table, provided that you correctly accept the rotation of the ball. Every game and every workout is a pleasure. Very clear sense of the ball. I feel like my technique is getting better. I'm happy. Thank you Yasaka. Thank you ТableТennis11 for help.
07/04/2019 Good blade Review by Nikita Churakov
Rather a good one. Nothing special. All wood blade. Pretty fast for All+.
Quality matches price. Paired it with Yasaka Rakza 7 (2mm). The result is faster than expected.
Not impressed with control, but it has one, for sure.
Medium blade for low-medium price. Good for beginners.
01/04/2019 Hard to control with Rakza7 specially on FH. Ok on BH. Review by Thomas J Judek
Hard to control with Rakza 7 rubbers. Very bouncy on FH. Ok on BH.
07/03/2019 Great affordable competition grade blade Review by Ariel Pitagan
I got this first on a flared version but decided to get the straight handle . Blade with lots of feel and with the right rubber, depending on your skill level would be good enough to play in tournaments. Highly recommended!
05/03/2019 Do it all Blade Review by Kartik Anbalagan
This blade does all round job perfectly.
Due to semi hardness and good flexibility topspin, chop, push , block
all are reasonable.
Play with good rubbers and it will be equivalent to 7 ply.
23/02/2019 Easy to play Review by Bujang Muhammad Ashaari
Being a beginner, this blade really helps me improve my play with outstanding control and steady is a bargain for such quality with such cheap price
15/02/2019 Probably the best all-wood blade at this price Review by BT
Ordered for my friend based on my other friend's advice. It's a great blade at this price. Assembled with Xiom Vega Pro on FH and Vega Europe on BH. Can't go wrong with this blade if the preference is feel, control and moderate power.
24/01/2019 Отличное качество Review by Pavel Kashirskiy
Хороший контроль. Ручка немного тонковата, но быстро привык.
23/01/2019 Excelente agarre y peso Review by daniel pedernera
Una madera ideal para mi nivel de juego ( intermedio - 3ra categoria). Muy comodo mango FL y peso ideal para las gomas Tibhar evo mfx y Omega Vega pro
16/01/2019 fantastic blade Review by Riccardo Fabbri
fantastic blade, great control, good spin and smash
07/01/2019 Hea ja piisavalt kiire ALL+ reket Review by Marek Arras
Pisut kiirem kui Sweden Classic, korralik kvaliteet. Pole veel palju mänginud selle alusega, kuid tundub hea tunnetusega. Hetkel peal ajutised kummid (Donic Coppa max ja Friendship 729 FX Super Soft 2,0), kavas panna Rakza 7 Soft kummid, eks siis kirjutan täpsemalt.
06/12/2018 Отлично! Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Основание супер!
23/10/2018 Great Blade Review by Damon Skutecki
The level of feeling that I get from this blade is amazing. Very connected to the ball when I make my strokes. The condition and quality is superb.
03/10/2018 Great blade for low price Review by Rob
Great blade for offensive allround play. Can be used for intermediate and advanced players. Speed-control is well balanced. If you need more speed, put faster rubbers on it. I use EL-S on FH and FX-S on BH. Great combination for a topspin-oriented gameplay.
22/08/2018 Long runner money saver! Review by Serban Mihai
Head size normal 157x150 good grip(w/o over-grip) and comfortable handle (ST) even for large hands. Weight 88gr. Recommend it for advanced beginners - I bought it for another work colleague and he is also very happy with with it. Paired with 2 mercurry II rubbers and tried it a little before giving it to him. Also quite pleased myself with the combo. A very honest ALL+ blade with lot of control! If you want to upgrade the speed just put some fast tensors and you can have an OFF- combo.
16/08/2018 Control Control and Control :) Review by Ping Pong Addict
It felt weird the first times I used it, feels like it's a bigger paddle than my other ones...but when I put them side to side not really. Not the lightest but really good feeling when playing. Once I got used to it I really like the control it gives me. I'm a more defensive player and this was the right choice for me :)
09/07/2018 Extra it is! Review by Eralf Deda
I bought this after reading a lot of review.although i was a bit sceptical when i saw the price.
I have no doubts now,after 2 months of practice its totally worth it.extreme good quality for the money.
I paired with rakza 7 on bh and h3 on fh.i will replace soon h3 with rakza 7 on my fh.i believe it can be paired with many other rubbers perfectly(depending on playing style)
Perfect shipping within 5 days.
TT11 is the best I've tried.
23/06/2018 Excellent Review by Leroy Inniss
Good feeling racket, with the combination of Rasanter V47 both sides.
16/06/2018 Had a little difficulty but got it. Review by Owais Raza
I think there should be a record which shows the custom duties and taxes in the countries where you sale your accessories. It would be much easier for a customer to decide it after all the charges in customers country.
11/06/2018 Classic blade Review by Kenn Weinreich
Very good blade also for the advanced player if you set with fast rubber accordingly. Just that wee bit more power compared to traditional all-round blade that suites the plastic Ball so well. I am firmly in the Camp of NOT using fast equipment in a control sport, really many points in match play is won due to easy faults and due to lack of control and concentration. Get yourself upgraded with this paddle. This one can support you all the way to the nationals....

31/05/2018 GOOD Review by DAVID HESSLING
10/04/2018 Good control and spin Review by Adrian Bernal
Acceptable for players who are just starting out and want to have control without giving up the spin.
03/04/2018 Very Good Blade Review by Daniel Thompson
This was the first custom blade I bought and based on online advice, I combined it with Hurricane 3 rubbers. The result was amazing. As long as you have good technique, you'll find it does pretty much whatever you want it to. Plenty of gears, works just as well at the net as it does ten feet away from the table. The one issue I found was it is very soft wood - if you accidentally clip it on the corner of the table, you'll get a small dent in the edge of the blade. Overall, brilliant product, especially for the price.
07/03/2018 Blade for setting technology Review by Boris Karasev
An excellent basis for staging the technique of performing various elements of table tennis - I consider it as an excellent guide for children and not only - a reasonable compromise of speed and control ....
27/02/2018 Very good for beginners. Review by Goran
I paired it up with Palio CJ8000... maybe little to slow with that combination, but consistency and control are excellent and that is what I was looking for.
02/02/2018 Excellent Review by Wisconsin USA
I played with YinHe w6 for a few years before switching to this. Should not have waited! This has much better control. It can do anything. I tried expensive Butterfly paddle and sold it. Much prefer this blade. My rating is around 1500, but higher rated players at our club also use and respect this blade. I use Max mxp on each side and grip tape on the handle and it feels well balanced. Plenty fast with that setup. I don’t think I will ever switch blades again. No reason to. For the money, you can’t beat this blade. Great value. I did lacquer it to prevent splintering. Nice arc on loops. Great feeling. Beginners may prefer using this blade with tibhar EL-P rubbers instead of mxp.
25/01/2018 Highly recommended Review by Andrei Toader
Wood has got potential. High through angle hand must be relaxed or you can over hit some balls. Sound is pleasant medium pitch and vibrations are very well controlled. As a bonus the handle just looks amazing.
23/01/2018 Excellent! Review by Gicu Arama
Excellent product, I love it! A lot of control with Mark V rubbers! Very good assembly and fast delivery! Thanks a lot, Tabletennis11!
22/12/2017 Great bat Review by Ravi Kalluri
I am really enjoying using this blade. My older blade was the Killerspin Kido 7p. It was too fast for my skill level. This blade has more flex and is softer. My strokes are significantly better with this blade as it offers more control.

If you are a intermediate player, this is a great tool!
26/05/2017 Gears. Control. A joy to hold. Review by MANOJ PRABHU
Awesome when paired with Yasaka Mark V on both sides.
Flared handle is excellent.
Plenty of gears in this combo.
Controlled chopping. Got it.
Fast top spin. Got it.
Spinny serves that are hard to return. Got it.
Want to enjoy playing an all-round game, have excellent control, exert pressure on your opponent's defence, and when the opening presents itself, hit winners and finish the points.
I believe the search ends here.
25/02/2017 Excelente !!! Maravilhosa Review by Edilson Pereira
Melhor madeira que eu ja tive !!!
24/11/2016 Brilliant blade - best I've had yet. Review by Nicholas Warren
The Yasaka Sweden Extra has a beautiful feel, well-balanced flex and a massive range of strokes. As an all-round player, it is essential to be able to hit fast loops, slow loops, blocks, and chops all from the near table as well as from far back - and the Extra provides all of that with no fault. As an RPB player, I tend to prefer using flared shakehand blades, because the extra leverage in the handle provides a more explosive contact - would recommend this blade in its shakehand form to both penholders and shakehanders equally.
12/07/2016 Good quality Review by Pablo Polvorin
This is a good quality blade, the assembly service was excellent and delivery by tabletennis11 was fast. They even include a gift on my order!.

Only downside was the long delivery time to my house, but the bottleneck was on my country' mail processing, not their fault.
10/05/2016 very good blade Review by Jan Bogdan
Nice blade in all plus off minus category,good ball feel ,lacks power away from the table but not what it's for. blocking not very good but looping great,for what it costs you can't go wrong
20/04/2016 nice control blade Review by JAYENDRA RAVAL
nice control blade
20/11/2015 Excellent all-round blade Review by Petros Michaelides
Very good combination with mark v for close to table all-round game. Suitable for players of all levels.
Yasaka Sweden Extra