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Yasaka Rakza X

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Rubber type : inverted
Yasaka has produced the Rakza series, a rubber line built for a strong spin and offensive play style. Rakza X comes into the series with a noticeable increase in grip when compared to 7 and 9. This increase in grip helps to prevent ball slippage while maintaining the same level of spin and power found within the Rakza line.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

02/04/2019 Bom controle Review by Francisco Oliveira Filho
Uma borracha com muita velocidade, muito giro e um controle excelente.
04/03/2019 La Mejor Goma Review by Manuel Vera
Esta es una goma realmente completa.

Es una goma que es buena para Bloquear, Topsipn, Juego liso. Realmente pegar un "palo" con esta goma es un agrado.

Es una goma con la cual puedes hacer pasar realmente malos ratos a tus oponentes, tanto por la cantidad de giro o por la velocidad que puede entregar esta goma o por el bloqueo activo de los golpes entrantes que puedes recibir.

esta es una goma realmente completa. puedes hacer lo que quieras con esta
17/01/2019 Excellent Grip Review by Tulsi Bhandari
It’s definitely different than Rakza 7.
once you adapt Rakza X and adjust your technique it’s awesome.
26/08/2018 Nice Review by Ivan Nyrkov
Excellent rubber.
26/08/2018 Amazing Review by Ivan Nyrkov
Really good rubber.
19/05/2018 Good rubber Review by Jorge Espinosa
Yasaka ensures that this rubber is faster and with a higher launch angle than R7, but it is slower, harder and with a similar spin, better in soft or flexible woods, excellent quality like all Yasaka products, great control, low angle.
29/03/2018 No probada aun Review by jorge aranciaga
No probada aun...quiero compararla con la Rakza 7
27/03/2018 Great as always! Review by JACK ZENG
Great rubber for backhand!
05/11/2017 Muito top :) Review by Rodrigo Luiz
Muito boa essa meia da Donic !!!
10/10/2017 Borracha Top Review by Rodrigo Luiz
Usando no backhand, borracha com ótimo balanço... boa em velocidade, muito no efeito e excelente no controle !

Ótimo trabalho Yasaka!!!
09/08/2017 vlaue for money Review by Kamarulzaman Thiara
good bh control on hard bat like stiga cliper wood.
02/08/2017 Super fast Review by Thang Tran
This is the fastest rubber I've played. However, it has very small margin of errors. Smashes are lightning fast, but loops are hard to control. Counter loops are impossible due to the speed of this rubber. I use it on my FH for mostly loop drives and smashes. Anything else that requires more control like touch shots or pushes are not easy to do.
26/07/2017 quality and price Review by Alfredo Queiroz
Quality product with fair price
12/07/2017 Отличное сочетание качеств Review by Oleg AVERIN
Мой любимый тензор на сегодняшний день. Двухскоросная. Лучше на фх.
16/06/2017 Good BH rubber Review by JACK ZENG
Very good for BH opening loop and fast counter loop. FH loop tends to go out of the table.
18/05/2017 Хорошая накладка Review by SERGEY YURCHENKO
Эту накладку купил в максимальной толщине. Установил на форхенд пятислойного основания из хиноки. Губка прожимается, но необходимо приложить усилие. Выполнение любых топспинов без проблем, с блоками похуже, но приноровиться можно. Хорошо ведет себя в перекрутах топспинов. С подачами проблем нет. Чувствительно к приходящему вращению.
29/03/2017 Not as good as the Rakza 7 Review by Dr. GAURAV SHARMA
These rubbers were for my friend and my opinion about them remains the same. As he didnt want to change his setup, i ordered these. However i will always prefer Rakza 7 as my rubber to go to.
28/01/2017 quality Review by Alfredo Queiroz
Acquired in the promotion, was a little afraid due to the low price, but the material is of first without negative placements to the product.
Excellence and quality
Congratulations tt11
08/01/2017 very good rubber for spin and control Review by Hooshang Ayoubloo
very good rubber for spin and control, both for FH and BH, my blade were/are Photino,Clipper CR (WRB),YenHe 11, all are ok with this rubber.
16/12/2016 excellent product Review by Karel Wolf
Bought X for one side and X Soft for the other and it works well. Rubber is quite fast in the X version and little softer for the X Soft as expected.

I highly commend both of these products
ABOUT SHIPMENT: TableTennis11 has been proving to be a serious company that delivers worldwide with accuracy and honesty! Free shipment out of Europe takes long, but its not theyr fault. The matter is: It arrives in good conditions. DHL is still the best way to get it. You pay, but never suffer with anxiety!
ABOUT PRODUCT: Original rubber. Yasaka Raksa X has been a very faithful Tenergy´s raplecement due to it´s good price and it´s natural purpose: Attacking game! Sometimes it come on promotion or on the "3=4".
09/11/2016 good Product Review by Jose Lopez
Delivered very fast
09/11/2016 Good Product Review by Jose Lopez
Delivered very Fast
05/11/2016 Good product Review by Dr. GAURAV SHARMA
As i have already mentioned when i bought this about 2 years back, its a very good rubber. Infact the 2 mm version is better than max version as there is more control and feel
21/10/2016 Rakza X Review by Kamarulzaman Thiara
Not as good as Rakza 9 or Rakza 7.
15/07/2016 Dissatisfaction with your lack of response to me. Review by Len Farr
I will be pleased to send you a corrected review when you respond to my email inquiry related to this order. I have made this inquiry to you twice with no response from you. This is unprofessional.
14/07/2016 among the best rubbers Review by LEVENT UNUVAR
Speed, spin & control ! very nice rubber.
18/04/2016 Excellent Review by Thiago Medalha
I loved rakza X, fast and good spin, I use in my Stiga Infinity!
12/11/2015 Wonderful rubber for BH Review by Sarvotham Pai
This is a very good rubber for Intermediate to advanced players. Excellent at loops, flat hits and touch play. Not as offensive as Rakza 7 but the control is far more superior. My 2nd favorite rubber for plastic balls (1st being Xiom Omega V Euro)
16/10/2015 Good rubber Review by Ashraf Ghali
Very good spin & speed. Difficult to control for the bigenners. Heavy rubber
05/10/2015 So far so good Review by robert kukovica
I played 5 times. I'm very satisfied. Good control and good rotation.
29/09/2015 Excellent Review by Lino Alanguilan
I taught it is only good for backhand, it is awesome in forehand, you will absolutely feel the touch of the ball on your racquet. Just hit the ball with the correct stroke and let the ball fall wherever you want with precise. I bought 2.0 mm for my backhand and again I will buy Max for my forehand to add more power
23/09/2015 spin and speed Review by PRALHAD G
Best rubber for close to the table and mid distance top spin.Getting lot of spin when pushing.Best quality rubber at acceptable price.

07/09/2015 excellent Review by hugo valdebenito
awesome rubber. good in the short and long game. excellent control.
01/07/2015 Great product Review by Thomas V
Great rubber for fast attacks, spins and loops. TT11 has the best prices by far and shipping from Europe is fairly quick.
22/06/2015 The best ever Review by Saeed alqarani
Guys you can't find a better place than tabletennis11..
Sole agent of excellence!
19/06/2015 Odlična vsestranska guma Review by Roman Kristan
To gumo imam na bekend strani in je fantastična za kontrolo in rezane udarce iz srednje in večje razdalje. Obnese se tudi pri forhend napadalnih udarcih.
Hitrost je dobro usklajena z spinom in kontrolo.
14/06/2015 outsatanding Review by Dr. GAURAV SHARMA
use it and see the magic happen. ITS THE GOD of all rubbers on the backhand. ON the forehand its an outright killer
21/05/2015 Good Review by Leon Iskhak
20/05/2015 One of the best out of Xiom family Review by Sergei
Still one of the best out of all Xiom rubbers. Very satisfied!
19/05/2015 Good quality Review by Walid Abouelhana
Good all round rubbers
Good for blocking
09/05/2015 Awesome Rubber Review by Ashwin
Very nice rubber, perhaps the best rubber for BH. Packed with a lot of speed, spin & power with excellent control.
01/05/2015 Great Rubber for All Player to Use Review by Peter
I have 4 of them and they work great. Get the thin 1.8 to give more control. I put them on Stiga Allround Classic and Offensive Classic blades and my game have improved greatly. Able to beat players 3-0 that I lost to before and 2000 rating player. Smash/push/chop/cut/serve/loop/back/forehand with this rubber are excellent because of control. It will be deadly to use with Yasaka Phantom 09 long pips (LP). Use more control rubber to improve your game before changing to more power and spìnning rubber. The price is best with around $40, 10% discount with $100 or more. One of the players I play with said he bought 10 because of disount for him and his son to use.
01/05/2015 Excellent Review by Ned Tkalcevic
Great job guys, very professional look and feel. Very happy with the finished product, and cheaper than I could get locally. Cheers ! 5 stars One of the best attacking rubbers I have ever had the pleasure of using. This rubber is SICK !!!
14/04/2015 Strong Rubber with good speed Review by Keith Trinh
Strong Rubber with good speed and control
14/04/2015 Best Rubber so Far for Me Review by Xuong
I play with Mark V HPS, Yasaka Razka 7 soft, Rapid Speed, 729, and Butterfly Tenergy Series, I found Yasaka Razka 10 is best. Spin and control are 8-10, smashing power is 6-8 but it really depend on your hitting and blade. You can't depend on the blade and rubber to give you all the power. Used on Stiga Allround Classic blade, I felt the shock vibration alot onto my palm when I smash the ball. I wonder why that is? I have Stiga Evolution WRD and didn't get that affect with Razka 10 on it? I have 3 Razka X on 2 paddles at the moment and plan to put Yasaka Phantom 9 or Dr. Neubauer Anti Special on one side and Razka 10 on the other on Stiga Allround Classic WRD blade which is light blade. Spinning players watchout! I'm 1700-1800 rating and just beat 2000 rating player 3-1 in a match with my new Razaka 10 on bothside this past Saturday. I think I will improve more with Anti Spin rubber and Razaka X paddle. In fact, I won 7 out of 8 players in 2 days of playing, some were better than me in my assessment. I'll be playing in World Peace PP Tournament on the 25th of April in Plano, Texas. I signed up with 1600 & 1800 rating, I might play 1900 if they don't let me play 1600 at the event.
01/04/2015 Very good Review by Sebastian Tocariu
I play with rakza x on my BH. Very good rubber: good speed, great spin and a lot of control. Great for looping and counter loop as it is for active blocking.
01/04/2015 Excellent! Review by Viktor Jovicevic
Very grippy and superb controll!Overal 10/10!
16/03/2015 good Review by kim youngkyo
24/02/2015 its the best Review by Puran Parkash
i have played with mark v, sriver , donic coppa jo gold but the Rakza x takes the cake. I ordered for the max rubber and within 3 hours of practice i am starting to trouble my opponents with speed and spin. Backhand blocking is a dream, very controlled and i feel that i can do anything . Forehand took me some time but with a little practice its all coming together whether its a push or loop. i think its a winner and will soon be a favorite with a lot of players
10/12/2014 good rubber Review by Serdar Atilla Bostancı
Yasaka Raksa X ONE OF THE BEST BACK HAND RUBBER I NEVER HAD BEFORE. It has speed and power and also not so heavy . Great catapult available has more control . Thanks to Yasaka
23/10/2014 Good first impression Review by Terrence Cook
Way more versatile and powerful than Rakza 7 Soft. This should suit a variety of playing styles with the soft top sheet giving a lot of spin on slow speed or brushing strokes and the sponge loading up for power shots. A solid all around rubber.
Yasaka Rakza X