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Yasaka Mark V HPS

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Rubber type : inverted
The result of a completely new formula for the sponge – combined with the top sheet of MARK V: MARK V HPS is a “top of the range” table tennis rubber and gives you all the characteristics required for advanced offensive play. MARK V HPS is the result of the newest Japanese rubber technology. The HPS technology gives: improved dynamics in the sponge and more speed and spin, without higher weight. Mark V HPS has a medium hard sponge, suitable for aggressive play close to the table.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/01/2019 good all around offensive rubber Review by Kenton Keading
Mark V was one of the most popular inverted rubbers back when speed glue was legal. This new version of Mark V works well without speed glue. I prefer a sponge that is neither too soft nor too hard. I believe this rubber is suitable for offensive play, having both good spin and speed.
26/12/2018 Mark V = Quality Review by Javier Martinez
This is 1 or 2 steps above my Mark V GPS and am very happy with it. The ball comes out faster and more spinny than the GPS. I lost some control, but the gains are very good. I still need to practice more to get use to this new rubber, but so far, I'm very happy.
06/03/2018 Excellent rubber Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
Highly recommended. Nothing new to say about this rubber. One of the best in the market in terms of spin, speed and control. May seem a bit out of control in the beginning, but that'll be recovered pretty soon. I'm using it on my BH (Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon Max blade) and my FH is DHS Hurricane Neo3.
26/02/2018 BT Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
Excellent rubber with good speed, moderate spin and nice control. Highly recommend.
24/01/2018 HPS provides subtle difference from std Mark V Review by Rohan Keogh
At my level (transitioning from beginner to intermediate), it is very difficult to discern more than a subtle difference between this rubber and a std Mark V. It feels ever so slightly softer but I cannot say it is either faster/slower or that it produced more or less spin. It does everything well (although nothing to the extreme) and I really like it but in the same way and for the same reasons I really like the Mark V.
29/10/2017 Rápida e muito efeito (Fast and very effective) Review by Dario Allyson Costa
Primeira oportunidade com borrachas Yasaka, sensação ótima. Borracha muito rápida e excelente efeito. (First opportunity with Yasaka rubbers, great feeling. Very fast rubber and excellent effect).
20/10/2017 SUPER RUBBER with a single flaw... Review by Neeloy Biswas
You can put the ball anywhere you like with good practice.... this is the best for short-mid range topspin style attacking player......

But..... durability is not good.. use 5-6 hours a week, within 4 moths, bubble or pimples come out of the rubber.. specially at the sweet spot... :-(
But, donic coppa or dhs hurricane doesn't have this prob....
16/10/2017 Excellent rubber Review by Arvin John Dela Cruz
Hi I'm a beginner table tennis player, but did some training with the best coach in the TTclub. As a beginner I started using a very fast blade and rubber. (Primorac carbon and T64/T80) I did learn a lot of techniques using this advance blade and rubber for a beginner. NOW using YASAKA Ma Lin Extra Special and Mark V HPS/Mark V HPS soft, My techniques and my games are so much better. For me This blade and rubber can provide lots power and spin, and excellent control.
09/10/2017 good quality for the price Review by thao hoang
As specified but slower for my preference.
17/04/2017 ITS THE BEST FOR CLOSE-MID RANGE ATT+ PLAYERS Review by Neeloy Biswas
I am a close-mid range ATT+ player . I prefer spin over hit-n-kill shots. And this is the perfect one for me.
Looping, topspin, blocking is like heaven. and if you have carbon ply, you hit so fast the its hard to lob your smashes..
I say everyone should try this rubber once at least. Its worth.
And, TT11 gives lovely discounts sometime on this....
04/04/2017 Отличная накладка Review by Igor Chirkov
Отличная накладка, отличное кочество
12/12/2016 not good Review by EITAN SHLOMI
i have got a light rubber with no speed at all.
This is not like the first rubber i bought 2 years ago.
10/12/2016 A rubber for everyone Review by Justin Webber
This truly is the rubber for everyone. One of the first rubbers I've ever purchased when upgrading my racket combination, but the amount of speed and spin I can place on the ball has been unparalled. Got the TSP Curl for my BH in 0.3-0.6 sponge thickness paired up with Yasaka Mark V 2.0 for my FH, and slapped them on my joo as hyuk blade. I've been considering toning down the sponge thickness for some added control because it takes a lot of getting used to playing with 2.0 on my JSH blade. All in all, this is a great offensive rubber and makes for a beast of a combination when paired with long pips or a more defensive rubber that will cover for whatever strength it may lack.
08/09/2016 Mark V HPS rubber Review by Bruce Hutchison
I am from New Zealand, i have been playing table tennis since the 1970s. A few years ago i bought a Yinhe T1 blade and since that time i have been trying different rubbers and thicknesses to find something suitable to suit my play. I have found that Mark VHPS 2.0mm to be the most suitable at this stage. I also find the service i get from table tennis to be of the highest standards. Thank you.
08/09/2015 Very good Quality but not worth the price Review by AO
Yasaka Rubbers have always been of high quality. HPS is a medium soft rubber. excellent control with good spin. Rubber is slightly tacky.
Good for both FH and BH.
Price is a little too high for this rubber in my opinion. Try DHS H3-50 Soft for a similar feel
21/04/2015 very good Review by cesar rodriguez
awesome backhand rubber gets better as you play
19/03/2015 Mark V was the rubber in the 80s Review by cesar rodriguez
Im a big fan of Mark V , It has alot of gears more speed than spin but its durable and last longer than most rubbers xiom rubbers have great speed and spin but fall appart easily once its chipped on the side .Mark V HPS Definately worth it for the sale price .
26/10/2014 Отличные накладки Review by Viacheslav Karbishev
Очень понравилась накладка, в следующий раз попробую такую же только софт.
17/08/2014 Very good Review by SUDIP KUMAR DAS
Very good to play offensive as well as defensive.
13/08/2014 excelente producto Review by Daniel OBesso Cabanillas
Muy buen jebe Yasaka.
02/08/2013 Goma Review by armin choqueticlla diaz
Safa. genera un buen topsping igual la tengo que probar un poco mas
15/05/2013 Classic Review by MIN MIN TUN
This is one of my all time favorites.
11/04/2013 incredible Review by Salih DAGKOY
best so far
Yasaka Mark V HPS