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Yasaka Ebony Carbon


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Number of Layers : 7+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Ebony Carbon is a tremendously powerful blade. This blade uses 7 plies of various hardnesses of wood and additionally incorporates 2 layers of carbon too. This total package allows for a great combination of power and control. All offensive strokes are highlighted with this blade.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/04/2023 excelente calidad Review by HECTOR EMILIO RODRIGUEZ
muy buen equipo
15/02/2023 Super fast Review by Keleve
Ebony out layers plus two thin carbon layers make the incredible speed. I used DHS gold arc 8 47.5 as FH, and Nittaku P1 as BH.
26/01/2023 A quality and affordable multiply carbon blade that is made in sweden Review by Edmund Leopoldo
It's been months using Yasaka Ebony Carbon, i used Yasaka Rakza X 2.0 mm on my forehand and Yasaka Trick Anti Max on my backhand. For an intermidiate level skills player, this combination is a winner. The blade coupled with said TT rubbers has power, speed and control.
31/10/2022 Beasy and The Beast Review by Marc Ross
This blade is just beautiful to look at, almost sad to put rubbers on such a stunning surface.

The Ebony Carbon is a Beast for power and speed, but it had a lot me control than I thought it would have. ( The level of control may be enhanced by the Rakza 7 Soft I put on both sides).

More advanced players looking for devestating power will love this blade, still a bit above my control level, I am still beginner.

I expect to see a lot of top level players using this in future.
28/07/2022 Awesome blade Review by Abinash Nayak
This is an excellent 9 piles blade (2 ebony wood + 2 carbon + 5 unknown wood layers), the carbon layer being close to the center. It's kind of head-heavy (H3 neo FH & MX-P BH) and needs some time to get used to if you are coming from a balanced blade (coming from YEO - H3 neo boosted on both sides). While YEO is a great overall blade (power+control), ebony excels in power, comprising the control a little bit (especially in short games). However, unlike outer carbon layer blades (like Vis), the control is "preferably better" (at least for me) in the inner carbon layer blades. Once you get used to the feel of the blade, it's an AWESOME blade, really powerful, with good controls too. A tip that helped me improve the feel/control of the blade is to hold/grip the blade high up the handle, holding the head itself while playing close to the table tremendously improves the control of the blade. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great offensive blade, with good control.
20/03/2022 Very good control, attack & modern defense. Review by Shu Nar Yen
Very good control, attack & modern defense.
09/02/2022 Ok Review by Dragi Mitreski
01/01/2022 Excellent balde Review by Rajiv Mehrotra
What a lovely sound this blade has ... Extremely fast and has very good grip. Happy that I bought this blade.
06/12/2021 Is Excellent Rackect Review by v tang
Excellent paddle. Thanks
27/11/2021 Fantastic Blade Review by Abhishek Banerjee
Good offensive
22/09/2021 Speed Monster Review by Ouchy
Speed and power....the fastest blade from Yasaka. Great for drive and counter topspin play.
04/06/2021 Рекомендую для тех кто использовал дерево без карбона Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Переход на это основание после чистого дерева не составит долгого привыкания , тк это быстро и ощущение дерева. Я тестировал с Тибхар МХ-Р 50" c обеих сторон , FH отлично , BH рекомендую помягче . Основание отличное по качеству характеристикам и цене. Попробуйте и оцените . Респект ТТ11.
08/08/2020 Great blade Review by Eugenio Chiappa
Really love it, the handle is amazing too!
05/05/2020 Excellent Quality Review by Eugene Gorlo
I had it assembled by Tabletennis11 with Rakza X on FH and Raxza X Soft on BH. I haven't had much time to test but I will.
04/11/2019 Отличное качество Review by Vano Azizyan
Отличное качество!
27/08/2019 Very fast blade Review by faruk faas
The blade is too fast for my style of play.
20/07/2019 Excellent paddle Review by Ricardo Sevilla
Good control and fast.
29/04/2019 Good balanced racket Review by Faris Prevljak
Extra speed racket. At level of much more expensive woods. Very comfortable in hand. Needs good technique and playing with feeling.
22/11/2018 Off+ blade, fast and powerful Review by Ken D
Light weight, as the title says, fast powerful blade for pure offensive players. One of the best blade of this price range. The only down side is the FL handle tends to be very slippery that a rubber grip is needed for player with dry hand.
13/11/2018 good Review by Krug
Decent blade, low throw, hard feeling. Very heavy. Need good technique to use effectively.
06/11/2018 Awesome blade from Yasaka Review by Hung Le
Light, fast and controllable. Excellent price point for a blade that can be compared with $300 blade from Butterfly.
28/10/2018 Excellent! Review by Nikita Volkov
Очень быстрое основание, достаточно тяжёлое. Судя из таблицы, самое быстрое у Ясаки. Сравнивал с Сильвер карбоном, которое чуть медленнее, но контрольнее. Подойдёт атакующим и очень опытным игрокам.
Yasaka Ebony Carbon