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Yasaka Dynamix 17

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Number of Layers : 11+6
approximate weight (g) : 95
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.3
The Dynamix 17 is a unique blade. It has 17 plies which are a mix of all sorts of wood and carbon. Despite the large amount of materials used, this blade still has plenty of control and at the same time allows all offensive strokes to be played well.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

29/12/2018 Excellent control and very good strength. Review by Nilton Jose de Carvalho
I have used the racket Ma Lin Carbon, but this Dynamix 17 has much more control and gives me much more confidence in my game that has improved a lot, I recommend it to everyone.
24/06/2018 Good blade!! Review by Vicente
Excelente Madero calidad/precio.
Sin dudas un Madero que todos quisieran probar. Recomendado para jugadores avanzados.
04/04/2018 Good Review by Krug
Thick, heavy and fast blade. Definitely not for the beginner. Nicely designed and good price.
31/01/2018 Blade with gears and tons of control Review by Jose Nakata
I bought a Dynamix 17 with AN handle weighing 93g. It was the lightest available at TT11. I expected a super stiff and super fast blade like BTY Iolite, which I like so much, but to my surprise Dynamix has some flex, is only medium fast, but has tons of control. This is where this blade shines. It´s easy to block and place the ball with pin point accuracy. Another good thing about this blade is its gears, I can play a very controlled game but when swing hard the speed is always there. Certainly it has to do with the 17 layers. I´m using 2 tension rubbers, Fastarc G1 and Rakza 7 but I suppose chinese rubbers like H3N will make a perfect combination with Dynamix.
24/01/2018 ‘Good easy to play for defending and good for blocking: Review by Jessy Dang
Very good racket for advanced playing.

07/12/2017 Excellent blade Review by Swavek
Great control, soft touch,nice sound, quick enough. Great all round play blade.
26/07/2017 Excellent Review by Leroy
Best and fastest blade I have used so far. Great feel with Rasant grip on FH and Hurricane 2 on BH.
20/05/2017 Fast and Furious Review by Archfil Dela Cruz
This blade is fast, period. The 17 layered construction is great for control and the 6 layers of carbon veneers are perfect for fast attacks and great for blocking too. I use Yasaka Rising Dragon on BH and Yasaka Shining Dragon on FH side and my racket is a killer! If you are a looper, then you'll love this blade too. The price is the best part of this blade, it is very affordable for its built quality (Swedish Made) and its capability. If you want to improve your game, I highly recommend this blade.
05/04/2017 The only blade with 17 layers Review by Syed Farhan Alvi
Yasaka is great in its quality and this blade is fast, responsive and the only blade having 17 layers with a balanced weight of around 90gm +-.

Suitable for attacking players, hard and stiff blade with extra ordinary power. Hard to control with fast rubbers, dont go for max thickness and use with soft rubbers. I agree with others that it is a beast in power and have a high through angle and can be very comfortable away from the table. You need to control your power and strength to get the ball land where you want to, the power will be consistent the control will have to be adjusted with your gaming style.

16/06/2016 Very good blade Review by Islam Safwat
It's a very good blade comparing to the price very good speed and enough control, recommended even for the professional players
26/11/2015 awesome Review by Gabriele F.
Superb blade, very solid, so consistent, excellent control, so great quality; I love it
26/11/2015 excellent blade for smashing Review by Anonymous15
This blade is well suited for offensive smashing style.
Acoustic quality is excellent and addictive.
This blade is on heavy side though
12/11/2015 Good allround blade - Very hard - Nice feedback on strokes Review by Sarvotham Pai
Yasaka claims this to be a offensive blade. However I would rate it All+ for the speed. The blade has very good hardness. Not that bouncy and thus lets you play controlled stokes and balanced top spins. Flat hits from this blade are very fast and accurate. Go for this blade if you like to Flat hit finish as against power loops.
I tried this blade with Mark V, Tenergy 05 FX, XIOM Omega Euro and Rakza 7.
Worked well with Yasaka Mark V and Rakza 7
If you are looking for a good premade bat, stick 2 Mark V on this and you'll not need to switch for a year or 2
21/07/2015 value for money Review by kwok kee Lui
Good blocking, powerful smash. Good feel with andro rasant grip in FH and beat in BH.angle of throw medium. Not too stiff. Tried a couple of rackets like yasaka max carbon 3D, boll ZLC, xiom ZXI, this one ideal for me. Value for money. Similar rackets might cost over euro 150 dollars. Now only 31 euros.

14/05/2015 very good equipment Review by Mirza Dževlan
very good equipment
07/10/2014 excellant blade Review by woodchuen villanueva
explosive and light. great on offence and defensive moves.
11/09/2014 This is a great blade in terms of the price. Review by PANAGIOTIS AGGELOUDIS
the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great speed without losing control. worked perfect with baracuda 2.0. Very good seller!!!!!
02/05/2014 excellent Review by Dylan
Reasonable price, high quality, very strong power. Can't believe it's a 17 layers blade with a ~6.7mm thickness, interesting. The handle is very comfortable to hold. Just a little bit heavy(92g) but powerful enough. My first FL blade, love it!
01/03/2014 Overall a good blade Review by Intermediate Player
I bought this blade as my back-up blades and use PIPS on one side because this blade has no carbon in it which works better for PIPS. Overall, a light blade with good control and good power. So far so good. I recommend this blade.
19/02/2014 great blade really! Review by Saeed alqarani
I like the light weight of this blade with the things it can produce.
03/02/2014 Best Blade Review by Andrew Couper
This is the best blade I have played with in a long time. It is fast & has Great feeling. I found this blade to be so good that I had to buy another one.
31/01/2014 Very strong blade, but not perfect Review by Jose
Excellent anatomical handle, reasonable weight (~90 g), not perfectly polished (many low cost chinese blades have better finishing than Dyn 17). I am using it for only 4-5 hours, with Xiom Vega Europe MAX and Xiom Omega IV Pro MAX. Impressions: very good blocking, good+ control (despite the low control rating of this blade, the Xiom rubbers are very good WRT control), Off (not Off+) grade IMHO, very good at playing at >1m from the table, not a very high throw (also due in part to Xiom rubbers) what difficults topspinning chopped balls, namely in the first attack.

Overall, a very good blade (but not an astonishing one...). I would give two 4.5 in the ratings, but as I cannot do that, I bet with a 4 and a 5 :-)
17/01/2014 sharp and fast Review by dim papaskarlatos
stiff blade very good balanced and very fast. it makes aurus looks spinnier in fh
15/01/2014 Very good Review by Renos Christodoulidis
Very good
10/01/2014 Perfect in every aspect Review by ROMAIN DECLE
Quality product, fast shipping to France, nice price. What more can you expect ?
02/12/2013 Fast and acceptable control Review by Maximo Martin
I am playing with Dynamix for 5 years, no other in the market with the touch and speed feel like this.
31/10/2013 excellent in every aspect Review by keyur jadia
this is one of the best blades i have played with. i like fast blades. this blade is fast and has excellent control for the speed. i even like the weight of this blade. i usually dont prefer very light blades. nice feel overall. excellent work by yasaka and very good delivery by tabletennis11. keep it up!!!
06/08/2013 Excellent Review by Andrew Couper
This blade is Super fast, it has a huge Sweet spot. It also has a nice sound when you make contact with the ball. This blade would suit the more experienced player. It dose have some control but. It is Super fast, & depending on what rubber's you use could or could not make the difference on the control side of thing's.
Yasaka Dynamix 17