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Xiom Ice Cream AZX

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 88
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
The Xiom Ice Cream AZX has a koto outer ply, a limba inner ply, and a kiri core. However, sandwiched between the koto and limba plies, the AZX has an outer carbon ply of ZLC on one side and an outer ply of ALC on the other side. This allows its user to have different playing characteristics on each side. The ALC allows for a softer, stiffer, and springier feel while the ZLC allows for a harder and more elastic feel. These outer carbon plies are felt immediately on most strokes. A truly special blade that allows you to tailor it to your style of play.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/07/2019 Not as good as it can be Review by Jagadish Chakrabhavi
I have been using JunMizutani ZLC for a long time. The ZLC on Ice Cream AZX feels very soft. good for control, but I found it difficult to loop from away the table. ALC side was as expected.
15/05/2019 Хорошее основание Review by Orunbek
Хорошее основание, интересное. Достаточно жесткое.
Играл на Xiom Omega VII Pro, отлично играет.
После на Hurricane 3 Neo Provincial, отлично сила.
30/04/2019 From timo boll alc to ice-cream AZX FL Review by Abraham Ben Carl Yulde
I played with the Timo Boll Spirit for 2 years, and the Timo Boll ALC for 6 years.
Ice Cream is way different than my previous blades. It is stiffer(hard feel), larger sweetspot(flat drives are way more forgiving), comfortable to hold, and faster with less vibration. Mine is 88g, while my Timo Boll ALC was 90g. The grip is better and they really paid attention to details. With Butterfly blades, you need to file the edges on the wing, but on Ice Cream, just stick the rubber on and you're ready to roll. I'm never gonna look for a blade faster than Ice Cream AZX. You can play both close to table or mid distance. Thanks tabletennis11 !!!!!!! Hello Dimitrij!!!!!
11/04/2019 Very good blade for offensive players Review by Tuan Nguyen
Very good blade that I've tried so far, I have the Tenergy 05 FX on ZLC side and Nitaku Fastart S1 on ALC.
It has good feel but fast on ZLC side, higher arc on ALC but still fast.
So far I love it except for one thing: the handle is too thin and small, feels like it might slip out of your hand when you swing on it.
If not for that I would give it 5 stars instead of 4.
11/04/2019 Excellent blade! Review by Steve
Tried out many different blades ( Carbonado 290+145, Boll ALC, Clipper Wood). Xiom Ice Cream AZX is deffinetly my favorite blade. Great control, speed, and spin. Could recommend this blade to players who like more controlled backhand shots ( ZLC ) and aggressive power shots with forehand ( ALC).
12/03/2019 I love it! Review by Julius Carlsson
I love it!
Xiom Ice Cream AZX