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Victas Ventus Extra

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Rubber type : inverted
This rubber, formerly known as the TSP Super Ventus, is the flagship of the outstanding Ventus series. It has the maximum spin and speed ratings and excellently balanced playing features that are typical of Ventus. Players will enjoy the unlimited attacking power and drive offered by the pink, high-performance sponge. Made in Germany.

Customer Reviews

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05/07/2022 Same as Super Ventus but appears to wear faster Review by BE
Great for hitting and looping a push, but a bit more difficult to control counter looping off the bounce and also controlling short game.
20/05/2022 New wonder Review by Joseph Cyrus
Tried this for the first time, and was very very impressed by it on the FH.
16/03/2022 Found best FH rubber Review by Wayne Shen
Having been trying different rubber for forehand, MXP, Fastarc P1, and G1, Acuda P1/S1, Hurricane 3, Skyline 3 and saw comments on this rubber so I decided to try.
What a great FH rubber! I remember a recommendation of FH rubber is that you don't feel bottom out until you use 70/80% power. This one, you won't feel bottom out close to the table and when you are away from the table, using 90% strength, I feel it is bottomed out. Great when you try to counter loop the incoming loop. I use Acuda P1 as my backhand and sometimes I incorrectly use the P1 as forehand and I will feel: how come the rubber doesn't have enough power? then I noticed that I used the wrong side of the paddle.

The rubber is also very easy to handle the underspin. You will feel very comfortable lifting a long heavy underspin ball.
The rubber also has good durability. I usually practice 3 times a week and 3 hours a time. The rubber can last 4 months with no problem. I saw a comment saying that it's a great backhand rubber. Haven't tried that yet. Will try when I change the rubber next time. But right now, the best choice for FH. I am actually surprised that not many people know about this rubber.
06/02/2022 spinny and stable. Review by Jonas Lindersson
Great rubber for speed spin and block. very easy to use, not spin sensitive, and works for intermediate players and above.
feels like a faster Rakza 7.
21/12/2021 同s ventus一樣是反手神皮 好配板 Review by air
同s ventus一樣是反手神皮 好配板
15/11/2021 Fantastic rubber Review by junhao toh
Victas Ventus Extra is a forgiving rubber that has spin and speed when completing the strokes. This rubber is compatible with all kinds of blades.
01/10/2021 Victas Ventus Extra Review by kaho cheung
Excellent rubber, medium-hard sponge, lifting backspin ball is a breeze, counter topspin is effortless. For this price range, you really can't go wrong with this rubber =)
07/08/2021 One of the best med+ rubbers Review by MH
This rubber was formerly sold under the TSP brand as the Super Ventus. It is the same rubber but since 2021 distributed under the Victas brand. The Victas Ventus Extra is one of the best 47.5° med-hard rubbers on the market in my opinion. It is a fast rubber (in the same category as the Tibhar MX-P or the V>15 Extra) but has improved durability and does play superior in the opening topspin game than both of these rubbers. It has good grip and opening the first topspin is quite effortless. It still maintains good control and balance for such a fast rubber. Also, short games and block games feel good with this rubber. Where it really shines is the topspin and counter-topspin game. If you are looking for a modern, medium-hard, well-balanced but fast, grippy rubber at an exceptionally low price point, the Ventus Extra is for you! I now play with this rubber on my backhand side.
04/08/2021 Best of Victas Review by Shivkumar Jha
Once it breaks in after playing 3's awesome. Lasts longer than regular extra. Can do anything with this rubber.
Victas Ventus Extra