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TSP Ventus Soft

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Rubber type : inverted
Ventus Soft is an ultra-soft, high-precision and fun-to-play offensive rubber offering excellent control. When designing Ventus Soft, the TSP rubber experts relied on the “Optimized Rotation Concept” and developed one of the softest and most controllable sponges in the offensive segment. Thanks to the super-elastic, open-pore 35° sponge of Ventus Soft, the ball virtually digs into the rubber for extraordinary spin variations. Plus, Ventus Soft features excellent sound and great catapult effect for optimum control even in the most difficult situations. Thanks to the fast top rubber sheet, powerful smashes or topspin bombs also come very easy.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/01/2019 Soft, but you soft blade Review by Selamettin Dilaver
Soft sponge. You need a soft and slow blade. Top sheet is too tense. So, if you put it on a hard and fast blade, it becomes uncontrollable. Top sheet is high quality, I think it is a natural rubber. My old friend plays defensive style. He likes it so much!
15/01/2018 Awsome ! Review by Pawel Skorski
Very light and work great on off, off+ carbon blade .
I glue it on DONIC CREST OFF+ .
Beauty full spin , good control , power shot from distance .
07/06/2016 "Disappointed" Review by Wayne Williams
Purchased a Black Max sheet when "11" had it on special for a very good price and used it as my FH rubber on my TSP Gaia blade. The SOFT is an attractive, well made tensor rubber by TSP that is very light and very soft. In addition, I found it to to have good speed (90+) and good control ((90+) but also have several major negatives as far as my game is concerned. Although TSP rates the spin of the SOFT slightly higher than that of the Ventus SPIN, I was very disappointed to find that not to be the case. I would rate the spin in the 85-88 range. Another problem for me was the throw angle. It is rated as a medium-low rubber but I found it to be a LOW throw (2.0-2.5). More of my slams found the net than normal. And the third negative is the softness of the rubber. On most of my attack shots, the ball would penetrate to the blade even though I was using max thickness. In summary, the negatives of the Ventus Soft outweigh the positives and that is the reason it is no longer on my blade. It would be a better BH rubber but I am a LP player on that side. As far as "11" is concerned, they have top quality products, at the best prices, and the fastest worldwide shipping. What more do you want.
22/03/2016 Light, responsive, spinny and fast Review by Jonathan Denys
Nice arc too. Great feeling, large sweet spot, long stay feeling of the ball in the rubber Very good rubber.
09/03/2016 Excellent rubber Review by Hoang Trinh
Very good spin and fast rubber. It's my favourite!
07/10/2015 Excellent rubber at good price Review by Colin
Ventus Soft 35 degree 2.0mm fixed to composite carbon blade with Donic glue sheet. Good speed, control and placement, mid-high throw, spin reasonable although nothing special. Appears equally suitable for either forehand or backhand use and characteristics make it well suited for an intermediate player. Sponge seems a little firmer than the 35 stated.
TSP Ventus Soft