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TSP Super Spinpips Chop II

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Rubber type : short pips
The new version of the spinny pips-out rubber Super Spinpips Chop Sponge. While the tried-and-tested pips-out rubber sheet enables defence strokes with heavy backspin, the new extra-soft sponge absorbs much of the energy of your opponent‘s attacks, thus providing for maximum control. A pips-out rubber for modern defenders combining excellent spin characteristics with maximum control. In addition, the Super Spinpips Chop rubber sheet enables sudden close-to-the-table attacks. Super Spinpips Chop II was developed by the legendary defender, Koji Matsushita. With this rubber, Japanese super talent, Yuto Muramatsu, has become a world-class player within a very short time.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/03/2019 Супер Review by Vladimir Kabarukhin
Идеальная пилка, отличный контроль. Главное правильно подобрать основание.
16/11/2018 Happy with this! Review by MATTHEOS KOTZIAS
A very good short-pips out rubber. Excellent for chopping.

13/04/2018 Хорошо Review by Andrej Reshetnikov
Хорошие контрольные шипы для игры подрезкой блок атака по подрезке
13/04/2018 Хорошо. Review by Andrej Reshetnikov
Хорошые контрольные шипы для игры подрезки блок и атак по подрезки.
07/02/2018 Just awesome Review by Keval kumar Makwana
Hi everyone...I was a long pips defender for long time, so changing to short pimple was really challenging..But after lots of multi-balls and single ball drills..I finally got used to it....Then only the real advantages of rubber comes....A big, big variation between heavy cut and float balls while chopping away from the table, receiving the service with lot of cut and float too specially The top spin, side spin and float services..And even attacking with this rubber is really comfortable...Yeah, you loose a little bit of edge in continuous backspin play from your backhand which is really good in long pips if you opponent is doing consultant attacks to you backhand, but short pips are made for variation play which is really good with the rubber and you don't need to depend on opponent spin. You can generate your spin..Overall ...I will say its a great rubber..But yeah, one has to master the control. Then the world is yours.
13/05/2017 Great offensive weapon! Review by Jose Nakata
When you read in the description "enables sudden close-to-the-table attacks" you better believe it. Although known as a defensive rubber it can be used as an offensive short pips if you play penhold style. Main advantage is its super soft sponge which absorbs opponent´s energy like no other SP. This makes blocks extremely easy as well as returns of serves. I use it in 1.4~1,7 mm sponge with Bluefire JP01 in the backhand, max thickness. On the other hand speed is sacrificed of course. It is slower than most of SP but in the thickness I use it provides amazing control when attacking. I can direct the ball to any point of the table with easy, hitting or brushing the ball since it is very spinny. Hitting hard on the top of the rise is devastating, despite being slower than other SP. It reaches the blade (all wood, 7 plies) easily on impact generating an amazing sound. I don´t think in using another SP from now on, except another Spinpips Chop 2 in 1.8mm, still want to give it a try. Great job Mr. Matsushita! I really loved this rubber.
16/11/2016 Mnenija net fair Review by Andrejs Resetnikovs
Mnenija net pereslal kollege
24/10/2016 xorosho Review by Jevgenij Bragin
xoroshije shipi na BH Tolscina 1.8mm
28/12/2015 Hello, Review by Nosratallah Safai
Dear table tennis friends !
I'm really happy with this ping-pong rubber, I was European champion for veterans 65 last summer in Temerfors , Finlad .
I Uses the thickness of 1.0 mm on the backhand . It goes equally well with a thickness of 0.6 mm . The thinner the rubber dessto more sharper effect in blocking.
The thicker the rubber dessto more backside effect in blocking.
You get great screw backhand cutting and it can even pull backhand loop !
Just phenomenal !

Good luck!
05/10/2015 TSP Super Spinpips Chop II Review by ModernDef
Very grippy topsheet. Very soft and slow sponge. Plays almost like inverted.
Great for defense (chopping) in 1.0 and 1.5mm.
01/04/2014 work good Review by Antonio Sanz
very spinning, a lot of control
TSP Super Spinpips Chop II