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Victas Award Offensive

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.8
This blade was formerly known as the TSP Reflex 50 Award blade. This sensitive offensive blade with the Reflex dampening system in half the length of the grip has, in a short time, become the TSP bestseller in Europe and Japan. The top wooden layers are covered with the adhesive sheet this is why we classify this blade as 5+2.

Customer Reviews

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31/10/2022 Отличное основание! Review by Антон
Хорошое основание. По скорости off ближе к off-, легкое.
28/10/2020 Excellent product Review by Nash Bakhit
very good quality blade, the cost is good too
04/01/2020 Handle is too short Review by Jimmy T
Bought this as a spare blade. Quality and finish are ok. Ended up selling the blade as the handle was too short for my hand, which is on the larger side.
15/10/2019 Wow Review by teofil mereu
Very good blade. Great service. Thanks, Tabletennis11.
28/05/2019 Light and fast Review by Ralf
Very fast blade paired with T05 on both sides. well balanced also. The only issue is regarding glue process because the blade is very smooth and it's difficult to glue rubber. Maybe its easier with thicker glue.
14/12/2018 My Top 5 blade Review by Zane Cundiff
Excels at most everything and only struggles at hitting flat balls. Great dwell, great speed, great feel and can do almost anything at any form that you give yourself. Blade will make you a great player if you have the strokes down and able to put it all into action. Would buy another one again.
18/06/2018 Really good all round blade with a nice feeling Review by Lars Laitila
This is a really good allround blade with a very nice feeling. I have used a lot of different blades but this one is special, feels more balanced (not head heavy) than most of the other ones I have tried, including Zhang Jike ALC, Timo Boll ZLC, Stiga Rosewood NCT VII, Stiga Rosewood XO, Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Special, etc. The TSP Reflex-50 Award Off has perfect weight (85g) and feels very comfortable (FL handle). Good for blocking, both passive and active block. Very good control in the short game, serving is also good. Loops are easy, topspin’s with a nice arc. It´s perfect near the table and ok at mid distance, with enough speed. I bought three blades and I have combined them with different setups of rubbers which all have worked very well, among them are as follows;
DHS Goldarc 8, 47,5 (2.0) on fh and Donic Acuda S3 (2.0) on bh.
Tenergy 05 (1.9 on both sides).
Also tried Nittaku Fastarc G-1, Rasanter R37 (light), R42, R47 (heavy), Gewo Flexxon FX, Gewo Hype EL Pro 40.0, Gewo NanoFlex, etc. and they all worked well in combination with this blade.
A really good blade which will last for many years for beginners and intermediate players who want a controlled offensive blade.
23/04/2018 Good Review by Krug
Standard feeling for 5ply offensive blade. Good finish. Need strong glue to attach rubber due to smooth surface. Small headsize.

All in all a very good blade with low price. Recommended
02/04/2018 Хорошая основа Review by vadim vereschagin
Хорошая основа, еще привыкаю. Но в сравнении с DHS на той же резине легче, звук приятнее. Партнеры говорят, что игра усилилась однозначно. Рекомендую.
17/03/2018 Great Paddle Review by Neal Perdue
Great paddle! Plays well!!
10/02/2018 Good Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Good finish, good feeling blade. Speed is fine for a light 5ply wood. Very good price. Highly recommended.
24/10/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
otlicnoje osnovanie
02/04/2017 Very good feeling blade. Review by Joseph Drolet
I just played my first tournament with this blade, and I was quite satisfied. This blade is fast enough to end the point, but has great control too. For a semi hard blade it has a soft feel due to the foam in the handle.
03/03/2016 Heavy, and lacks power Review by Sabian FInogwar
It's my first blade, but it seems to lack power, though it has carbon layers, and is a bit heavy, for my taste, but those might be caused by my rubber choice (729 Xi Enting).

When going for power shots and longer range, it does perform quite well, though.
25/01/2016 Solid offensive blade Review by Jose Soares Augusto
My current competition blade, with Yasaka Rakza7 max in FH and Joola Express1 2mm in BH. This assembly is OFF, but control is excellent. YR7 is the most difficult rubber to stick with water glue that I've found till now, so I used a non standard glue which somewhat softens the hard outer layer of the blade and allows for controlled topspin and smash, without losing velocity, and without the need of much flex in the blade. Overall, TSP R50A Off is an excellent quality/price option (thanks to TT11 Weekly Special price) for an OFF-/OFF tactics. As always, TT11 had an impeccable service and offered free "Christmas" DHS delivery. Thanks.
23/01/2016 Great quality blade that is half the price of elsewhere Review by Andrew Pape
I normally buy from a reputable local dealer who has good prices, but still has to charge double because he gets his TSP equipment from a different source.

I first heard about this blade when learning that Australian star player Miao Miao used it. I was a copy cat and bought one locally with the same pips rubbers she used. It was awesome. High quality manufacture from TSP.

I later switched to inverted rubbers (heavy these days) and found these blades too heavy.

Now that I've got rsi from playing with a 200g bat, I have switched to using this TSP blade but with pips on the BH and lost 18 g. I have used pips in the past so the change was ok. I like having a combo bat and attacking fast from close behind the table.

A practice partner said that after we've played as few as 4 balls in a rally, the spins get mixed up badly and he suffers. The pips I use are short (spectol 21 offensive - the new spectol version), but they are also deceptive, and act a bit like long pips, easily turning backspin into light topspin. The result is that the ball drops off the bat of opponents who stand close to the table, and when they back off, I can easily play dead dropshots with a soft pips touch.

I use smooth rubber on the FH for looping and the spectol for fast BH attack. This is a good combination.

I'm a BH player, so am not covering up for a weak BH by using the pips. I don't suggest you do that. The pips tend to give the ball a straight line trajectory, which means that it's easy to net the ball or hit it straight off the table. The inverted rubber is much easier to use, but unfortunately easy for your opponent to play against.

I've given up a BH loop by using the pips on BH, but play a fast BH game instead, being a speed player more than a spin player. My current TSP bat, from this site, that I'm reviewing, is 160 g, which is lighter than avg and fine for me. Very satisfied customer. I still make sure to specify the weight of blades before buying, so saved a few grams. I find 5 g makes a noticeable difference. I bought the rubbers from this site, the inverted one being Tibhar Evolution. The earlier model Tibhar Nimbus Soft works well on this bat too, and is cheaper and lighter. Very satisfied customer.
20/10/2015 good control, defense and offense Review by Roy Iranta
If you are looking for a good control, defense, and offense...this blade is a good choice. I like the blade so much with Xiom Omega IV on my FH, and Tibhar 5Q on my BH. It helps improve my game...particularly in the aspect of blocking since the blade is quite light (80 grams).
02/04/2015 Great price, minor factory issue Review by Raymond Jordan
Blade has good feedback and a lighter one. Factory machining had two issues on the handle (the cuts at the top angled off the edge, both sides). Also, the grips were thin, the grips on the photo look much larger.

But and good blade and provides little vibration. Great price!
10/01/2015 Such a Bueatiful feel Review by Rex Loyer
This is by far the best racket I have ever played with, the special handle technology does work. Although the rackets estimated weight is 85g, without specifying I got a (about) 75g racket which can be a little light based on the player. I compensated by using heavier Chinese rubbers.
DHS Skyline 3 1.8mm

DHS Hurricane III 2.0 mm
Great racket the price is more than worth it :) From the USA!!
12/11/2014 Best blade ever Review by Viet Ma
I have been using many blades (Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit, Yasaka Ma Lin Carbon, Andro Treiber K, Andro Treiber H, Andro Treiber Z, Stiga Clipper Wood, Stiga Offensive Classic) and I found out this TSP Reflex 50 Award Offensive is the best blade with excellent speed and excellent control and excellent feeling. My coach is using this blade for her professional table tennis career and that's why I bought this blade recently and I am very happy that I bought it after spending lots of money to buy other blades. The handle of this blade is very nice in size. I've got a straight handle which is 23 mm wide. The blade is quite light as well (mine is 78 g). This blade is 5 ply all wood but I am very surprise that it is very fast and because it's all wood it's very controlled. It's very hard to find any other blade which is both fast and controlled in one like this TSP blade. I am also very surprise that it's very cheap with the best quality. I will buy 2 additional ones whenever it's back in stock.
24/05/2014 хорошо Review by Владимир Стольников
TSP хорошая фирма, но данное основание сделано не в Японии.
13/06/2013 best price and best quality Review by Hamid Sh
best for attack and control
16/01/2013 Excellent quality/price ratio Review by Atte Leppänen
This blade feels best for near table playing. With lightweight Yasaka Rakza7 or slowish DHS Hurricane2 rubbers this blade fits to allround style.
The feel is quite sharp/accurate, but this can be used for looping quite well too. To change this racket faster and to make the looping even better I will put Xiom Sigma Europe rubbers to this. I have found Sigma rubbers as best for me and used them in different kinds of blades and so I know beforehand that their feature-combination will complete this racket to my playing style.
Victas Award Offensive