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Tibhar Speedy Soft XD D.Tecs


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Rubber type : short pips
Speedy Soft D.TeCs XD is a combination of catapult rich sponge and wide pimples on the rubber surface, which gives the following advantages: • Speedy balls in open play, which is especially noticeable with the new plastic balls • The combination of a high portion of integrated natural rubber combined with the high elasticity of the pimple rubber permits the high spin generation • Speedy Soft D.TeCs XD is perfectly suited to block and counterplay whilst retaining excellent control of the ball. It allows you to counter your opponent’s disturbing shots with ease • You have a direct influence on the typical disturbing effect of the pimples by changing the angle of the ball/bat contact zone • Chop shots are easy to handle
Tibhar Speedy Soft XD D.Tecs