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Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 95
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 6.1
5-ply Allround blade, maintaining the playing characteristics that Vladimir Samsonov is renowned for after two decades as a world table tennis leader • Extraordinary playing sensation • Great control • Perfect placement in block and topspin Pure Wood produces an unlimited range of spins, and of course the necessary speed that makes the required acceleration possible. Enjoy the great characteristics of this high quality blade, which sits perfectly in your hand, thanks to the top quality ply combination.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

21/01/2020 Очень хорошо Review by Alex Aluf
Играю справа топсами и слева средними шипами на столе активно. Поставил ксиом тур, с которым не всегда справлялся на быстрых досках, и плуто в максимальной толщине. После разминки заиграл без каких либо проблем. Всё попадало куда хотел, скорость отличная. Через 2 дня буду играть турнир.
25/09/2019 Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood Review by TT player
Great blade. Stiffer and thicker than most ALL+ blades. A soft feel but closer to OFF- than ALL+ especially at 87g (weight requested). Great and thick ST handle.
It plays really well with tensors but also Chinese rubbers.
Fantastic blade overall.
Great service from TT11!

24/06/2019 Great feeling Review by Giorgio Tran
This blade, when combined with Chinese rubbers, is very solid. I am not entirely sure of the composition but there's a lot of feeling to the ball even though Chinese rubbers are hard. So, in conclusion, I would say that it is a soft blade overall but not necessarily flexy.
05/01/2017 Classy Review by LEVENT
This blade is a very good "allround" blade.
12/07/2016 super Review by Nikita Aksjonov
Очень хорошое основание чуть медленнее чем tibhar samsonov force.
27/04/2016 Excellent Allround-OFF Blade Review by Yugo
It is one solid and good looking blade. The only blemish is that the plastic on the handle looks cheap and the blade is prone to splinter. Other than these, it's one of the best 5-ply that I've ever played with. Does have sufficient support for tensors, T05s.
07/10/2014 Excellent do-everything blade Review by Andrew Smith
There isn't a lot of info about this blade around at the moment, but I took a gamble on it when it was on offer. I'm really glad I did - it's excellent!

Although it's listed as ALL+, it's a bit faster than that. It's 6.1mm thick, 157x152, quite stiff, medium-soft feel. I think the outer ply is ayous, and medials are sapele. Although it doesn't flex much, it has great touch over the table, and has a really solid feel. It doesn't have the hollow, washed-out feel that many cheap 5 ply all-woods can have. Build quality is high, and the FL handle quite chunky and comfortable. The black lens sticks out a bit, but the handle is quite long so it doesn't get in my way at all (YMMV, obviously). Feels a little head heavy with max thickness modern rubbers.

In play it does absolutely everything you ask it to. Very precise, easy to do anything, medium throw. There is plenty of power for punching and hitting, everything feels very stable. It loops really well in general and you have a big margin for error. It loses a bit of power when looping from distance, but if you have fast, modern tensors then that's less of an issue.

It's slower than the Stratus Powerwood, but feels more stable. Probably about the same speed as the Samsonov Alpha, but with a completely different feel so it's hard to compare directly.
07/09/2014 powerful blade for all round Review by Ching Fu Li
I rate it as off- at least. Almost faster than Infinity VPS that my present equipment . Very powerful for block and smash. It is easy to loop. The outlook is beautiful. Forehand have no problem to do what my movement. Backhand is not as good as my VPS. Heavier than my expect as a 5 ply blade. Good blade anyway.
27/08/2014 it is powerful weapon. Review by Ching Fu
Got this blade with special. It is classed as an allround blade with 5-ply. Heavier than I expected, should have 90 grams above.As it's outlook, it is a fine made blade like a work of art. When you battle with it, you can easily make a power stroke. It should be graded as off. I am not so easy to get used to it compared to my infinity VPS, and it took a while. I would consider it is a powerful and good blocking blade suit for middle level player.
25/08/2014 amazing blade Review by srivatsa
one of the best non carbon ply available in market. i used donic baum sawtec before switching to this blade. the head of blade is little bigger compared to sawtec. though it's a non carbon ply it has got good power and control is awesome.
Tibhar Samsonov Pure Wood