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Tibhar Hybrid K3

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Rubber type : inverted
The Hybrid K3 version is rubber for the professional top players. It is a combination of a slightly sticky topsheet and a highly boosted hard sponge.

Customer Reviews

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22/05/2023 First time a hybrid rubber Review by VASILE CORLAT
A lot of power and control
15/05/2023 Perfect cost/benefit ratio Review by Gustavo Novo
The K3 is a very different rubber than what I was used to using. I was a fan of hard, tensioned rubbers like MXP.
The K3 is more viscous and apparently slower before you hit the ball.
On the table, however, I felt a very interesting performance, with good speed, great control and an ability to produce spin that impressed me.
I still confess that I am in a testing phase, but it is very promising for what it delivers and in terms of cost-effectiveness.
06/03/2023 My main rubber Review by Veniamin Kruchenetskiy
Using it with Viscaria SALC. Bought it for forehand, but also decided to substitute tenergy/dignics 05 on BH.
14/02/2023 Super Review by Serafima Nikitina
Отличная накладка, лучший гибрид на сегодня
10/01/2023 very good rubber Review by romeo mihaila
a little slow but good spin and control
19/10/2022 good rubber Review by pongmaster
Comparing to DragonGrip this rubber has good spin, good power and control. The only thing that I wish for would be a slightly higher throw angle. Otherwise it's a good rubber. I've used it on FH and BH. It is good for flipping with good grip on soft balls. On FH it has good power and can keep up with heavy loops.
09/09/2022 Өте жақсы резина екен Review by Arshyn
Контролы тамаша, жақсы айналдырады,жылдам мен оны Apolonia zlc ойнаймын.
08/09/2022 good choice for forehead Review by Lee ShanTa
Slightly tacky surface with powerful sponge.

Good choice for forehand.
16/08/2022 09c replacement Review by Shivkumar Jha
Works great
19/02/2022 Too soft sponge for forehand Review by Zhou
Excellent performance in control and light friction. The rubber is perfect. But the sponge is too soft for my forehand. It would be more suitable for the backhand. My USA rating is about 2200 and my forehand is really powerful.
08/02/2022 One of the best hybrids Review by vadim putilovsky
Slightly tacky! Very good on flexible blades like a violin! Very tricky for your opponent in the short games, chops, flicks, etc. Loops and serves 5+! Flat hits - only problem, need to adjust, maybe cause of max 2,3 rubber dunno! Very good rubber for pro and semi-pro.
18/01/2022 Decent Review by JT
Definitely NOT for me even though I love Chinese-style rubbers. Not as tacky as I would like it to be and the tacky seems to go away fast and attracted lots of dust (too high maintenance for me)
27/12/2021 - Review by David Saria
К3 неоправдал мои ожидания, зацеп по ощущению идет вроде бы хороший, но соперник говорит, что в приеме нет особой сложности, тензорного эффект тоже не оправдал ожидания, атаковать можно, но мяч летит не так мощно, как от баттеров.
Потом снял ее, набустерил, но эффекта никакого особого не дало

Накладка так себе, не для быстрой и профессиональной игры
20/12/2021 Very good but not for everyone Review by Sergei Kravtsov
The description says "very sticky topsheet", but it is not, it is slightly sticky, sometimes lifting a ball for less than 1 cm, but occasionally somewhat higher. So it is more like hard European rubber with a good spin potential rather than sticky Chinese ones.
Somewhat slower than MX-P and MX-D, but gives you easier short game, less reaction on the opponent spin, more of an own spin, better serves, better flicks, better handling of opponents speed, very nice counter looping closer to the table, better play against pips-out rubbers
At first (3-4 training sessions) I was a little bit disappointed in it due to lower speed, but control was incredible. Then I was extremely happy with it because of increased speed and very good spin (3-4 training sessions). And then spin slightly reduced and it settled to something more stable. I was slightly disappointed after that, but after playing in a local club tournament, I guess I'll stick with it for the next year or more.
Another disadvantage is that it is rather hard rubber and requires good physical conditions.
P.S. Using it on TB ALC on my FH for 7 weeks now
Tibhar Hybrid K3