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Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version

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Rubber type : inverted
The Hybrid K1 European Version is a rubber developed by Tibhar for the Chinese playing style. As the name implies, the K1 European Version is produced specially for the European market. Tibhar created an extremely catchy, sticky topsheet, similar to Chinese rubbers. All of the K series rubbers have the booster effect straight from the factory. This offers great elasticity and thus, compared to classic Chinese rubbers, more acceleration and speed without boosting. The increased catapult effect and the extremely high rotation create high acceleration potential and extend and strengthen the ball-flying curve. In short, this rubber offers players amazing flexibility, speed, and extreme tackiness. Boosters can be used to further improve the play characteristics of all K series rubbers.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

31/07/2023 Solid rubber Review by MATTHEW WILLIAMS
Used this as a forehand rubber for a couple years. On everything from a five ply all round wood to a 7 ply offensive and an OFF- carbon blade. Decent control, good short game and service quality. Softer sponge does not hit or loop fast though and short blocks are easier than blocking deep. Easier to use than a soft sponged H3 but nowhere near the power. Needs to be reboosted if using for longer than a year.
02/12/2022 5+ Review by oleg popov
Море вращения, хороший контроль на столе, если приложиться то очень сильно летит. Тяжеловата. Взял на пробу и решил оставить, понравилась, сразу добавил в подачах, лёгкий первый ход.
01/12/2022 Decent rubber Review by Jesse
Stable rubber but lacks power. At a similar price, all sticky surfaces, K1plus, and Xiom Vega are better.
16/10/2022 Good sticky rubber Review by Jiechen Chen
Good sticky rubber
11/10/2022 297 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Goma de muy buen efecto no demasiado rápida, y es constante en la uniformidad del bote,
21/10/2021 Very good Review by Khai Tran
Very fast and skinny but good control, not tacky, the top sheet is not breaking. Recommend for everyone who likes to have a Chinese alternative rubber.
06/05/2020 Hybrid K1 Review by Ljupco Krsteski
The rubber is phenomenal. Excellent sticky. Fast and have a strong spin.
17/02/2020 98 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Muy buena goma para ejercer efecto y control, da buen ataque.
10/02/2020 Excellent hybrid rubber Review by ZZ
I bought a Hybrid K1 Euro Version, black, max. The top sheet feels tacky, but not as sticky as Chinese rubbers such as Hurricane 3. The sponge is like a European sponge, soft in touch, but with less catapult effect. I tested the rubber on both forehand and backhand. I play close to the table. The rubber generates a lot of spin for topspin, push and service. The throw angle is medium. The rubber is not very fast, clearly slower than rubbers such as MX-P, Rasanter R47 or Tenergy 05. But it is faster than Hurricane 3. It is very good for a controlled spin game, good for initiating topspin attack, various services, short game close to the net, such as long and short push and flip. It is quite good for controlled blocking. The rubber is easy to collect dust. I just clean and cover it after each play. Overall, K1 Euro is a good combination of Chinese top sheet and European sponge. An excellent rubber for close to the table playing style.
14/12/2019 109 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Una de las mejores gomas muy excelente combinación.
24/11/2019 European ease of use, Chinese short game Review by MATTHEW WILLIAMS
It can be used for someways service, 3rd ball attacking and 5th ball over the table attacking and touch play that Chinese tacky rubber is famous for. Faster and more forgiving, like the Made in Germany product that it is.
19/11/2019 Long lasting grippy rubber Review by Anonymous15
This rubber grips better than any other rubbers I used before including Bty T05 so it generates a lot of spins. Blocking is excellent. It is very durable too. Recommended for BH.
12/08/2019 Premium speed, good speed Review by Augusto Mori
I'm using this rubber on the back of my penhold carbon blade. It generates a very strong spin on the ball and is quite slower than my Rasanter R47. Perfect for my reverse backhand drives.
Remember to clean and store it with a protective film because it is really sticky and will attract dust like a magnet. It comes with a non-stick plastic film, but the rubber is so tacky it will adhere to the rubber every single time, as long as it's free of dust and debris.
27/05/2019 Found a Keeper Review by Gary Whiddon
When I returned to table tennis in 2016 I used Tenergy, then switched tothe Tibhar MX-P. Then I went to the MX-S, and finally to the Tibhar Hybrid K1. I like hard sponges because I can flat hit with control. I switched to the Tibhar Hybrid K1 to get a tacky topsheet for serves. The topsheet stays tacky and I have played four times a week for many months! Using a Tibhar VS Unlimited blade, I use the Tibhar Speedy Soft short pips on my backhand for flat hits. Great combination, so I am keeping this setup. I am 67 years old and rated 1763 currently.
16/04/2019 middle hard to hard. Linear. Review by Laurent Jalabert
Tried it on the Cornilleau Hinotec OFF+ Carbon - BankHand (BH). 2.0mm. red.
Not very fast, very tacky, low dwell time, low throw angle. Very direct. Maybe better on a soft blade.
Mid distance (BH) : very low throw angle, the ball is going strait close to the net. It is very fast when putting a lot of power in the ball. But very slow if not. So if you engage strongly, then you get high speed. If not, then good control. Then I think this rubber reminds me the linear behavior of DHS H3 Neo, with less speed.
Chikita a little bit difficult on this blade, but doable. Blocks are OK. I did not feel high throw angle as reported elsewhere.
26/03/2019 Good hybrid Review by AZV
Good rubber, spinny, good short game and excellent at looping. Decent alternative to a boosted hurricane. Bad thing to me: it’s a heavy rubber and a tad less spin/topspeed compared to H3.
19/02/2019 Excellent Rubber! Review by M. T
very good rubber, tacky, adequate speed, very spinny, didnt expect this rubber to perform well
30/01/2019 Best service.. Review by jhons...
Best rubber and best service TT11...thanks....
Tibhar Hybrid K1 European Version