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Tibhar Fortino Force

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 85
Blade Type : OFF+
It is technically hard to create fast aggressive offensive blades but the concept of core reinforced fibre blades, which in term of speed and power are able to compete with outer synthetic fibre blades will be a surprise! The basis for this is the use of an innovative fabric made from carbon and Dyneema®, the world's strongest fiber™, which provides an excellent uniform bounce and minimises annoying vibrations. In addition, the special choice and combination of the wood veneers makes it a very powerful attacking blade for an uncompromising offensive game. The FORTINO "Force" with inside synthetic fibres is designed for an aggressive topspin game, amazingly direct but also very precise for all strokes.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/05/2023 So weird it feels worse than a 10$ blade Review by BP
I bought this coming from a Fortino Performance blade which I really really like but found a bit slow at times, and hoping it would offer me some extra speed.

The Fortino Force is worse in every aspect compared to the Fortino Performance, except for speed, but even then it's a shrug because you lose so much control close to table because it's faster at any level of stroke, even at base line.

So there is less spin, less control, serves are harder, but the worse thing is when you flat hit, even just test-bouncing the ball on the bat it makes a weird hollow sound you usually get from cheap 10$ premade bats. I tried both hard and soft rubbers so I doubt it's just a pairing issue. I don't know... never happened with any of the blades I had before.

I just found better suiting rubbers for my Fortino Performance: FH Victas Ventus Extra 2.0 or less, Rakza 9 also works wonders with marginally more spin and less speed, BH Rasanter R45 2.0 or less. I also improved on my fitness and overall I'm in a much better playing form... Just got this blade I'll have to find a new owner for.
29/08/2019 интересное основание Review by Igor Golovlev
155х148х6.6 мм ручка : 28х24.4х102 мм 87.1 г . Огромная игровая зона, не жесткая, в ручке есть пустота, но на баланс , звук и вибрации это отрицательного влияния не оказывает. Лопасть почти не гнется и пружинит слабо, мяч на лопасти почти не задерживается, вращать весьма затруднительно, мяч слишком быстро отходит от ракетки нужна резина с большим временем задержки. В завершающих плоских ударах основание ведет себя великолепно и короткими шипам на ВН играть тоже очень здорово. Из-за отсутствия гибкости и вибраций играть из дальней зоны весьма затруднительно, приходится прикладывать слишком много усилий. Характер отскока - линейный, отсюда и высокий контроль
Tibhar Fortino Force