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Tibhar Evolution MX-D


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Rubber type : inverted
This is an upgraded version of the hard-to-improve-on Evolution rubbers. The idea was to find the optimal balance between the power of the Evolution P rubbers with the spin of the Evolution S rubbers. The core difference is the brand-new ‘’RED ENERGY SPONGE’’, which, combined with the MX-P-like topsheet, results in increased dwell time, meaning softer touch and more comfortable feeling, and at the same time a very strong catapult effect, especially during offensive topspin rallies. Despite the hard sponge, you get soft feeling, which opens up many possibilities for skilled players.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

25/07/2023 The speed and spin is very good Review by RANAMI IGRUBIA
The rubber has a lot of control and good for my kind of game
05/07/2023 Прекрасная Review by yuriy livshitz
Очень доволен. Лучшее чем играл прежде
23/06/2023 Very good rubbers Review by Anonymous
Very good company I can trust
21/06/2023 good rubber Review by Uri Mints
I played with mx-p and its a different type of rubber.
its harder, has more spin, but less power.
very easy to block, to play short and less sensitive to spin.
but not good for smash and in the straight game.
i recommend it to a spin oriented player.
06/04/2023 excellent Review by D.D.
28/03/2023 Attack with control Review by Raymond Levine
Speed and spin is amazing giving added power to my offensive natural game, but with more control than I expected. excellent for topspin shots at any distance and backspin is improving. the biggest surprise is the control in a passive game - maybe down to new rubbers with more grip but still a welcome improvement in my game. Used on the forehand, with Evolution EL-D on the backhand, and with a Samsonov Force Pro blade.
17/02/2023 Great forehand rubber Review by Keleve
Not as speedy as MX-P. But all balanced
06/12/2022 Satisfied Review by Gert ELLEGAARD
Mostly satisfied with my change from Stiga rubber to Tibhar. It's certainly not because of the rubber I still lose matches...
03/12/2022 Hard rubber with soft feeling Review by TableTT
Good speed, moderate spin, smashing is great. Tensor sponge shrinks quickly after regluing.
14/10/2022 Good for forehand rubber. Review by Yin Keat Hoi
A bit slower than mx-p but much spinner than mx-p. Very good for forehand.
10/10/2022 Great forehand rubber Review by Juergen Kurras
The rubber fits good for my forehand.
Not the most spin, but great control for every ball.
29/09/2022 good effect and speed Review by Mario Fernando Coba Cisneros
good effect and speed
27/07/2022 Good choice Review by gary fagan
This rubber is heavier than make sure you can play with a heavier rubber. Tackler top sheet gives great spin and the sponge has great power. If you do not want to spend the money for T05 or Dignics this gives the most bang for the buck.
06/07/2022 Very good rubber Review by alex bakaev
The blade is Samsonov Limited.
Use on the forehand. Good control. Maybe a little bit less spin than what I had before (EL-S). Overall I like the rubber.
06/07/2022 Tenergy replacement Review by John PAYNE
Having used Tenergy 05 for many years I was looking for a replacement when the price outweighed the quality. The whole Evolution range is really good but MX-D is the closest to 05 I have found. Excellent spin and with less catapult effect than MX-P but has more power due to a harder sponge.
03/05/2022 Great rubber Review by Uzeyir Bulbul
İt's a little bit faster than I thought but great rubber with great assembly!
04/04/2022 Tibhar MX-D max Review by Sreeram Parameswaran
Wonderful rubber. Great spin and speed combination. Low arc and good dwell and grip. Also very durable, even better than the MXP. Dynamite if you are within 3-6 off the table. Good control on blocks. Advanced all-around club players with strong loops will love it. A cheap Tenergy while being easy on the pocket book.
26/01/2022 A great one Review by Juergen Kurras
For me, it’s my new forehand rubber. Good spin speed and control. I like the feeling too.
Good service from TT11.
16/01/2022 Excellent rubber Review by Onur Celen
Excellent all attacking rubber. It’s spinny, it's fast enough and it does not spring off unexpectedly which allows great touch short pushes.
28/12/2021 Very hard and heavy rubber! Review by Ronald Ramos
MXP and MXS are better than this rubber. This rubber is way heavy you must have a very light blade when you buy this. I'm not satisfied with its performance.
01/12/2021 на Calderano HAL Review by Alexander Evkharitskiy
встала как родная
17/11/2021 Новинка Review by Alexandr Krutianskiy
Накладка имеет место быть в линейки Эвалюшинов, занимает достойное место в большой и популярной линейки MX.
02/11/2021 Mxd Review by Jan Bogdan
Very good offensive rubber, but you got to have the skill to handle this one.
30/10/2021 Buena goma Review by Luis Frutos
Buena goma para el Drive
15/10/2021 Harder and faster than mx-d Review by Sergei Vladimirovich Kravtsov
Playing with it on TB ALC, forehand side after using MX-P for several years.

Faster and more dangerous than MX-P on a high speed, better control on slow strokes. Probably not that good for me on average speed, the ball might slip when I expect a sponge to help if my stroke is not strong enough. So either you play with weak strokes, engaging top sheet, or you play with a strong one making sure to engage sponge.
I had to adjust my strokes for it, took me around 4 training sessions to adjust to it after MX-P.
The trajectory is lower and usually longer than with MX-P, had to slow down on underspin opening loops and open my racket a little bit more, but that is compensated by better speed on counter-attacks and subsequent loops.
Blocking is probably better due to lower trajectory and harder, more predictable feel.
Short pushes seem to be more controllable too, but I think I still have less spin on them than with MX-P.
Better on long distances, and somehow I have more confidence close to the table too.

The second drawback (besides opening loops after underspin for me) is weight, quite heavy, like 2-3 g more than MX-P, heavier than I would like. Great rubber anyway and my results are slightly better with it than with MX-P
11/10/2021 Good Review by Charles Pan
Not use it yet.
05/10/2021 Really good Review by Massimo Fabbri
Spinny & fast.
28/09/2021 This rubber is very good for high level player, long lasting Review by Dung tien Nguyen
Excellence rubbers for all players.
28/09/2021 Best Evolution Rubbers for now Review by NB
Best of both worlds! High in spin production and yet not lacking in the speed department. Very linear, powerful shots and blocks are not a problem. Spins from service are very high due to the very tacky/biting top sheet. Works well from both light brush to heavy shots. Better durability than MXP or MXP 50'.
27/09/2021 Удачная Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Приклеил на Тибхар Самсонов Force Pro Black Edition с двух сторон в max толщине. Скорость, контроль, вращение в этом сочетании лучше, чем с G-1, DHS Goldarc 8 47.5, и даже T-05. Хочу попробовать на основании с карбоном, но рука не поднимается снимать столь удачную накладку. Буду заказывать еще пару. Сильный конкурент для Тенерджи.
20/08/2021 Унылая Review by David
Эта накладка можно сказать никакая, в ней нет хорошего тензорного эффекта, нет хорошего вращения и к тому же она жестко тухлит
Мощи от этой накладки не ощущается

07/08/2021 Perfect forehand rubber! Review by MH
The new Tibhar MX-D for me at the moment is the best non-tacky forehand rubber for a modern European-style offensive game. Compared to the MX-P the MX-D is a tad harder and the topsheet has better durability and grip for the topspin game. The newly developed sponge has a softer feel than the 50-52° sponge might suggest. It plays with great speed and spin and still maintaining better control and predictability compared to the MX-P. Durability also seems to be improved compared to the previous-gen Evolution rubbers. Highly recommended to all players who have been playing with medium+ or hard non-tacky rubbers so far (especially for forehand-side). The MX-D will boost your game to the next level!
19/07/2021 Love this rubber Review by Christopher Pham
As a coach, I recommend Tibhar MX-D: good speed, spins, and very good control. I did feel playing better with this rubber.
01/07/2021 Fast Rubber. Review by William Cratchley
Tried alongside MXP. Very very similar but a touch harder, and a crisper feel. Play on my backhand with MXP which is slightly softer on my forehand. Both very consistent performers for the attack-minded player...
Long-lasting rubbers by the looks. No wear after quite a few hours on the table...
29/06/2021 Excellent Review by Gary S.
This MX-D was assembled to the FH of Xiom Ice Cream AZX blade for replacing the MX-P. It has the combination of good speed and spins as the MX-P and MX-S respectively.
24/06/2021 If Carlsberg made TT rubbers!!!!! Review by Peter Gordon
Having used evolution rubbers for a few years now was excited to try the new MX-D version. WOW, what a find. Usually use FX-S max but found it slightly slow compared to other rubbers. MX-D faster, extremely spinny but great control.
Doesn’t play like a hard sponge rubber, feels more like a soft sponge but gives
fantastic spin and speed with great control. Touch play no problem and goes through the gears effortlessly when power is needed.
Highly recommended.
05/06/2021 New fh rubber Review by Juergen Kurras
For me, it's my new forehand rubber.
With the MX-D, I have More Control than MX-P.
I feel like I can do everything with more quality.
With the MX-P I is easier to generate speed.

Great Service from TT11.
04/06/2021 Рекомендую FH Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Друзья тест на тест Тибхар Эволюшн MX-D и BUTTERFLY Dignics 05 на FH . Мое мнение Тибхар намного контрольнее и вращение лучше за счет топ щита , Катапульта немного меньше чем у Бабочки но совсем немного разницы . Увеличение контроля и вращения при потере 10% скорости по сравнению с бабочкой дает прекрасный результат на карбоновых основания х типа ALC и приближенных к ним по характеристикам. Действительно Тибхар делает свое дело . Отличная работа ТТ11.
02/06/2021 Very good rubber Review by Oluwole Ayangade
A mix of MX-S and MX-P. Tibhar got this right. Hard sponge but plays like med hard. Great spin and finishing power. Good for the forehand.
Tibhar Evolution MX-D