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Tibhar Evolution EL-P

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Rubber type : inverted
EVOLUTION EL-P is the most elastic rubber of the EVOLUTION rubber series. EL-P with its medium sponge perfectly fits in between the harder MX-P or MX-S and the softer FX-P and thus completes the EVOLUTION series. The selected pimple geometry of the elastic EL-P does not even come close to the other EVOLUTION versions in terms of spin and speed. Very precise and powerful strokes can be realised at half distance or at the table. EVOLUTION EL-P: chosen by most of the Topspin players for whom the MX version is too hard and the FX version too soft, however putting the emphasis on rotation and power.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

03/08/2022 Great deal Review by Valentin Shot
Great product and excellent service and price.
06/07/2022 Love the rubber Review by alex bakaev
Put this rubber on my backhand and love it.
The blade is Samsonov Limited.
Suddenly I can make these amazing backhand shots that should not be possible according to the laws of physics. Used to have VariSpin D.Tecs before. This rubber provides great control and amazing curves that land the ball right in front of the net on the opponent's side :)
14/03/2022 Great Review by tea_pea
Switched from Rasaka 7 to this on the backhand, and I won't be going back. Nice speed and spin without being unforgiving. Flatter hits are fine too.
06/09/2021 Very good Review by TDUSA AEREO Guglielmetti
Good for backhand
02/08/2021 Amazing service! Review by Slaveyko Arnaudov
Best service ever. Very quick delivery!
Thank you
21/09/2020 Tibhar Evolution EL-P Review by Efim Raskin
Rubbers very good!
18/08/2020 Evolution is a very good quality rubber series from Tibhar strongly recommended. Review by Loc Vo
Pro: a touch softer compared to Mx-P, easier to control, still very fast.
Con: still a very heavy rubber, (very dense sponge). If you like a light set up, use a thinner version of it or a lighter blade. Very good combined with an ALC blade.
17/07/2020 Good Review by Saima Vu
Very similar to Tenergy 64 with a bit harder surface. Spiny and durable. Speed is adequate.
14/07/2020 Good rubber Review by Muhammed Bello
This rubber is a fast rubber with a hard sponge. It's spiny, but not as spiny as FX-P. It's not as sensitive to incoming spin as FX-P. IMO it's suitable for advanced players who prefer topspin very close to the net and those who like to counter hit because of its low throw angle.
16/06/2020 отличная резина Review by Aleksey
про эту накладку написано много. рекомендую толщину 2.0 брать из всей серии evolution самая чпонькающая очень приятный звук. можно играть как с лева так и с права.
09/06/2020 Great backhand rubber! Review by Arjuna Kodisinghe
Lots of spin and speed!
13/03/2020 Great Rubber Review by Logan Levenson
I really don't use anything else. The ''3 for 4'' deal makes this and the MXP a no brainer. It is a fast rubber with a lot of control. And as for ordering from TableTennis11, they are easy to deal with, quick, and cheaper than their competitors.
10/03/2020 Good backhand rubber Review by Orn Thordarson
I tried this rubber on a Timo Boll ALC for my backhand. I was trying out different rubbers for my backhand and this one was good - not the best but good.
09/03/2020 Нуждается в подборе основания Review by Igor Golovlev
Быстрая средней мягкости резина. очень легко пробивается имеет сильный катапультный эффект, губка с крупными порами и очень отличается от EL-S.
Лучше ставить на мягкие, но не вибрирующие основания.
05/03/2020 Beast rubber Review by Giuse
This is a big classic, powerful rubber.
Tons of spin and speed. I used it on my FH.
It’s heavy, so I’d recommend not the max thickness or at least a soft rubber on the bh, otherwise, your paddle will weigh like a brick.
It’s not a rubber for beginners, because you need to push hard to release the power this rubber has. But if your stroke is well executed, you’re gonna be surprised.
Low trajectory but enough arc to go over the net. Counter loops and topspins will be fantastic. No way your opponent can return them.
I changed it because I can’t be consistent Over time, since you need a lot of body movement and physical good condition in order to make it work properly.
It doesn’t forgive much, so if you wanna play relaxed, try something else.
Highly recommended to skilled players.
15/01/2020 Tibhar Evolution EL-P Review by Artem
Just a good rubber.
03/01/2020 Good bh rubber Review by Trexusable
Fast bouncy rubber with fair control and spin. Good for developing players. Loses elasticity after 4-5 months of moderate/heavy use. If ur looking for high tempo developing BH this is a feasible option. Also it might be good on forehand for beginners. Good/ slightly faster tenergy alternative. I have been using it since April 2019. Used on Viscaria.
14/11/2019 Excelente Review by Victor Rafael Bojorge Berrios
Muy bueno para los que rotan mucho. Excelente speen. Y muy buena durabilidad.
21/10/2019 Good Review by Valery Saraev
Good traction, durability.
30/09/2019 Little soft for forehand Review by Wayne Shen
I put it on my Koki Niwa carbon blade. This rubber is a little soft so the ball doesn't go out very fast but can generate a lot of spin. Overall a decent rubber.
06/08/2019 Best rubber for your backhand. Review by Johans Gueudinot
After playing with the Tenergy 05 for about 3 years, I switched to EL-P and I’m pleased with its quality, cost, and durability. Plus, looping from my backhand is now so much fun.
31/05/2019 Tibhar Evolution EL-P for the backhand Review by Rohan Keogh
Purchased for the backhand side on a Tibhar Balsa Allround 50 blade. This rubber does everything desired. It enhances the speed of the blade while maintaining fantastic control and feel characteristics for a slightly less offensive backhand style with the ability to employ surprise fast topspin attacks.
30/05/2019 Evolution Review by Igor Nekrasov
Использую эту накладку на BH уже 4 года . Мне очень нравится.
22/05/2019 Excelente Review by Victor Rafael Bojorge Berrios
Bueno para todo. Depende del jugador y de la habilidad para bloquear y atacar. Lo recomiendo. Excelente rendimiento.
10/05/2019 Good Quality Review by Denny Olivarez
Just as easy as the Tenergy 80 but a bit heavier, but not as spiny.
03/04/2019 good fit for Tim Boll Spirit blade Review by Charles Chu
I tried this rubber on the TB Spirit blade. It has enough spin for pushes and has good speed also. MXP is too fast for me. The ball goes long most of the time, even when I closed the angle of my blade. I have this rubber for about one month. I have a spinning game. I do not know how durable for this rubber. This rubber will last longer if use by a hitter. Yasaka 7 appears to last longer for a spinning game.
19/03/2019 Excelente Review by Victor Rafael Bojorge Berrios
Mucha rotación. Muy bueno para jugadores atacantes
06/03/2019 Easy feeling Review by Alfie-Jay Morales
Everything is above average. Decent speed, spin and feeling. Feels like upgraded Mark V. Good for Backhand.
17/02/2019 Good rubber Review by Valeriy Smirnov
Control with good spin.
11/02/2019 K 55 Review by Bill Petrovic
04/02/2019 Best rubber for spinny loops Review by logan zimmerman
This is not only the best rubber for the money, but it's the best rubber to play slow spin loops. The dwell time and high through on this is ridiculous! That doesn't mean it's slow though for a long dwelling rubber. It is also fast for my game. It's the perfect speed and after playing with it for 2 years, I tried to play a Tenergy 05 sheet again just out of curiosity and I actually like the EL-P much more. This rubber can play all the shots and play them well, but it excels at high spin with a nice safe arc!
09/01/2019 Easy rubber Review by Estella
Easy playing rubber. Nothing extremely special, but does everything well. Bad: quite heavy for such an all-round rubber. Shrinks if removed and re-glued many times.
20/09/2018 Always dependable Review by JKL
The Evo EL-P is one of those rubbers that you just can't go wrong with it. The rubber is not the fastest or the softest or the spiniest. But it is always reliable and all round type rubber that you can play many strokes. It bites the ball enough to lift backspin fairly well. But you have to hit the ball more on the side than perpendicular to the spin to get a better lift. It generates good spin on serves that your opponent has to respect it. But not like those Chinese rubbers where the ball goes crazy on spins.

For top spin play, the rubber just works. It can loop and drive and smash with ease. Similar to the backspin shot, if you hit the ball on the side instead of perpendicular, it is a lot easier to loop with this rubber. Unlike the Chinese rubbers where you can hit the ball head on. The EL-P requires a slight change of contact point to maximize the rubber.

The rubber comes tuned. The tuning effect lasts about 2 months or so. You can put some baby oil on it and refresh the rubber again. The rubber do shrink. So when you cut the rubber, do not stretch it or you may not be able to fit it back to the paddle the next time you re-glue it. I usually just use baby oil to get the rubber size back to before. I am by no means trying to tune it for the tuning effect. So I just put one layer of baby oil to let the rubber expand back to the original size and put it back to my paddle and play for a couple months again.

Anyway, you can't go wrong with this rubber. This is especially true for anyone who is developing or intermediate level player. For the most advanced player, this rubber may be a bit slower and less spiny than say MX-P.

On the other hand, this rubber does not react too much to incoming spin. So it is safe for developing and intermediate players.
28/07/2018 Control Rubber Review by Jim
I was using MX-P for two years and have been using EL-P for about four weeks. This rubber has a softer sponge and is more forgiving than MX-P. It is also a little bit slower than MX-P. I feel I have more control but still can generate a lot of spin. I think it is helping my game.
01/01/2018 Best control! Review by Yak
Great control and spin
13/12/2017 For those who prefer a higher throw Review by SOUMYAJIT DAS
The spin is great on this rubber. Although a little less on the speed the amount of spin produced is higher than MX-P. The only issue is the higher throw which I believe depends on each and every playing style.
14/09/2017 perfecta Review by mario andres mancilla murinigo
mi medida justa para el drive
08/07/2017 супер Review by Alexander Veygert
28/06/2017 Very good rubber Review by Test and tuner.
I tried this rubber as a replacement for tenergy 05. Firstly its nothing like 05 with respect to the throw angle produced as well as the amount of spin. However. Tenergy 64 on the other hand these rubbers are very similar in speed and trajectory. Similar in spin also. Its very versatile. Easy to block with and very fast paired with the right blade. Very good control for its speed and nice low arc to the . and fh.
26/04/2017 Good rubber Review by Christian Marcel Paredes Monsalvez
Good rubber, full speed and catapult
22/03/2017 Very nice Review by Rami Barghouth
07/03/2017 Bueno Review by guillermo santelices
Buena goma, lo unico malo de las serie tibhar es la duracion de 2 a 3 meses como maximo, las otras gomas siemre me duraban mas.
20/12/2016 Average Review by kwok kee Lui
Very average. Speed control and spin are okay but nothing special. Good point is it is light and suits for back hand for blocking.
23/11/2016 Control, spin, open-ups, service returns Review by Umut Ozkalyoncuoglu
I'm using EL-P max on my backhand for control, block, openups and close-mid distances backhand spins on my Clipper CR WRB. I'm very happy that with the help of the elasticity, i can load lots of spin from my backhand for service returns. Also, in the table, you can open up close to the net serves easily. You can change the speed of the game with the help of rubber from your backhand since it has high control.
04/08/2016 EL-P is good for my forehand Review by Phong Nguyen
EL-P is good for my forehand
04/08/2016 EL-P is good for my forehand Review by Phong Nguyen
EL-P is good for my forehand. Before, I used Donic S1, now EL-P is the replacement fit-in for my play.
21/07/2016 Good Review by Mohammad Sadek
Highly recommended.
If you are offensive player you can buy this rubber.
I think MX P is slightly faster than EL P
28/06/2016 Very good rubber Review by MC
Very solid offensive rubber. A little bit softer than I thought it would be. Good speed. Would like it to be a little more grippy.
02/06/2016 Excelente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Junior
Produto excelente
10/05/2016 Very reliable rubber Review by Ronald Caldwell
Use it on my BH has good spin and control very reliable quality. Use Max. blk
03/05/2016 Tibhar Evolution EL-P top forehand rubber Review by stephan tyack
The Tibhar Evolution EL-P is quite the attacking rubber. It is excellent for mid-distance range exchanges with fantastic top-spin. The contact time with the ball lasts longer than tacky rubbers or the Tenergy 05 giving more sensation of the amount of spin delivered; better for adjustment of game quality. The grip of the rubber is comparable to the Tenergy 05 and with slight wear is better than it; its wear is excellent it will last well. The attack angle is not as small as the Tenergy 05 making it more troublesome for the short-range game; hits the net more easily on starting the top-spin rally but the speed of the rubber is definitely better than that of the Butterfly Tenergy 05 which costs at least 1.5 times the price; it is most appropriate for the forehand, but will be great for a player playing back-hand not too close to the net.. This rubber is used by Samsonov the famous top 10 player (noted for his famous defensive play).
11/04/2016 Good backhand rubber Review by Eric Tjokro
This rubber works fine for backhand, good control and remarkable for offensive backhand plays. This rubber is quite soft which is why it is suitable for backhand.
23/03/2016 Excellent value for money Review by Alejandro Ramos
We did not have to buy rubbers TIBHAR , until we have esta excellent alternative , we are happy , my son played with an ever esta brand and not exchanged for another None. A used 1T and Evolution FX - P , EL- P and P - MX .

Just we found out No. That is a translation . 1 (Chile ) and play esta sponsored by the brand. More proof that we are right to say you're the son of the tires best available
19/02/2016 Great rubber Review by Yaoli Ye
Great rubber.
12/02/2016 amazing ! Review by KO Joe
I have it on Nittaku's Barwell on BH. (1.7mm) It's a great combination.
I previously played with chinese rubbers, and I'm def not going back any time soon.
It's fast but to too much, and the quality of spin and controll are just amazing.
I would highly recommand.
11/02/2016 Good BH rubber Review by Kun Xiao
Put it on Nittaku BASALTEC OUTER backhand, very good on speed / control / spin. Compare to my previous T64, a little bit slow but very balanced rubber.

Recommend for BH rubber.
04/02/2016 good spin Review by TSANG YIN TIN
this rubber is very user friendly, good spin and good control, but the weight of this rubber is to high
27/01/2016 Good rubber as I'd expect from Tibhar Review by Andrew
Since Nimbus Soft, there have been many new models, including the Sinus and Genius ranges, and now the Evolution range has been superseded.

The first thing I noticed with this Evolution was that it has a bigger range of speeds - more gears - than nimbus soft. The ball doesn't hop high off my blade (blade about OFF- in speed), but the oomph is there for FH loops if you put your body into it.

I found the sponge a bit mushy. As indicated on packet, the rubber is a bit soft. This gives great feel but less oomph. But the softness gives better control, so it come down to what firmness you prefer. I think there is a softer version of Evolution (about 4 types in all), but I wouldn't choose it.

If you're BH isn't strong and you need good feel, then the Nimbus Soft or this rubber would be fine, as they both give a big margin for error. Or even the softer Evolution could be ok.

I don't know how long this rubber lasts, but the Nimbus Soft sheets I've bought in the past have lasted years... I haven't worn any of them out.

Nimbus Soft doesn't have all the gears, but it's the training you do that counts, plus I've known it to last. Next time I might save myself 7 Euro and just buy the Nimbus Soft.

Nimbus Soft is very mushy: you can feel the ball penetrate into the rubber for ages. Some people like this effect and some don't... Some momentum is lost in shots, which is why the Nimbus Soft isn't as fast as harder sponged rubbers. Same goes for the Evolution. Overall, I think Evolution is only an evolved Nimbus, rather than revolutionary.
21/01/2016 soft backhand Review by Zuo lei
its control and spin is good. top backhand rubber
20/01/2016 Nice rubber Review by Mohamed ibrahim ali
Good rubber for BH. fast and has a lot of control
18/01/2016 evolution elp Review by Jan Bogdan
Excellent rubber,great service by TT11
01/12/2015 very good backhand rubber Review by Hangjun Zhang
It is a very good backhand rubber.
24/09/2015 很好 Review by Rex
24/09/2015 惊喜 Review by Rex
03/09/2015 VERY GOOD Review by Giovanni Sartori
03/08/2015 A good back hand runner. Review by Kam Kit Wu
good for back hand or all round player.
18/06/2015 отлично Review by Валерий Говорухин
Хорошая накладка. Мне понравилась именно 2.0 мм . Хорошо играет на жестких основаниях.
01/06/2015 Fast and good control Review by Rubén Marín
Good rubber for BH. Very fast and has a lot of control
04/05/2015 The quintessential backhand rubber. Review by KK
For me personally, this is a very fine product.The perfect bh rubber to pair with Chinese rubbers or Tenergy 05 on the fh. Medium, semi-soft sponge, but does not bottom out. Great control. Good spin and power. Very forgiving and linear. 90% power compared to other, bouncy rubbers in its generation, but has more gears, and is more predictable. Not really a Tenergy replacement. But it has a dynamic feeling right out of the package. Worth a try, for sure. This is definitely a rubber to consider if you don't want to pay for Tenergy on both sides!
02/05/2015 Excellent quality and excellent price! Review by KWOK WAI SO
Excellent quality and excellent price!
01/05/2015 great rubber Review by Dino Midzic
Great rubber, great feel and control
25/04/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
this product have a low price and good quality,It is worth to buy
08/01/2015 Perfect! Review by Diego Doná
I can't find this rubber on Brazil. Very good price and shipment.
27/08/2014 ***** Review by Boris Tsykman
Очень хорошая резина.
27/08/2014 Excellent Review by Feridun Dereci
My first combo and it fits with XIOM Hayabusa ZXI. Great spins and control.
10/07/2014 최고의 백핸드 러버 Review by CHOI EUN CHEON
버터플라이 비스카리아에 포핸드 MX-P, 백핸드에 EL-P를 사용하고 있습니다. 고성능의 러버치고는 융통성도 굉장히 좋아 라켓에 공이 닿기만 하면 리턴되는 것 같은 마법을 부립니다. 저에게 더 이상의 조합은 없습니다.
20/05/2014 great Review by Branko Mijatović
spinny and fast
11/02/2014 great product Review by Julian MEHILLI
Super for BH

29/12/2013 muy buen pedido Review by Joseph Santiago Betancourt Ruiz
excelente el despacho,la goma pero la demora causa preocupacion y tiempo de espera.-
05/08/2013 perfect Review by Chang Wen Yi
super rubber
21/03/2013 It is a good rubber for bh, spin and control Review by Bill
I used this rubber for couple sessions and don't need to adjust much from I used to play with Tenergy 64 for my bh. I tried to loop with my forehand but it has less tension compare to what I used Tenergy 05. The top sheep is more grip or a little tacky than tenergy series. The spin is very good and very easy for blocking. The top sheet looks like never use after 4 or 5 hours of playing time. However, I don't know how long the rubber will last yet the price is more reasonable compare to ternergy.
Tibhar Evolution EL-P