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Stiga Mantra S

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : inverted
Stiga Mantra S is among the fastest rubbers available. It features a medium soft sponge and a unique topsheet mixture of synthetic and natural rubber. Close to the table this rubber is an excellent choice for driving and blocking with high speed and a laser-like trajectory for an inverted rubber with still decent control in the short game. Away from the table it is capable of excellent spinny counterlooping. This rubber remains fast and powerful at all distances.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/04/2021 Great Review by Denis Dezan
Great rubber, recommended.
27/04/2020 Good product, good service Review by thomas mann
This rubber is just a bit slower than Stiga DNA Soft, and just a bit less spin. However, both the rubber and the sponge are a tiny bit harder. Lasts a bit longer than STIGA DNA Soft and Nittaku Fastarc S1. I have found the harder the rubber the longer it lasts.
17/02/2020 tt Review by Khusan Rakhimov
I was looking for something like Airoc M but this rubber much bouncier then I wanted.
24/12/2019 An O.K rubber Review by Asif Iqbal
Although soft, rubber was still on the faster side that is more suitable for direct smashes and blocks. Inconsistent for loops and touch play. Recommend pairing it with slower, more control blades. Rubber shrinks when removed in a few minutes itself. Not a reusable rubber
06/11/2019 More Speed Than Spin Review by TT Player
The rubber is very light and durable (still going strong after 8 months).
It feels harder than other rubbers in this class possibly due to the slightly harder topsheet. The rubber has fairly good (but not excellent) control and is quite fast despite being a soft rubber. The throw angle is medium. The rubber suits me well on BH.
My main gripe is that the spin capability of this rubber is not as high compared to, for example, the Rasanter series.
07/02/2019 Excellent . . . MAIS ! Review by Jacques Leber
J'aime beaucoup de revêtement. Il me convient parfaitement pour l'essentiel de mon jeu et il se marie très bien au Ma Lin Carbon de Yasaka.
Le touché de balle est excellent, il permet un gros contrôle sur les effets de l'adversaire et on démarre facilement en rotation lente même sur une balle coupée, que ce soit en CD ou en RV.
Ses points faibles ? Sur les Top frappés, la balle a tendance à plonger dans le filet. Il faut vraiment être très attentif sur ce coup.
Autre point très négatif, le revêtement se détériore à la vitesse grand V sur le bord. Pour peu que l'on touche le coin de la table, le caoutchouc part en dentelle. Si bien qu'après 2 mois à peine, mes revêtements sont "rongés" sur tout le bord.
07/11/2018 4 Review by nachum shamis4
23/04/2018 Fast and still good control Review by Gert Ellegaard
A pleasant surprise when changing from M to S in forehand. Control still very good but speed rises anyway.
06/02/2018 Great quality soft sponge rubber Review by Nick Evangelou
I am using this on 3 setups on my FH. No need for me to try something else any time soon. I like soft sponges and the quality of Mantra is superb so far.
06/02/2018 Great soft rubber Review by Nick Evangelou
This is really like a few of the top brands now the pinnacle of rubber for people who like the softer feeling. It's got the usual soft sponge tensor characteristics. Less room for error on the short game, especially pushes. Good and forgiving on the top spin game. Topsheet still after 1 month is like new, no signs of wear. I clean only with a little water after every session.
05/02/2018 Good all round Review by Ray Berketa
The Mantra S is a bit slow but easy to control in all areas of play.
29/01/2018 Very good rubber Review by TTholic
Faster than airoc better for plastic ball.
04/01/2018 good Review by Valerie Smirnov
an excellent rubber. very controlled
15/12/2017 Bliss ! Review by Dmitry Pyshkin
Mantra is my rubber. Table tennis is my meditation.
14/11/2017 Great rubber Review by ryan cronin
After trying a few harder rubbers on the backhand I remembered how much spin I could get when I first started out with soft rubber (Rakza 7 soft). I was finding harder rubber too fast and not great for the short game. Stiga Mantra S is amazing. I match it with a ZLF blade (softer) and now I have all the feel and spin back with the control of a soft rubber. Also - this rubber is nice and light weight so you can put a heavier rubber on the FH to balance the blade. 5 stars!
10/08/2017 Under-rated, Great All Around Rubber Review by Archfil
Great for BH. Gives a good feeling. Speed is adequate. Spin is unmatched. Control is spot on. I currently use this as my BH rubber on the Stiga Carbonado 290, I chose the soft version with the 1.9mm sponge thickness because the stiffness and ridiculous speed of the Carbonado will compensate and make up for the compromised speed of the rubber and it gave a better control in my overall game and playing style in my opinion. I paired this up with the Stiga Airoc Astro S on my FH and the racket set up is the best that I've used so far. Highly recommended for players who would like to have that speed and power without sacrificing the feel and control.
Stiga Mantra S