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Stiga Mantra M

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Rubber type : inverted
Stiga Mantra M is among the fastest rubbers available. It features a medium hard sponge and a unique topsheet mixture of synthetic and natural rubber. Close to the table this rubber is an excellent choice for driving and blocking with high speed and a laser-like trajectory for an inverted rubber with still decent control in the short game. Away from the table it is capable of excellent spinny counterlooping. This rubber remains fast and powerful at all distances.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

30/07/2019 Linear fast Rubber Review by Niranjan Sivaraman
Topsheet is of good quality and the rubber is linear, fast. I had paired it on a fast carbon blade and this rubber has less dwell, so it was too fast for my liking. However, if you pair this one with an all-round or off- blade, it might still be easier to control. I haven't played with it for more than a week so I can’t speak for its life, but I like its linear nature of spin production.
18/03/2019 Very good Review by Darko Veselinovic
Good control and spin, speed as well. Mid hard sponge. Not to sensitive on incoming spin.
21/02/2019 Stil satisfied Review by Gert ELLEGAARD
You never know about the rubber. Is it the rubber that makes you lose matches, is it the wood or is it yourself? My experience with Mantra is that it is myself!
30/01/2019 Great rubber Review by Dessen Ramen
Really nice rubber..good control despite, being grippy.
27/01/2019 Very good looper's rubber Review by Mark Kinlocke
This has been my main rubber on both sides of my Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit for a year now.
When I lend my bat to high standard players, it is a monster comparable to any other attacking combination. Yet, to me as an amateur player, I was surprised at how controllable this rubber is. Even on the emergency chops and pushes that us amateurs often do. It does not have the readily available high spin as from Chinese stuff neither the instant pop as from the Tenergy series. It is a linear output rubber. That is, you will get what you put into it. Slow topspin stoke results in slow loop and so on.
I like this rubber a lot.
Amateur players will love this rubber, biggest reason is that it does not require the high skill to play well as compared to the Tenergy 05.
13/01/2019 Excellent medium rubber. Review by Cesar Gonzalez
I use this on my bh, on a Tibhar Offensive Classic Black Edition. Victas 01 on my FH. If blocking and placing is your game, this is your rubber.

Not very sensitive to incoming speed, very consistent (not like Airoc Astro M). It's okey on bh openings as well.

If your game is very agressive on your bh, you may need something faster like MXP, or even Mantra H; something that has a wider range of offensive strokes.

I wouldn't advise this rubber for your fh, there's many better options that offer same or higher control, and provide more speed. Unless you're developing your game and learning the sport, in that case, set a pair of these babies on your blade and you're good to go.

Update: I changed to Clipper Wood this month (OFF+), and now I get more offensive options, but still, for an offensive bh, go somewhere else. For placing and active blocking, this is a beauty.
12/12/2018 Amazing rubber Review by Sudheer Varma Dantuluri
I am using this for this the first time. Amazing rubber. Speed and spin are very good. Not as fast as MXP, but adequate to finish the point. Not very durable.
21/08/2018 One of the best out there Review by Anand Akella
Excellent offensive tensor rubber very good for blocks close to the table and great from mid distance for offensive looping.
16/08/2018 Good for soft blocks Review by Igor Solovyov
Tried as replacement for T05 on 7ply wood blade.
Much slower, much less bounce, less spin. Sure much more control.

Good for soft blocks on the table. From middle distance you can hit the ball as much as you can and it will never come out of table (if you brushed).

As for me it's not a pro rubber, at list on wooden blades.
Played one time and took it off.
17/06/2018 Great rubber Review by Paul Henderson
Good rubber best stiga rubber when compare to air roc etc .
28/05/2018 Good Review by Herrera Omar
07/05/2018 Perfect Review by Gert Ellegaard
This rubber combines a very good control with lots of spin and speed as well. Perfect for my backhand.
23/04/2018 Control and spin Review by Gert Ellegaard
I'm very satisfied with this rubber. A lot of control without loss of spin or speed. However, I'm considering to change to Mantra H in backhand as well as my experience with such a change for my forehand was very sucessful.
09/02/2018 Great for backhand. Review by Roger
05/02/2018 Excellent all round of play Review by Ray Berketa
I would say probably the best off. rubbers around - for speed, spin, loops, blocks etc,. coupled to my Carbonado 290 which produces so much speed from the blade alone, combined gives such ease of control of all round play.
The only slight negative I find is that the rubber feels a bit fragile maybe it's just me but still excellent rubber and a lot better than the Airoc.
05/01/2018 Delicate Review by Anik Mallik
Delicate. Good for spin.
04/01/2018 good Review by Valerie Smirnov
an excellent rubber. very tenacious
23/11/2017 What a beautiful medium rubber! Review by Cesar Gonzalez
If you read my review at Stiga Airoc Astro M, you will see how delighted I am with that rubber. But let me tell you, Mantra is definitely a huge improvement.

This is a superb medium rubber, taken to the highest levels. Not sensitive to incoming speed, very good feeling; the tensor is not a huge problem, it is very controlable. Looks nicer, has a higher durability. It's an improvement in every sense!

I use medium rubbers for my backhand, and recently changed to fh as well. This can definitely be a high performance rubber if you're looking for 45-47.5 degrees rubbers.

Totally recommend.
30/10/2017 ok Review by david redmond
prefer lt or lt sound mantra doe have more spin but less speed
01/07/2017 Не разобрался. Review by Ivan
Интересная накладка, катапульта довольно сильная, больше чем у Tenergy 05, пока снял( не смог справиться) Оставлю на потом.
Stiga Mantra M