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Stiga Emerald VPS V

This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 6.3
Ideal for offensive players who demand good speed combined with control. The Emerald VPS V features excellent feeling and excellent stability. The outer plies have a harder touch offering a crisp sensation.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

11/12/2019 Amazing Review by Joe Ding
Use it with Friendship Battle 2. In my opinion faster, deeper hold, better finger feeling than my W506 (Hurricane Long 3 National Chinese Team Version). 10% slower than Viscaria but more spin in my opinion.
08/05/2018 It's okay Review by Timothy Noh
It hurts around the edges if you hold a bit to loosely. It feels like the Ebenholz NCT V, but less speed.
03/04/2018 Decent Review by Poseidon
Decent blade, all-wood feel. Not as solid as Ebenholz NCT V though, but easier to play with. I feel this is a downgraded version of Ebenholz NCT V with more feel but less power.
09/03/2016 Not suitable for Beginner Review by Hou Tatt Yap
cons -This blade is not suitable for beginner if you are aim for better feeling of vibration in your hand. The stiffness of outer veneer generates less dwell time and vibration to your hand. Hence, I hardly have the feeling in my hand when i hit the ball. Hence, this blade gives less control for player like me. And also, i find difficulty in matching a good rubber for this blade.

Pros - good finishing at the holder, still need sand paper to smooth the holder for better holding.
09/01/2016 Good Review by Hanson Wang
Best 5 layers paddle
01/07/2015 nice Review by jie zheng
good to use
20/05/2015 good Review by mi yen lun
06/05/2015 Stiga Emeral VPS V Review by Wajid Ali Khan
Good Job TT11. It was fast and the product is off very good quality.
29/04/2015 A great offensive blade Review by L Zhou
Thanks for the service and shipment from TT11 -- it is always your happy experience.

This blade is great for the offensive style. You will enjoy when exercise looping and counter looping. But please be aware that this blade is 5-ply and not very thick; thus defense needs more effort when it is compared to the 7-ply Clipper series.
23/04/2015 Good blades Review by Xiang
Very good service.
I have kept buying a lot of blades.
21/04/2015 Excellent blade and fabulous store Review by Andy Lee
The blade quality is very good. Good power, excellent control and good feel.

The store service is as usual, fabulous.....
03/03/2015 Отличное основание Review by Dzmitry
Купил это основание месяц назад и нe жалею. Скорость на высоте, как и контроль. Играю накладками Stiga Airrock S
25/11/2014 Good sound Review by SINYOUNG JUNG
This blade has a good sound without heavy.
24/11/2014 Excellent Blade Review by Tony Lee
Excellent 5 play blade, got the weight that I want. The discount price is a bonus.
20/11/2014 Excellent Offensive Blade with Control Review by Desmond Ho
I use T05 on both sides which allows me to play with excellent speed and power, as well as great control. The best STIGA blade I've ever had. This is gonna be my regular weapon until I found a better blade.
10/11/2014 Very beautiful blade! Review by Ren
Very beautiful blade!
10/11/2014 Quality versus Weight Review by Gokhan Gozis
I bought Stiga Emerald VPS with Anatomik handle last week and played 3 days for 2 hours each. My first impression is; it is heavy and feels heavy with my rubbers. My blade is 94 g and I glued Andro Rasant grip max forhand and Joola Maxx 450 max backhand. Service returns is Ok, Open up spins is reaaly good. Feeling is better than many OFF blades and blocks are very accurate. Drawbacks are; It is heavy on the table attacks and for flips, your arm get tired on rallies.
04/10/2014 fantastic Review by MALIK AHMED
Good speed good control
09/08/2014 Beautiful Blade from Stiga Review by Arif Wicaksono
This is a beautiful blade. Excellent built quality from Stiga and I like the embossed logo. And as usual... Tabletennis11 service is really good, and speedy delivery as well. I am a happy customer.
Stiga Emerald VPS V