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Stiga Clipper CR

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Number of Layers : 7
approximate weight (g) : 95
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6.4
Famous throughout the world for it’s speed and appreciated particularly by players who want extra power behind their stroke. Clipper is used by many world class players. Increased speed with maintained “STIGA touch” because of the CR system. Made in Sweden. THE CR SYSTEM is when front part of the blade is UV-finished, which yields a reasonably increased speed to the ball.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/05/2023 Ok Review by Aditya Shepherd
Good as predicted and always.
02/05/2022 good Review by Zhongqiu Yu
A very good blade, suitable for improving skills!
28/03/2022 Balance and Control Review by Marc Ross
I don't have years of experience with blades. This was a gift for my brother who I play against most often (I use Viscaria). I have used the Clipper blade myself and the following are also observations of playing against the Clipper.
Control: This is probably the best feature of the blade. It seems as if the blade is linked directly to your brain. Think of a spot on the table and that is where the ball goes. Almost like magic.
Feeling: Very high feel through all the gears. The UV treatment of the CR system does not diminish the feel and feedback to the hands.
Speed: Superb for an all-wood bat. Comparable to the Viscaria in the loop (almost) and may be superior in the smash/hit. Flicks, blocks, and pushes are all masterful and strokes can be minimal or exaggerated, the Clipper doesn't care.
Balance, Weight, and handle: The blade is not the lightest but the balance between the head weight and the handle created a sweet center of balance right at the thumb/forefinger spot. (Legend/Flared handle the flare is quite exaggerated which gives some players an assuring feeling that the blade is in your hand and not going anywhere).
In general, this is a blade for a lifetime, you can take it through the ranks of novice to advanced which is hard to find in any of the other top-rated blades.
While I feel there is still some way to go before I can maximize my Viscaria with full control this is not an issue with the Clipper. And I do love my Viscaria.
There is so much to consider choosing a blade and without years of experience and knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses, the choice of blade can be a gamble. The Clipper is an almost foolproof choice for attacking and all-around players.

19/08/2021 Very consistent Review by Rishikesh Bhide
Changing over from a Ma-Long 5, this feels very comfortable, consistent, and confidence-inducing. It's slower than ML5, which means I am able to do fuller topspins and shots without worrying abt it shooting off-table. I play at intermediate/club level, close to the table, so this is perfect for me. Somebody playing fuller 2-winged loops away from the table might find this blade limiting though.
10/08/2020 So so Review by Issa Jiyembayev
It is not butterfly quality. For the middle-level payers is ok.
21/07/2020 Superb speed and control Review by Paul
A classic blade delivering superb speed and control. A developing attacking player, I paired the Clipper CR blade with Tenergy 80FX 1.9mm on both sides - the combination gives exquisite feel in all aspects of play. TT11 excellent service (exact weight requested was received 85g) and quick delivery.
27/01/2020 Great and fast service Review by borce talevski
Great and fast service.
25/12/2019 Great product Review by Edin Kucukovic
Simple amazing blade for those who like Clipper wood. For my taste the handle is little bit thinner than expected for a legend handle and with a sort of WRB feeling. But you can adapt to this blade fast, and thickness of the handle can be compensate with a grip tape. Overall very good and reliable blade with Tenergy 05 setup. Consistency is by far the most phrased characteristic of this blade that is very true in real game conditions.
24/12/2019 Quality Review by takeo gagro
The Stiga Clipper is a really good blade. Gives you the perfect control, speed and spin it has the speed and spin capabilities of a carbon blade with the control of a wooden blade!
20/08/2019 TT 11 ít the best service,super fast delivery Review by Tu Hoang
This blade still very good for new ball 40+.
02/08/2019 Good Review by Wiktor Clifford
Good quality, nice finish. Good weight, at 88gram.
23/04/2019 O Review by Fburns
Excelente madero
13/08/2018 Good Review by Krug
Just classic / all-time / failure proof blade for many styles. What I wish is smaller head size and lighter weight since modern rubbers very hard and heavy.
09/08/2018 Works great Review by Harry Bullock
The blade is comfy and looks nice.
15/01/2018 Great all-wood blade Review by Jose Quintero
Background: I've been playing since age 12 (28 today). I am a highly technical player who has tried a little too many blades but I think I will finally stick to this one.
In the past I've owned among may others..: M. Maze, Schlager Carbon, Primorac Carbon, Korbel, OC-CR, etc...

When you've tried all these blades and you get to try this one you will feel this blade provides very very good feeling, enough speed, enough stability, big sweet spot, a bit of flex and many many gears. When you know how to use the catapult effect of all-wood blades you can get the ball to go really fast, even faster than carbon blades. Look for example Kreanga's or Schlager's fh vs Wang Liqin's.

The blade has 7 layers, the 3 hardest are in the middle which gives you good feeling when pushing and lots of power when your strongest strokes reach the inner layers.

There is a trend now to compare blades speed by correlating different blades' natural frequency to their speed. This one has a natural frequency around 1300 Hz (compared to Schlager Carbon's 1800).

So in summary... I am very very satisfied and ordered a second one from tabletennis11. These guys know how to sell TT stuff right. I am even promoting them at my local club. All the best to everyone and you can reach me at s[email protected] if you'd like to know more about this blade.

01/01/2018 Super Review by Huy Ngo Huu
Super choice around the world for decades. Cant go wrong. Cons: little feedback feeling and heavy blade. It needs good rubber to explode also.
04/12/2017 Classic offensive blade Review by Alexandr Myroshnychenko
Мой экземпляр с ручкой FL (Legend), вес 95г. как просил, за это отдельное спасибо. Баланс отличный, в руке не чувствуется вес, с накладками баланс умеренный в голову. Еще один большой плюс основания это всеядность к выбору накладок. К качеству исполнения основания можно придраться, но на игровые свойства оно не влияет. Рекомендую к покупке.
29/11/2017 Rough finish but good blade Review by Huida Qiu
Blade wing is so sharp that it can cut through my hand without sanding. Blade is head heavy in general. Hard and solid feeling.
20/11/2017 Fast blade with enough control. Review by Dmitrii
Forhend - DHS Skyline 2 boosted with Falco Long Booster, backhand - Donic Bluefire M1 Turbo. Excellent fast blade. Enough control. Blade weight 87 grams. Not good for beginers.
15/11/2017 Very good Racket , Such a low price Review by Nainesh Desai
Hello ,
Very Nice Racket , much Control . Little Slow .
31/10/2017 Superb Review by Huy Ngo
Blade quality is superb. Service from TT11 excellent as always.
23/08/2017 Good blade Review by Guanglei Li
Strong, but not out of control, love it
23/08/2017 Excellent Service Review by Chi Hung Ricky Wong
Table Tennis 11 Service was excellent. Fast delivery and exactly what was ordered. Very impressive ! My first time buying from them, I will buy from them again for sure !
22/08/2017 Great blade, mediocre quality Review by Fabian Arndt
I really like the blade, it has got great speed which is needed for the new ball but also still has nice feel and it works well with my beloved DHS H3 Neo. Only thing I did not like was the quality of the finish, it has sharp edges and the lenses are not perfectly aligned etc, nothing which compromises play but I hoped for better quality since it is not a cheap blade.
03/07/2017 Great blade ! Review by Brian Fong
Excellent speed and control. Good for your forehand loops. It's the best Blade that you can get. I recommend this blade.
13/06/2017 excellent Review by Adrian Mena
this blade is nice
it has a very good control, for my this one is medium fast
the feeling is well and it has a very good weight
is comfortable too

and as ever tabletennis11 has a very good service
03/03/2017 經典 Review by Poki Lin
23/01/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
ocen xoroshaj raketka otlicno igraet s korotkimi shipami
13/01/2017 very, Very good Review by Nilton Silva
Very good
12/01/2017 Well balanced Review by Sam
Good blade but it is little heavy for me.
09/01/2017 Too heavy of CLCR Review by JL
Ask for a lighter CLCR, received a 96g CLCR, cannot be used, very disappoint about the service of TT11
15/12/2016 Very good. Review by Nilton Silva
Very good.
27/10/2016 nice Review by HongXiang Zheng
nice blade,nice service……
17/10/2016 good control balance nice handle Review by Kazım Erem
I like the head size and balance:)
30/03/2016 highest performance/price Review by Edwin
Good looking and perfect weight! Thanks tt11 for picking up the right weight! My friend is happy with it!
29/03/2016 Most cost-effective for a beginner to advance Review by Yingzhou Xiao
I think it is the most cost-effective blade for a beginner
26/11/2015 性价比高 Review by dang gaofeng
26/11/2015 性价比高 Review by dang gaofeng
04/08/2015 Good weight distribution Review by Huy Nguyen
I bought the CR with the WRB handle technology specifically so that the paddle would feel less head heavy. Depending on what rubber you put on, this paddle will have excellent weight distribution.
19/04/2015 best of me Review by Cihan
its a best blade ı ve ever played with..
its fast and also full control for me same time..
thanks for producer :9
14/02/2015 good Review by 王 中人
26/12/2013 good value for money Review by PETER LEE
shipping is very good, the blade is so fast that I want, but you should spend time on basic training to control it better, and Rotation is not its strengths, you had better choose right rubber for the blade. In a word,good value for money and I like it very much. I will take it to participate in the competition and I wish it will bring me good luck!
Stiga Clipper CR