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Spinlord Wyvern

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Rubber type : short pips
An improved version of the Spinlord Waran. The Wyvern has a grippier topsheet and slightly faster sponge with a strong boosted effect built-in.

Customer Reviews

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04/03/2020 cool but not a long time Review by Alexander Grigoryev
From packet - very good feel, power, control, everything like waran X10.
But after a while - leaks of power, stiffer sponge, less spin and control.
as Spinlord Ozelot difficult to peel off, the sponge is too fragile.
resume - excellent rubber until factory booster is in.
PS: SpinLord, what you are doing, guys? ;-(
31/01/2020 Waran 1 is still better product Review by Aleks Peshkov
I feel that it is nor faster nor spinnier then Waran 1, probably quite the opposite.
The throw is lower that makes the rubber more difficult to use.
The blue sponge is very fragile so it is impossible to remove the Spinlord Wyvern rubber without damaging it and even without leaving parts of the sponge on the wood. I do not like the new sponge at all.
The new topsheet is nice but the difference is insignificant especially considering the much higher price.
25/01/2020 Good/Bad Review by jozsef nagy
TT11 provided a fantastic service again, as always.

This rubber promised a good option to change waran.
The reason why I think to change waran because I can't loop with it on my forehand.
As long my opponent keeps low the boll I made a lot of mistakes with waran.
Sometimes hit the net , sometimes loopoing too long.
I'm both side attacker with short pips 2mm both sides.
I know it is a strange set up but somehow works for me.
When wyvern came I felt a strong chemical smell from the sponge, I think
it is some kind of speed glue/ booster.
Itself the rubber does not curve, stays flat at the table.
I was so excited to try it, I used revolution no3 glue and put
on spinlord ultra carbon def blade to my forehand.
I had a session with my teammate who is a strong attacker/looper with tenergy rubbers.
The rubber worked like a dream, I played block, loop, play passive and active, smash.
We played some match as well and I got the same or little better result even I tried very first time the rubber and the blade.
Then I played some league match with this set up, all went good.
So I was so happy.

But after 2 months the rubber starts to act strange, lost the grip, flexibility and speed.
After 2.5 months I can't loop with it at all, also smash is just not land on the table.
So I thought something wrong with me, then I try my other blade which is ( spinlord ultra carbon) and yasaka rakza po 2mm on forehand.
The yasaka rubber is much older tham 2.5 months..... my shots are coming life again.
Loops work very good again and everything else as well.

So I think wyvern is good rubber as long the manufacturing tuning works, but after just a nightmare.
Now the rubber is completely dead, hard, and no grip at all.
I was a big fan of spinlord product' but this one is just not good enough.
If a rubber cost around £40 then it should keep performance much longer
22/01/2020 Good upgrade to Waran Review by Dan
The improved top-sheet material gives Wyvern much more grip than Waran without losing any of Waran's great hitting and blocking characteristics.
The sponge seems ideal for short pips, as the majority of short pips come with too soft a sponge for me.
The only downside is it is a bit heavy for a short pip.
Spinlord Wyvern