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Spinlord Gipfelsturm

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Rubber type : long pips
The SpinLord Gipfelsturm has pips that are longer than those of most short pips rubbers but this rubber plays itself almost like short pips with the advantage of being at least as dangerous as half-long pips. This rubber is very good for playing with spin, either flipping the ball over the table or playing a topspin. Block balls and counter-attacks are very effective and comfortable to play with Gipfelsturm and can be played aggressively with high speed or rather passive. In any way, Gipfelsturm is dangerous enough to force the opponent to make easy mistakes. Undercut balls and powerful shots are also possible, but for this Degu and Waran are better.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/08/2022 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
170х170х1.5 мм. 47.8г средний шип на тензорной губке
25/04/2022 Good value Review by Avraham Shahar
Good value.
30/05/2021 Excellent rubber. Review by RAJESH MUDAM
Nice rubber for blocking as well as a counterattack. Also, it has very good control.
19/03/2021 This rubber was good for offensive rubber and defense. What a great rubber for blocking and short stop. Review by danilo ferrer
Both rubbers are great. They are cheap and faster to get in for delivery. I would recommend this pips-out rubber and TT11 company.
01/03/2021 Good rubber for advanced pips player Review by Yusuf Steyn
Plays a lot like a medium pips rubber. Great at catching out or upsetting opponent with deception. Not for beginners. Great service from TT11 and quick delivery as always.
01/02/2021 Very good Review by Humberto Martins
I´ve tried in1.5 mm sponge., Control is superb and have some disruptive effect when u hit the ball over a incoming. The only thing "negative" about speed due to the 1.5 sponge. Next time I will trie 1.8.
15/04/2020 Good Review by Neeme
I like to play with it on my backhand. It gives trouble and changes the phase of the game.
21/11/2019 резина Review by Andrei Doroftei
Это накладка из нового поколения шипов,которая обладает эффективностью средних и длинных шипов но которой так же легко играть как короткими шипами.Самый сильный разрушительный эффект от толщины 1.5 мм ,а если нужна больше скорость тогда 2.0мм.Очень злобные блоки .отлично подрезает как на столе так и в дальней зоне.можно даже наносить топ-спины .если есть техника.Но надо быть осторожнее при силовой игре по верхнему вращению.иначе будет вылетать мяч вверх.И конечно же как принято у всех толковых, аналогичных шипов.очень высокий контроль во всех элементах.
30/10/2019 Nice Review by Zlatko Svabic
Excellent rubber.
08/08/2019 Rubber Review Review by wylyem kromyko
Better than Waran.
10/05/2019 Good Quality Review by Lyndon Fortenberry
Good pimple with attack oriented. Good price. Very durable. Same performance over time.
08/02/2019 worth its money Review by KOSTAS ANASTASOPOULOS
Having test many medium pips, I think that this one is a very effective, controllable and disruptive rubber for active play close to the table.
08/12/2018 worth its money Review by KOSTAS ANASTASOPOULOS
I have been experiencing medium pips rubbers for eight months now, trying to find the one that fits my way of playing. I play near the table aggressively. I tried this rubber on the BH, on the DR Neubauer Phenomenon blade. I was pleased with his performance. He has good control, even in heavy spin and is reputable in fast attack. It's spinny!! I bought version 1.8 which is not as deceptive as I wanted. I think version 1.5 will have more deception, something that is required in medium pips. In conclusion, I can say that it is one of the best rubber I have tried and is worth its money.
20/10/2018 It’s very good Review by Sebestyen Krisztian
Dear Seller!
Thanks! This product is very good. This rubber needed for my play.
11/10/2018 хорошо Review by Igor Golovlev
уже описывал эту накладку, хочу лишь добавить, что накладка очень хорошо встает на основания со шпоном из хиноки ( PHOTINO,GARAYDIA-ZLC,STRATO, IGNITO, JOOLA NOBILIS) при чем почти не важна толщина 1.2 или 1.8 мм. ,теряется контроль на жестком дереве с тонким шпоном дад карбоном и совсем, не понятно почему . не встала на SK7 Classic
29/06/2018 Excellent Review by Igor Zelenski
1,8 on backhand on Spinlord Ultra balsa V.
Just amazing for smashing, serve returning and even has a good amount of spin.
Deceiving dead balls from this animal are killing opponents. Blocking need a lot of practicing.
11/06/2018 ***** Review by Alexey
The rubber is as expected, so far. Appears durable. The price at TT11 is the best anywhere.
24/04/2018 Накладка отличная! Спасибо магазину! Review by Sergey Gamzenok
Накладка отличная! И дешевле чем у нас.Спасибо магазину!
17/04/2018 Good allround rubber Review by Robert Kuiper
Fast good for spin and Block. Great control to return service. Easy to attack underspin
26/03/2018 Достойно Review by Pavel Gusev
Понравились эти средние шипы хоть и начинаю только их понимать но осваивать очень много надо. Шипы умеют многое вот только сам я не многое умею
11/12/2017 весьма интересная накладка Review by Igor Golovlev
1.8 мм 56.3 г( 79.3 г в упаковке) . Короткие, но немного удлиненные шипы, по игре близки к средним, хороший контроль играть легко , а вот у соперника возникают проблемы с приходящим от них мячом.По скорости не самые быстрые, но и к медленным я бы их не отнес. Шипы понравились и я купил еще одни. но в другом магазине. конверты совершенно одинаковые , а вот резина совсем другая: весит на 4 гр. больше, губка по толщине, пористости и цвету точно такая же, но более жесткая и почти не пробивается , отсюда -потеря контроля. еще маркировка на самой резине не такая рельефная,ка на оригинале.Хорошая резина 1.8 мм в упаковке должна весить менее 80 гр.
06/03/2017 Excellent Product. Better results than expected... Review by Arthur Ryan
I initially purchased this rubber to use on my backhand. I liked like blocks, returns, and disruptive affect so much, I now use it on both sides of my Dr Neubauer blade. I am currently using 2.0 RED on my forehand and 1.8 BLACK on my backhand.
24/02/2017 4 Review by nachum shamis4
22/02/2017 Excellent Review by Viktor Oroszki
Very good product, amazing control and easy to attack..
26/10/2016 Good product at reasonable price Review by Setia Welli
Just as the description of the Product, you can play as if the pip-in, easy to handle , only the durability questionable --- the pip on the edge fell off after a few weeks. And this is the repeat order.
28/07/2016 Interesting idea - didn't work out for me Review by Dan
Having got on well with other Spinlord short and medium pimple rubbers, I was intrigued by the claim that:
"all strokes can be played with techniques usually used for pimple-in rubbers, but the player still can take advantage of all benefits of pimple-out rubbers"

Unfortunately I found the exact opposite to be the case. The rubber requires techniques far closer to a long pimple rubber, but seems to provide little in the way of spin reversal or even disruption.

Overall it did not seem worth persevering with.
Spinlord Gipfelsturm