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Sauer Tröger Unicorn

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Number of Layers : 5
approximate weight (g) : 86
Blade Type : ALL
thickness (mm) : 5.8
The Unicorn is a remarkable all-round table tennis blade known for its exceptional control capabilities. This blade has been meticulously crafted for the innovative Hellfire X rubber, which underwent an extensive development process. The result is a perfect synergy between the Unicorn blade and the Hellfire X long pimple rubber, ensuring seamless harmonization between the two.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/06/2023 Works well with HellfireX as advertised Review by Alan Strelzoff
Very comfortable and controllable backhand.
On forehand I have been using spiny short pips.
29/12/2022 Контрольное основание Review by Александра Степанова
Основание - находка! Все что нужно, есть в нём!
09/04/2022 Hard blade Review by Close to table long pips player
The blade is hard as compared to others such as Chen Weixing, Innershield, and Barricade. Sauer video on their site is highly recommended if you want to play with this blade. I did not feel the blade soften up once used with Hellfire x ox rubber. It is a fast blade. The dimensions of the blade are smaller than the most defensive blades. It is not in my opinion a blade for beginning long pips players. More for advanced and intermediate players.
28/04/2021 Excellent blade, superb control, best match for Hellfire X long pimples Review by Jose Da Silva
This blade is really a good match for Hellfire X long pimples. Lots of gears with excellent control. The blade has enough in it for reverse rubber as well. Tabletennis11 has the best in class service.
10/03/2021 Good blade for 0x pip Review by geoffrey goutorbe
An overall good all blade, I use this paired with the hellfire X, can t really explain why but the pair seems to work wonderfully.
On this blade, the Hellfire x Ox feels really fast BUT it's one of the only setups where I got a really good short game and my opponents cant always force me into defense. I do find it lack a bit of power on the forehand though.
08/12/2020 Excellent control and consistency Review by Vinay Chandra
I recommend this blade for anyone that uses material (long pips/antispin). The hard feel helps in control and achieving excellent reversal. This also works well on the smooth rubber with friction (albeit a little slower).
05/10/2020 OK with the new Hellfire X Review by Pete sliney
This is the only blade I was able to produce disruption with the new Hellfire. Allround speed but works well with long and short pips.
21/07/2020 one of the best all-round blades I tested Review by Simon Dimant
I purchased two Unicorn blades in order to test the Hellfire X in OX and two different
forehand rubbers: DHS Skyline 3-60 mid-hard and Dignics 09C.
I play close to the table by controlling the ball with long pimples and using
a forehand for an active play based on loop drives, topspin, and flat smash.
Unicorn is an ideal blade for Hellfire X in OX as it enhances the properties of
this long pimples in every respect i.e. an excellent control of a passive and
chop blocks, decent spin reversal, a back end attack and good control in
playing long defense.
Both the above-mentioned forehand rubbers fitted well, a specially Dignics 09C. The hard outer ply of Mansonia (yanka hardness - 1290) allows utilization
of excellent properties of Dignics 09C i.e. spin, control, and decent speed. DHS Skyline 3-60 harmonizes with this blade nicely as well.
As an EJ with an experience of testing hundreds of blade and rubber combinations for my playing style I would like to single this blade out as one of the best blades for the combination play close to the table.
Furthermore, I wish to confirm the description by Sauer & Troger as reflective of the real properties of this blade.
Sauer Tröger Unicorn