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Revolution Nr.3, Glue 500ml Medium Viscosity

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Normal viscosity is the thinnest glue, high viscosity is the thickest glue, the medium is in the middle. A thicker viscosity will not make fixing the rubber to the blade any easier. Medium and high viscosity glues were created for top players who claim that the thicker glue layer improves the playing properties of the racket. But it is just an opinion for which we have no proof. Some players like thicker glue, some thinner. It is just a matter of preference. The only table tennis glue in the world that is freeze-thaw resistant. . MEDIUM VISCOSITY

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/09/2023 Medium is too thin Review by gary fagan
Go for the thicker version.
06/12/2022 10/10 Review by Jari Seppala
Best glue what I have try, easy to glue and peel off.
06/10/2022 Need stronger adhesion Review by Sharang
Adhesion not strong enough in my opinion. Rubber tends to peel off easily.
Also the glue dries way to quickly before I can apply an even coat throughout the surface, which means need to reapply to cover entire surface. Probably normal viscosity would have been a better buy.
29/08/2022 easy Review by Alain Verbeke
13/07/2022 good stuff Review by Paul Nguyen
I've only used two different types of glue so far and this one is the better one... by far. no runs, no drips, no errors. well, you can still make errors but it is far fewer errors than my other glue.
14/06/2022 Very easy to use Review by TT VJ king
Very easy to use. No need to shake before use. No lump forming.

Takes a bit longer to dry compared to DHS No15. But much less prone to lump forming.
25/02/2022 It does it job Review by Khusan Rakhimov ( AB1791861 )
It does its job very well but is very smelly.
01/01/2021 Will do the job, but not as good as normal viscosity Review by Asset Istleuov
It is cheaper than a normal viscosity glue, but it is worse in leveling it on the surface.
28/12/2020 Thanks Review by Haytham Nassar
Great product with quick delivery.
10/11/2020 Excellent Review by Chris Pickard
Revolution #3 as excellent as it always is!
06/11/2020 Dream to peel Review by Andrei
I have not used other viscosities. This one is excellent. If used only this glue on rubber and blade, when the time comes to take it off, glue comes off blade and rubber at the same time, with no effort. Adhesion is great; I use 1 layer on a blade, 2 layers on a rubber. Instructions suggest that for better performance more than 2 layers might be in order on the rubber, but haven't tried, as satisfied with the way it is. Viscosity is similar to Nittaku's Fine zip.
08/10/2020 Порадовал Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Люблю перебирать комплекты накладок с основаниями. Клей Revolution в таком объеме 500мл. оптимально по цене. Намазывается ровно, комками не сворачивается, феном за 3 минуты подсушивается, под бустером не раскисает, держит надежно, с накладки скатывается пальцем не повреждая губку. Имеется насадка с узким дозатором, лишний воздух не попадает. Пока лучший.
21/09/2020 Wow Review by Noah Caneel
Really good price-value ratio. Has a very dominant smell when applying, but sticks and lets itself remove perfectly.
09/09/2020 Revolution Nr.3, Glue Review by NIKOLAOS KONTOPOYLOS
It's an excellent glue.
10/06/2020 Revolution Nr 3 Review by Tomislav Glad
The best glue I have ever used.
11/01/2020 Good Glue Review by Zane Cundiff
I would not recommend for slick/shiny blades. Spreads well and has a good hold on classic blades and rubbers. Nothing special, nothing bad either.
08/01/2020 This is it! Review by shinya momota
I will use this forever!!!
14/09/2019 Good glue to stick rubbers on. Easy to remove from blade and rubbers Review by STEVE YENPIKSANG
Very good glue to stick rubbers on. Easy to remove from blade and rubbers.
30/03/2019 Best Glue Review by AN-94
Maybe the best glue in the market. Easy to apply and remove.
08/02/2019 Very good glue but a bit harder to use Review by Mike
I tried this glue in "professional use". I followed the advice from the manufacturer's website. I put 3 layers on the rubber and 2 layers on the blade.

First, it is not that easy to spread smoothly, especially for the second and third layers. It is possible but it is a very tedious work.

After finishing, keeping your racket under the press (stack of books) for many hours is an absolute must in order to smooth out the glue layers and for acceptable adherence (especially, for sealed blades).

Removing the glue from the rubber is not as easy as the marketing video shows. It does peel off as an elastic film, but breaks off often. Plus, the main problem is it takes small pieces of sponge with it. I would strongly advice not to do it unless it is absolutely necessary. I cannot imagine doing it more than once for one piece of rubber since the process will damage the sponge too much.

Overall, it is the great glue (probably, the best glue) but you have to be careful in applying and removing the glue (it is better not to remove!). If you are very accurate, the result will be excellent.

22/08/2018 AAA+++ Glue Review by Rhonnel Forde
I've been using this for quite some time now. Hands down the best glue I've ever used. Great elasticity. Highly recommend.
06/08/2018 Awesome Review by Irvin Sampath
Very good product. Easy to remove for re-gluing.
18/01/2018 Good Review by Vahid Zafari
Cheap and useful.
29/05/2017 Very Bad. Review by Gabriel Abou
It Says "Elastic Table Tennis Glue"
And that's why i bought it.
A Lot of people buy this product because its cheap and has a very good
amount of ml's.
But in therms of elastic Glue...
It didn't work for me.
My fingers got hurted from removing the glue from rubber, and it isnt elastic glue.
well, im waiting for a answer.
about the product, it comes really good, in a plastic with sponges, i liked the package.
08/04/2017 Good Glue Review by Roland Hui
Easy to use.
Hope it has a long shelf life.
08/03/2017 Recomendo Review by Apóstolo Junior
Cola de excelente qualidade,recomendo.
31/01/2017 4 Review by Valentin Ranchenko
good glue.
27/10/2016 Good for price, easy remove from rubber sponge Review by Valeriy Osadchyy
Glue have sharp ammonium smell. Need rather long time for drying. Less stickness than Butterfly Free Chack, but easy remove from rubber sponge after regluing.
24/10/2016 Very good glue Review by kwok kee Lui
Good value
02/08/2016 soddisfattissimo Review by Donato Manzato
tutto ottimo/eccellente anche il prezzo conveniente..... consigliato !!!!!
Revolution Nr.3, Glue 500ml Medium Viscosity