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Revolution Nr.3, Glue 250ml Normal Viscosity

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Normal viscosity is the thinnest glue, high viscosity is the thickest glue, the medium is in the middle. A thicker viscosity will not make fixing the rubber to the blade any easier. Medium and high viscosity glues were created for top players who claim that the thicker glue layer improves the playing properties of the racket. But it is just an opinion for which we have no proof. Some players like thicker glue, some thinner. It is just a matter of preference. The only table tennis glue in the world that is freeze-thaw resistant. NORMAL VISCOSITY

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/09/2023 I like it... Review by Kris Philippaerts
I've been uising this glue for a while now. I just like it. It's smooth, easy to use and peels of easily. I apply 2 thin layers on the wood and 3 on the blade. Make sure to let it completely dry before you apply the next layer. When dry, you roll the rubber over the wood and voila. I typically keep my racket over night under a stack of books to press while completely drying. The way I apply the glue gives a very nice elasticity and I have never had my rubber come off from my wood. So it's very solid!
19/07/2023 better than butterfly's shit glue Review by Ajer
never hard to remove, but sticks very hard. very good.
03/07/2023 Bueno bueno Review by Juan Marquez
Es exactamente lo que promete, fácil de aplicar y de retirar el olor me molesta un poco, pero lo importante es su rendimiento y eso lo cumple perfectamente.
28/06/2023 Good Review by Dmitry K
Very good glue. You have to apply several layers.
20/06/2023 Great choice if you reglue Review by Ladislav Haluska
While you need to apply several layers of glue on both sponge and blade, it is worth it as the glue can be usually taken off the sponge easily when needed, without causing damage
08/05/2023 Great glue Review by CESAR YARLEQUE
I tried a lots of glues and finally I find the best.
I recommend this glue, it's really perfect.
Thanks T11.
31/03/2023 High quality glue. Review by Colin May
Easy to apply, and it high quality means that many layers can easily be applied.
24/03/2023 Good Review by Igor Lavrentjev
Very good
06/03/2023 Bought for a friend Review by Sheldon Tam
Bought this for a friend, and hear good comments from him.
16/01/2023 Awesome Review by Nathanael Teshome
Great! Easy to remove and dry quickly as well. Have been using it for a while now.
24/11/2022 Strong smell but really good Review by Leo Hong
Far better than Butterfly glue I used before. Strong smell though.
01/10/2022 Nice very fluid glue Review by Jan Bierbrauer-Severin
Works well and does not create to much residue after removing
08/09/2022 Excellent glue. Review by Dzmitry Marychau
It is removed from the overlay only after applying 3 layers (do not be fooled by the video). Easy to apply, dries quickly, sticks well.
12/07/2022 Simply the best Review by John PAYNE
No other glue sticks and can be removed with so much ease from the back of the rubber. This is very important if you are using the same rubber on different blades while testing.
30/05/2022 Excellent Review by John Reynolds
Does not bubble or streak.
29/03/2022 Excellent glue Review by Jari Seppala
Legendary glue does what it promises. Easy to use, removes rubber if necessary, and adds glue layers to adjust speed and control.
I was using butterfly glues for so long. What a miserable experience. They would get spoiled after a short time, leave all sorts of hard rubbery bits on the rubber or blade when spread, the rubber would come off as soon as you hit the side of the table mildly, what a mess.

18/02/2022 Лучший Review by Arty
Ну что тут сказать. Лучший водный клей на рынке!
Не в пример лучше всяких батерфляевских клеев.
Выбор очевиден.
16/02/2022 Excellent Glue - highly recommended Review by Jo
Does the job better and rubber can be removed easily.
27/09/2021 Watery viscocity Review by Ian St. John
Good cleaner. Easily removed glue. Thinness on application makes it easy to spread. Will buy it again.
18/09/2021 Verry good Review by Hazem Kassem Mohamed
Very good glue, easy to use easy to remove.
I might prefer the medium viscosity for more ease of handling but this one is very good too.
31/08/2021 Nothing special Review by Mark
Bought it because of so many people saying it peels off easy from rubber.
Very disappointed. It’s the same as others. I mean it same as hard to peel it off from rubber as other glue.
10/08/2021 Good Review by hq
Good glue. Easy to remove from rubber.
17/07/2021 Great Product Review by Alan Ng
Easy to use product. When regluing the old glue comes off in one piece.
26/05/2021 Best glue I've tried Review by Anton Kukeste
The best glue I've tried and continue to use.
25/01/2021 Easy to apply Review by kwok kee Lui
Right viscosity, does the job to glue and remove after several layers.
26/10/2020 Very convenient to use Review by Fabrizio Giuliani
Pros: it is not very viscous, so it's easy to spread it uniformly on both rubber and blade. Gives you more than enough time to work before it starts to clump. It is a breeze to remove when needed, even from soft sponges. Sticks well enough. Gives a slight boosting effect on the rubber.
Cons: it stinks like a dog that's been dead for a month and had never taken a bath in his life. Thankfully, the stink goes away after it dries up.
05/10/2020 It is Good Review by Zane Cundiff
Very economical and great attaching rubber.
08/06/2020 Revolution no3 Review by Stone
Top glue, very easy to glue or reglue.
25/03/2020 Great! Review by doron klein
Really easy to use.
Comes off really cleanly. Recommended!!!!
12/08/2019 Good glue if you intend to reuse your rubbers. Review by Ratmir Imangulov
This glue is good. I recommend using 2+ layers of glue for easy removing it from sponges. Glue is pretty fluid so I guess that's that normal viscosity means. Also not so quick to vapor. It takes around 15-30 min for one layer.
16/07/2019 It works Review by Edmund Kollaart
It works, but it's still tricky when I use it with modern porous sponges.
10/02/2019 Still the best... Review by MATTHEW WILLIAMS
I've tried 5 or 6 other water based glues and I always come back to this one.

Note: Does Not Come With Applicator Top (use the top from the smaller bottles, or use the smaller bottles).
04/02/2019 One of the best Review by burak
Does the job well, easy to apply and easy to peel. For best result, apply at least 2 layers.
26/04/2018 Excellent Review by Nenad Paunovic
Ovim lepkom vec 3 godine lepim sve rekete, i svoje a i kolegama iz kluba. Po meni fenomenalan lepak. Malo se vise nanosi, ali se vrlo lako skida sa svih guma i obicnih i tenzora. Ja 2x mazem i drvo i gumu, susim fenom svaki sloj, te je reket gotov za nekih 5-10 min najvise. Ne primecujem vremenom da gubi svojstva. Mozda tek na 4-5 meseci treba da se prelepe gume. Ako hocete da ga skidate kao na reklamnom videu onda treba ipak malo vise da se nanase, ali ne i previse. Njime se uspesno skidaju i neki drugi lepkovi koji su vec bili na gumama.
06/12/2017 nontensor glue Review by SACHIN PATIL
its the best for the nontensor rubbers adds minimal weight and is easily removable.
05/09/2017 Great quality product Review by Htun Lynn
This is good quality product as stated.
I have used on my blade 2 layer and 4 layer on rubber. Also easy to remove from rubber and blade without any defect on both.
It was awesome feeling, speed and spin.
After glue bat need to press for 24 hr for proper stick with blade and rubber.
05/09/2017 Very well made glue Review by IrwinR.
I have used it for more than 2 years. I like how easy it peels off from rubber and blade. Normal viscosity doesnt work well with lacquered or sealed blade no matter how many layers of glue applied. Use thicker glue for lacquered blades. Need more than one layer of application to rubber (at least 2 layers on rubber) to have good adhesion. Very thin glue (normal viscocity). Overall it works for my application.
22/05/2017 Second time to order it Review by Degong Xu
It is nice glue and is easy to clean.
12/05/2017 High quality glue. Review by John Fitzgerald
Very easy to use. However, my rubber does come unstuck at the edges. I have a varnished blade, so maybe this is the problem. I love the fact that you can peel the glue off your rubber so it looks like new afterwards.
13/03/2017 хорошо Review by Vladimir Stolnikov
Полусуюсь на протяжении двух лет мне нравится ,легко снимается.
Рекомендую всем данный товар.Хотел знать его производителя.
16/01/2017 Best option!! Review by EMMANOUIL KATSAVIS
I think is one of the best glue options!!! Good bond and easy to remove rubber!!
11/01/2017 Easy for use Review by Calvo Zeledon Ronald
i don´t have any problems wuith this glue
05/01/2017 Cheap Review by Coen Slaughter
Great quality 2 thin layers on the rubber one on the blade and it's ready to go. Very easy to remove
17/11/2016 Still the best Review by Realman
Still the best.
17/10/2016 Prefer high viscosity Review by Cameron Pfannenstiel
Sometimes a bit too thin, needs multiple layers. For porous rubbers the glue seems to sink into the sponge a bit, their high viscosity model is better for those types of rubbers.
06/10/2016 Always my trusted glue. Review by Minh Tuan Hoang
Highly recommended.
27/07/2016 Effective and easy to use. Review by Michael Choi
Easy to use, instructions very clear. Of course it glues nice and clean. Great value for money.
30/06/2016 Good for oil bostering techniques Review by Valentin Golodov
Use it to make your sponge softer. Good for chineese rubbers espesially when use oil booster.
22/06/2016 value for money Review by kwok kee Lui
Very good glue. Easy to handle especially for those who are testing their rubbers with different blades. Easy to peel off your rubber and leave nothing on the surface of wood surface. After several layers of glue one can easily peel off the glue without damaging the sponge.
02/06/2016 Excelente Review by Edson Vieira Fragata Junior
Produto excelente
21/03/2016 Best Glue Review by Diego Doná
Best glue i've used to far.
30/12/2015 best Review by Ali Rıza Şaşıoğlu
17/11/2015 Good glue Review by Rajah Averilla
Very easy to apply and to remove on your rubber
22/08/2015 good product Review by Alfonso Lopez Torres
This glue is very easy to apply and remove. I use with ox long pips ( very soft) and no problem to apply and remove. not apply too much quantity
26/07/2015 Better glue Review by Irwin Raymundo
One attribute is very easy to peel if you like reglueing. Not very strong adhesion. Need a few more layering needed.
20/07/2015 10 Review by Ozeas da Cruz
Very Good
22/06/2015 клей Review by Andrey Arshukov
чистить накладки легко и на этом все кончается у меня Nittaku Hinoblaze
основание накладки Nittaku Fastarc C-1 на свежем клее еще ничего на следующий день полная туфта ракетка становится вязкой мяч не летит
13/03/2015 strongest water based glue Review by amekun
I do not know why other people are saying it has a weak bond
1 layer of glue to the blade and rubber is so strong
I can attach a super domed rubber
And when i ripped my rubber off my blade, its so strong that it ripped my sponge and stuck to the blade
It hasnt harmed my blade yet
Easy application
Doesnt dry too fast or too long, just enough time for u to do your thing
02/01/2015 Great Glue Review by Anubhav Tandon
This is easily one of the best WBG that I have used till date. I have tried Haifu, Nittaku Finezip, LKT and Donic Vario. This definitely is the easiest to apply and remove and does not curdle up when you are applying it. Very easy to work with. Haifu is definitely a close second though. The only problem with Haifu is that it start to curdle up when you are applying it.
07/11/2014 glue does not bind strong Review by Jason Wang
I read so many good reviews of this glue, that's why I bought it.
However, I found the glue does not bind strong. I tried this glue
today to glue two sheets of rubbers today, each sheet I tried twice.
I followed instructions to wait until glue clear before put it on. I found
after a while the rubber on the edge become detached from the blade.
Finally I had to use other cheaper glue from Paddle Palace (which binds
much stronger) to finish the job. Disappointed. Good thing about this glue
is it peels off relatively easier than some other brands. But what's the use of it
if it does not bind well (I noticed some people have the same comments about
this glue).
30/09/2014 easy to use Review by dim papaskarlatos
Easy to use and easy to remove it from rubber
11/09/2014 good Review by Mohamed ali
Best glue and very easy to remove from both ( the blade & the sponges)
11/07/2014 liked it! Review by nyoton888
i really liked this glue overall. easy to apply and easy to remove. price is mid-range. the only negative is the strong smell, but one can wear a mask for that.
29/06/2014 GOOD! Review by WEI
18/06/2014 j'adore Review by clement sanchez
excellente colle
leger effet booster
30/04/2014 Nr.1 Review by Atanas Mihaylov
The best!
12/04/2014 Best of the best! Review by Duraid
the best glue so far and very easy to remove from both ( the blade & the sponges)
20/03/2014 the best Review by dim papaskarlatos
the best glue so far in handling and playability
04/03/2014 one of the best Review by dim papaskarlatos
its one of the best glues i ve ever used...very good playability
28/02/2014 Very high quality glue. Review by Dimitar Dimitrov
Everything stated in the manufacturer's description is true. I found only аt first, when applied on the surface feels strong smell of ammonia. So the room needs good ventilation.
Revolution Nr.3, Glue 250ml Normal Viscosity