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PimplePark Murus

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Number of Layers : 3+2
approximate weight (g) : 75
Blade Type : ALL+
thickness (mm) : 5.7
A medium-fast allround blade specially created for the needs of long pimple players. The Pimplepark Murus is a relatively stiff carbon blade good for blocking. Thanks to its specially selected wood veneers, the blade enables very safe play with exceptional control.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

07/12/2021 Great blade Review by andy spring
I have tried many blades over the years.
This blade is the best for my style of being close to the table.
short pips attack, love it.
29/09/2021 Nothing special Review by KOSTAS ANASTASOPOULOS
I was expecting a blade suitable for long pips. Although it is not bad for this purpose, it is not stiff enough for a deceptive game near the table and there is much vibration ...
28/03/2021 Good and cheap blade for long pimples OX Review by Konstantin Ganulich
PimplePark Murus perfectly matched with Tibhar Grass D.Tecs OX. It gives it sufficient control maintaining quite high speed and fast rebound, which I haven't experienced with other blades (Grass D.Tecs is lacking control with most of the other blades).
Forehand inverted rubber (tried with Tibhar K1 Hybrid) is also having enough speed and control with Murus.
However, it's a little bit too light for me (mine is 73,5g after sanding the FL handle closer to ST form). I am more used to blades between 85 and 90g.
Strongly recommend this blade to try for all OX long pimples players, especially taking into account its cost-efficiency.
25/02/2019 Great for pips-out Review by Edgar Faingor
Excellent for hitting with pips-out rubbers in general.
18/10/2018 Excellent blade for pimples Review by Pete sliney
I tried quite a few blades for my pimple set up long/short. This is favorite with good control and speed.
30/04/2018 Great for OX LP, close to table blocking Review by Zoran Turk
Great blade. On forhand requires normal rubber best is 2.0 mm black Xiom Vega Azia DF, with 1 layer falco tuning. Repeating is neded every 1 month. ( I use falco for 2 to 3 weeks ). Backhand i use Long Pips OX, red Spinlord Dornenglanz for close to table blocking. U must seal the blade i use 1 layer lackuering for boat. I leave it to dry and then i polish blade with sand paper 2000. This stopes splitering when taking rubbers off. Must say that spin reversal with Dornenglanz on this blade is best after 2 months of playing. Here is my video u can see for yourself:
22/01/2018 Good for pips Review by Pete sliney
Excellent blade; a fast, Allround blade. I play OX long pips forehand and short pips backhand. Good control for hitting and hard hit blocks returned. Like a wall!
PimplePark Murus