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Nittaku Sieger PK50

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Rubber type : inverted
The first German sticky rubber in Nittaku rubber series. Half sticky topsheet is combined with quite hard 50 degrees boostered sponge. According to Nittaku the Sieger PK50 rubber enables to perform the attacking strokes even when you loose your balance or timing.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

10/07/2023 Better than H3 Review by Pongmaster
So I wanted something that was tacky with good power. So I tried PK50. This rubber has good control and spin with some tackiness.
Not as much as H3 but it has more power. Not as fast as K3 but better spin.
29/06/2023 tried out on FH insted of Rakza Z EH Review by AZ
i am user of Rakza Z EH on FH and in general very happy with it.. suits my style almost perfect.
There is only one kind of downside for this rubber - you need to work on 100% :),
if you get a little bit lazy and play passive ball goes into net, and here i do not mean topspins or loops but simple returns, pushes..
i do understand that this my fault and not of rubber.
PK50 in this is better. It is more responsive and has more initial catapult effect itself.
It gives you some tolerance and i do had less mistakes for these kind of simple shots.
Topspins are more linear, lower arch vs Rakza Z, very safe and perfect landing on table.
You feel confident for your topspins. But as for me, it has less spin compare to Rakza Z, or to be more precise,
with Rakza Z i am able to play in many gears and variations in terms spin: soft, gentle and slow, fast and hard etc.
You can get many variations of it, and which is harder for my opponents to adapt.
Spin for PK50 is kind of "linear and simple" and i felt it is easier for opponents to return, and this is main reason why i will stick with Rakza Z EH.
It's spin is really unpleasant and different compare to other similar rubbers i have tried..
If you are more spin oriented i would choose Rakza Z EH, otherwise PK50 is very good and balanced rubber, and due to this i put in on my BH.
Until now it looks very promising. BH -Nittaku PK50, FH-Rakza Z EH / on Nittaku 7.22
11/04/2023 Great choice! Review by Nico Bosma
I went from Yasaka Sweden Extra with Rakza7 (and 7 soft) to Ma Lin soft Carbon blade with Rakza X and 9. My struggle with the 9 was that the margin for error was too large due to the speed of that rubber (and the lack of my ability). It also felt much too linear for me with the throw angle. I went with the PK50 first on the FH and Rakza X on the BH. I really liked that, but since I'm more comfortable with the FH I now play with the PK50 on the BH, so I feel more confident to try more things. I wish that I had the PK50 on both FH and BH. I may soon try to put the Rakza Z EH on the FH, perhaps that is the winning combination with the PK50 on the BH.

+ not too fast, with nice throw angle to land those (counter backspin) loops
+ great for spinny serves as well
08/03/2023 Flagship of the new "hybrids" Review by Alex
This feels like a truly unique rubber, like a Dignics lite with a thicker, grippier topsheet that feels rather like a Xiom when you touch it. The arc of spinny balls steeply drops at the end of the ball's flight, which makes this excellent for players who utilize slow, spinny tempo changers frequently and do a lot of BH loops. But I found the spin behavior so enticing that I put it on FH as well, and even though the loops aren't as linearly powerful as G1, it does close-to-the-table play and pushes far better.

Practice partners who were used to my G1s keep reaching out to catch balls that would have soared past the table (and behave mostly like G1 loops up to that point!) that dive down to the endline at the last second.
These feel different from many rubbers, but is good for spin-oriented players that like dense sponges with little dwell time.
11/01/2023 Great rubber Review by Alan Ng
Have been using these for a while and love it
13/10/2022 experience Review by Gyula CsNagy
The rubber is similar with Dignics 09C in spin, control and speed. I have been playing on backhand side and pleased about it.
23/09/2022 Fast rubber Review by Nafiu Sani
Fast rubber
13/09/2022 Great Rubber Review by Alan Ng
Great rubber compared to Dignics 09C it has more control. It is also tackier. Great for both forehand and backhand. Highly recommended
18/08/2022 May suit player moving from Hurricane rubbers Review by Ralph Taylor
May suit player moving from Hurricane rubbers to tensor/european rubbers.
Too different for me!
Good spin, but throw was too un-predictable.
Lacked speed with my technique.
Only 'hybrid' I could use was Donic BlueGrip C2.
14/01/2022 Really good on backhand Review by Oleksii Lymanskiy
Playing with it on Apolonia ZLC for backhand. Very good control and spin. Easy to lift underspin, easy to put the ball where you want, nice for serves. For looping-oriented players, close to the middle distance.
29/08/2021 Best forehand rubber Review by Vadim
Spin, speed, control - best tacky rubber ever... Only one problem - durability 4-6 weeks and you should buy new.
18/02/2021 Удачный гибрид. Review by АНДРЕЙ РОЗОВ
Перепробовал почти все гибриды, кроме Donic BlueGrip C2. Кого не смущает губка 50 градусов и вязкий цепкий топшит, можно брать. Для остро атакующих справа подойдут все. Разница не более, чем между Т 80 и Т 05.
24/12/2020 Bomba Review by Vadim Kirzhanov
Отличная накладка для игры вращением. Как часы.
Из минусов вес .
30/11/2020 Interesting rubber Review by Denis Shipitsyn
It's a really interesting rubber. It has a huge amount of spin and a great feel and control on the ball. And it can give you an advantage if you know how to generate spin and that to do with it. Also, it's really good on receive/blocks or for countertops against topspin. So I guess it was designed for the modern tennis game with fast topspins near the table and counter looping.
But it has some disadvantages for me:
1) It's really hard to do a power loop from the 2nd zone, it can't generate enough speed
2) It's hard to play with flat balls (balls without spin)
3) Hard to do first backend topspin against underspin. On this shot, the rubber feels hard and you need to go through the ball to do it. It requires good technique.

Comparing to G-1, I will preferer G-1 because it's more powerful.
18/11/2020 perfect Review by Eva Hilda Isaac
One of the best, keep in mind it is a bit bouncy, and not hard.
03/11/2020 Best Review by Max
Best rubber, good spin.
02/11/2020 High stability hybrid Review by Timothy
Jack of all trades, master of none. Sticky rubber but not as sticky as hurricane 3, bouncy ESN sponge but not as fast as the most recent releases, speed around the same as Rakza 7, spin not high as hurricane 3. Arc is very stable, very medium (a good thing) very easy to get balls on the table. The result of these characteristics makes this a very good rubber for players not chasing the last ounce of spin or speed and need something stable to enhance their level of play by minimizing mistakes. Highly recommended. ( For those complaining about the speed of this rubber, just hit harder lol)
27/10/2020 BH Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Amazing for backhand, maybe the sticky surface loses tack quickly, I don't know, but amazing rubber. High throw angle.
11/10/2020 Fantastic Product Review by Alan Ng
Fantastic Rubber. Does everything you want it to do. Tackiness is pretty good. Great for both forehand and backhand. Highly recommended.
29/09/2020 BH Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Best rubber for a backhand to me, maybe a bit high throw angle, but you get used to. A bit bouncy but a lot of control and gears.
24/08/2020 Good rubber but lacks pace Review by Dennis HAYDEN
This is a very interesting rubber. A tacky surface means that it generates a lot of spin, particularly on service. It also excels in the short game, and counter looping. However, its main weakness is that it lacks pace particularly when away from the table. I found that smashes and drives would be returned far easier than with my usual all-round Tenergy 80. When playing a controlled spin-based game this works well, but if you are looking to play a power loop game you are going to have to be very fit to make it work.
17/08/2020 Very good spin rubber Review by Markku Jarvinen
I have tried this for two weeks now. Very good and consistent rubber. You can do pretty much everything. No weaknesses.
14/08/2020 Good but not as linear as G-1 Review by Hoang Vu
Very decent rubber, but I can see why people don’t like it as much as G1. Not as linear. Over a little better short game and able to lift under spin easier. But blocking is not as good as G1. Slightly slower but won’t notice much.
Nittaku Sieger PK50