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Nittaku Ma Long Carbon LG (Large Handle)

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 94
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.6
DHS has made a Ma Long Carbon blade specially for the Japanese market according to specifications set by Nittaku. While this is not an exact copy of the DHS Ma Long 5, it has the same basic construction with a few modifications thrown in.The Nittaku blade is slower than the DHS blade, has a slightly large head and gives off a pleasant resonance.This version has a larger handle which makes the blade heavier and thus slightly faster than the regular Nittaku Ma Long Carbon blade. It could also be recommended for players who find the standard handle size is too thin.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

15/09/2020 Power and Control Review by Sven Tade
Have played only twice time with the Blade, so this review is first impressions, but I could say, this Blade combines good Power and high Control in a Special Way. The Speed is About OFF (not OFF+), the Feedback of the Ball is Always very clear. The Ma Long Carbon LG is very good for Service and Return and especially for the first Topspin! Blocking is at Forehand and Backhand (I'm playing at backhand a medium pimple) really simple. Fast Topspins are loaded with Spin and Speed. The very unique Large Handle is a mixture of concave and conical and fits perfectly if you have larger Hands like I have. Will try a few times again to make a decision, if the Ma Long Carbon LG could be my new Competition blade (playing the Barwell Fleet for over 4 Years).
07/02/2020 Good for players that like power Review by Lorenzo Piras
This blade is very powerful, If you have the proper technique you will destroy your opponent with this. The quality of construction is very high.
09/05/2018 It is a really good blade for me. Review by choi hong hyuk
I bought a lot of this. It was so good that I recommended it to people nearby. Everything is good, especially control and sense.
14/09/2017 se siente bien Review by mario andres mancilla murinigo
muy buena pala, el peso ideal, buenos impactos
Nittaku Ma Long Carbon LG (Large Handle)