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Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku

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Rubber type : inverted
The Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku is an inverted rubber that shares characteristics with short pips. This rubber has been designed for smashing, flat hitting, and driving. Intended for an aggressive playstyle, it is suited for players looking to play quickly close to the table. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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25/04/2022 Great flat hitting rubber Review by Skyline
This rubber is great for flat hitting. It has a very crisp feeling and it's much more direct than other rubbers. It produces a decent amount of spin on the opening loop for the short dwell time it has. If you pair it with fast blades like Primorac Carbon or Mima Ito Carbon it's much faster than Tenergy 05/Rakza7/Fastarc to the point it becomes kind of hard to control. So I would recommend a slower blade with a good feeling like Nittaku does.
24/03/2021 Very good Review by ONG BENG TJUAN
A very good rubber.
20/02/2020 wonderful Review by Chocho
It is said that this rubber is suitable for an all-wood blade, so I tried Stiga Nostalgic VII(FH). I found this combination is amazing. It is not only powerful when smashing, but also easy to block. I love it.
10/06/2019 A good match with a Goriki blade Review by Cem Hanyaloglu
Quite suitable for attacking, but not for chopping.
28/03/2019 Backside rubber with low bounce. Review by Henning Fransson
I bought this rubber because i have played short pimples on backhand before. I USE on an offensive blade. I must say that it is a pure attacking rubber. Even in 1,6 MM it is superfast. The good thing is. It given a very low bounce when blocking. It is also good for BH drive. You can also do BH loop. But The rubber realease The ball very fast. You can make good spin on serves and returns.
A rubber for BH kill shots. Try it out. This is a rubber like no other.
20/02/2019 Never got the hang of it Review by Alexander Zubatov
I've used short pips before, and I've used inverted before, and I've used the hybrid inverted/anti Spinlord Sandwind for awhile, but while I've found that rubber excellent with the old ball, I couldn't handle the new ABS ball with it, so I decided to try this one. Didn't find it to be good at much of anything. Forehand chopping was decent with it, and while I wasn't surprised that I wasn't getting a ton of spin on my loops, the problem was that I kept missing smashes, which is something I wasn't doing with the Sandwind. Blocks are pretty good. Anyway, maybe it was something with my technique that just wasn't adapted to this thing.
18/01/2019 Накладка для плоской игры Review by Alexandr S.
Поиграл этой накладкой несколько часов, но так и не понял для каких целей она создавалась. Если сравнивать её с одной из лучших накладок от Ниттаку - Фастарк G1 - то Goriki Kaisoku намного уступает G1.Вращение придаёт намного меньше, катапульта менее контрольна, чем у G1. Единственный плюс для меня, это плоская игра и приём подач.
18/01/2019 Very Offensive Rubber Review by Ivan R
Used as backhand for my Septear.

This rubber really shines as backhand due to its properties.
It's generally played as short pips but because of its med-soft inverted nature, it still bites the ball for a good loop. It's also best when you twiddle the blade create confusion during service game.

Spin is good.
Flat hits are the best.
Speed is identical to Stiga Royal 2.0mm
Ball is dead if you're not active.
03/01/2019 Lacks some spin, speed good, unusual Review by Ulf & Linnea Beckman
This rubber need some playtime (3-4) hours) because it is a little strange thing. High class as always with Nittaku, but it seems there are many rubbers that are just like this in the way of play.

When I saw, what, a Goriki-rubber! Must be a Tenergy, MX, Rasanter-killer because of the 200+ euro that the blades cost- I'm afraid it is not that. But a rubber that is remind of little older rubbers, like Stiga Boost, Genesis without tack, and other Japanese rubbers. I don't say I don't like it, it's okay and more, but it has been done so many times before. There is not enough spin(at least for me, that plays a spin-oriented play, but for flat-hitters, good youngsters and so, it is great. It is very fast, therefore shame of lack of spin for me.
Spin: 8.6
Speed: 9.3
Grade: 8.7
Nittaku Goriki Kaisoku