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Nittaku Glue Fine Zip 100ml

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Table tennis glue without volatile organic solvents (VOC) Finezip has a strong adhesive properties, but at the same time allows to peel off the rubber without damaging your blade. Made in Japan. (Zip application sponges should be ordered separately). 100 ML The glue is delivered without application sponges.

Customer Reviews

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02/08/2022 Sticky Review by kk Lui
I buy this glue simply because I can remove it easily by peeling it off from the rubber without causing damage to the rubber. If you never reglue your rubber, don’t buy this expensive one.
05/07/2022 Good Review by Nikola Trajcevski
Very good product
14/04/2022 Quality product Review by Yuri Bondarenko
Better than Butterfly free chuck.
14/07/2021 Didn't like it Review by Hazem Kassem Mohamed
I didn't like this glue
Yes it requires only one layer of glue to the rubber and another one to the blade
Yes it dries fast and is easily removed.
But, it dries out too fast while you are still spreading the glue you can very easily ruin it and have to restart all over again
You cant correct it or just add little glue it hardens fast and if you add anything start clumping
I prefer something more liquid easily applied, spreaded, corrected even if it takes more little time
01/06/2021 Strong Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Very good
07/05/2021 Nittaku Glue Fine Zip 100ml Review by george nelson
I enjoy using this glue, because it is staying smooth, and it is not drying too quickly before my work is done. Certainly plan to continue to purchase this again.
21/04/2021 Clean job! Review by John Lavis
It works like a charm! You get one shot to stick the rubber to the blade. But once you've got it figured (usually by the second attempt) you wouldn't want to go back to anything else. Due to the glue thickness, it gives an ever so slight bouncy effect to the rubber and comes off the blade really clean when changing it. Regret not buying the 500ml.
11/04/2021 Good glue Review by Yury Semikhatsky
Used it with several Butterfly blades, a hinoki blade, and various rubbers.
26/02/2021 Хороший клей Review by Kuat
Хороший клей, но густой, поэтому нужно очень быстро наносить на поверхности.
08/04/2020 Positive Review by Ajdin Mulalic
It seems to be working excellently. I applied two coats of glue on the rubbers and one coat on the blade (letting it dry every time), it still holds it without any issues. I recommend putting a wide edge tape when you're done, since accidentally hitting the table when playing can unpeel the rubber at the edge.
13/03/2020 Good Review by Keat Chea
Good quality.
18/02/2020 Best glue ever! Review by Nick
Appreciate their speedy services and quality products as always! Kudos to the TT11 team!
Best glue ever!
07/02/2020 Easy to use Review by Mohammad Erwandi Mohamad Zaine
The best glue and lot of elasticity will repeat order for the next order.
15/01/2020 A good glue that takes a little practice to apply really well. Review by Timothy Swensen
Until trying Fine Zip, I didn't like latex-based glues. This one changed my mind somewhat, in that they are easier to remove than the reference Donic Formula First. They also dry quickly, so the trick is to put on enough glue before you start spreading it. Otherwise, you won't be able to add more glue without causing clumping.
This glue spreads smoothly, with a little practice, and holds very well. A well-designed product, and my glue of choice right now.
25/12/2019 Отлично! Review by Dmitri Kan
Хорошо клеит и легко снимается
03/05/2019 Beat glue Review by Alexander
Best glue available. Leaves very little residue.
25/03/2019 Very very good Review by Darius Surgautas
The best!
21/03/2019 Perfekter Kleber Review by Philipp
Macht was er soll! Klebt super und kann problemlos wieder von Holz und Belag entfernt werden. Kann ohne Schäden am Schwamm in einem Schritt abgezogen werden.
07/02/2019 My favorite glue Review by Andy
It's paste rather than liquid so requires a little more force to spread evenly. Also dries quickly. If you're used to liquid glue like Free Chack then it might take a little practice to get it right. And it costs more. But otherwise ideal (for my use anyway which is gluing Tenergy to a Viscaria). Fastest on, stays stuck, easiest off both blade and rubber without doing any damage.
29/08/2018 Holy Grail of WBG Review by Eduardo Bagarrao
Best of Water Based Glue! Perfect to use with Chinese rubbers!
16/07/2018 Easy to clean! Review by Kamil UZGUR
Best glue. High Viscosity
05/07/2018 Not what I expected Review by Payan Payjor
I still haven't found my perfect glue. This one has very good adherence and one layer is all that's needed. However when peeling off, it could get quite hard. Just like the Revolution. Even when applying 2 layers on each blade and rubber, I still struggled with removing the glue.
20/03/2018 Good stuff! Review by Tai Luong
Superb glue! Even better than Butterfly Free Chack 2.
27/02/2018 Good one Review by A Buyer
I like it but!!!! DO NOT USE IT IN WINTER! cuz it's going to freezy up
31/10/2017 Клей отличный. Review by CEZAR TIRNOVSCHI
Все ОК
31/08/2017 Strong Review by TO
This glue is remarkably strong and thick consistency. Thick as Stigas glue, but stronger imo.
02/06/2017 I have mixed feelings about Fine Zip glue Review by Tomie
This glue gave me a lot of trouble. It's pretty thick and clumps easily if not spread quickly enough. After many attempts I found it better to use thicker layers rather than thin layers because it is nearly impossible to remove off the rubber when applied thinly. It takes a while longer to dry than other glues I've tried. You have to wait until the glue turns clear before you can stick the rubber to the blade. When glued perfectly, the end result is great but is too much headache to make it perfect.

This glue does not work and will not work on sealed blades. No matter how much glue is used, it just won't stick to a lacquered blade. Don't waste your time trying. Other glues did the trick.
14/05/2017 Excellent!!! Review by Michael R
Quality from nittaku.
08/05/2017 Very Good Review by Bruno Toma
High quality and consistency. I would buy again
26/04/2017 Good as final-glue Review by JK
It is very good glue, however, it is relatively expensive to be used before boosting and rubber testing , so I highly recommend having cheaper glues for boosting and testing purposes.
15/03/2017 Buen pegamento Review by Leon Amador Martinez
Excelnete pegamento no se adihere al hule, el precio si es mas alto que el convencional pero vale la pena, pero si de favor TT11 baja el precio
14/03/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Luchij klei v Nastolnom Tennise
27/02/2017 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Lucshij klei v nastolnom tennise
26/01/2017 Best Quality Review by Umut Afacan
I used for both boosted chinese rubber and euro rubbers. It dries very fast. Easy to apply. Sticks very well with right amount and good placement. however if you touch or attach the glue it become waste, you need to reglue again. But after first time you will get used to. For thin layer, it may be challenge to remove glue from rubber. But for thicker layers it is easier. I still use very thin layer, its enough to attach blade and rubber.
05/12/2016 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Lucshij Klei.
03/12/2016 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
Luchij Klei iz vsex kotorije est na dannij moment.
24/11/2016 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
lucshij klei.
22/11/2016 I like it Review by Yu Rong Huang
This is a good VOC free Gel 5 stars
21/11/2016 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
lucshij klei
07/11/2016 Best glue that I've ever used! Review by Boris Lovrić
The best glue that I used! About 10 min need to dry, while when you removing it does not leave traces and does not make damage on rubbers!
05/11/2016 Superb Review by Mad-zap
Works exactly as advertised. I read Kevin Turner's instructions and I must thank them for it. Works like a charm. Have not tried to remove rubbers yet but the glue itself is the best one I have used so far for table tennis rubbers.
04/10/2016 otlicno Review by Jevgenij Bragin
samij lucshij klei na dannij moment
06/09/2016 I can't imagine a better glue Review by Kevin Turner
It took some experimenting but I think I've found the best process for me. Feel free to try it if you like.

New Rubber:
1. Apply glue to rubber and blade ( let glue dry )
2. Apply 2nd layer to rubber ( do not let glue dry )
3. Immediately apply rubber to blade using roller as usual
4. Use book or some type of press method to apply light-medium (not heavy) pressure until glue dries (1 hour to be safe)
5. Cut excess rubber as usual

Regluing Rubber:
1. Remove rubber from blade
2. Remove old glue from rubber (with this glue there will be no glue left on the blade). But a quick rub should be enough to remove any rubber beads from blade.
3. Follow same process as above
A. 1 layer glue on blade and rubber (let dry)
B. 1 additional layer on the rubber (do not let dry)
C. Immediately apply rubber to blade using roller as usual
4. Since the rubber is already cut I use a clicky press set to light-medium pressure until the rubber dries ( 1 hour).

Great sound
Increased feel
Increased speed
Increased spin
Increased dwell time for greater control

Added bonus:
The rubber peels of all at once when regluing! No more time consuming picking and rubbing to remove the glue from the rubber! I guarantee this process works exactly the way I've described! ONLY GLUE FOR ME EVER AGAIN
26/08/2016 Отличный клей Review by Andrei
Клей как сметана, хорошо распределяетяся, сохнет 15-20 минут. Не требуется частая переклейка.
13/08/2016 A liitle bit expensive Review by Ye Zhifa
It is the best glue that I have ever used. Better go with more sponge.
10/08/2016 Melhor impossível Review by Gabriel Alves
Muito boa cola, dá uma velocidade para a raquete e não faz muita sujeira, saí muito fácil da mão
29/03/2016 Favourite glue Review by Francis
Dry quickly. Get used to use this glue for all my blades and rubbers.
05/01/2016 its ok Review by TVS PRAKASH RAO
This glue is ok but it requires experience to glue on the racket if we move our hand upndown the glue is not sticking so at first move u should spread thee glue
23/09/2015 The Best Glue Review by Gianluca Musco'
This is the best glue: I have tried a lot of glues and all have the problem that after you remove the rubber is very hard clean the glue from the rubber without damage the sponge. If you want avoid this problem, this glue is the right choice for you!!!
04/08/2015 My favourite glue Review by Blue Dragon
easy to use. no smell. one layer can stick well and easy to peel off.
just a bit heavy and thick.
10/09/2014 Best wbg Review by Fredg
Best wbg esp for chinese rubber. For softer jap/euro rubbers, better to apply thicker or more layers so easiler t remove.
05/08/2014 One of the best voc free glue Review by Dmitriy Gorbenko
Клей густой консистенции (сметана), похож на free chack 2. Начинает нормально работать на следующий день после наклейки. Ввиду густоты значительно дольше не "дубеет". Рекомендую для тех, кто наносит бустер на губку и после впитывания (может занять несколько суток) наносит клей. Для тех кто сначала наносит клей, а затем бустер - не подходит, для этого метода нужно выбирать клей жидкой консистенции.
18/07/2014 Very usable glue Review by Tommy16
Nittaku Fine Zip is quite thick glue so only one layer to the blade and one to the rubber is enough. It´s easy to use, takes quite long time to dry tough. The pond is good. The best thing about this glue is that it´s really easy to peel of. Even one layer is easy to remove.
17/06/2014 High quality glue Review by Y.S
best glue
03/03/2014 Very good product ! Review by boris michel
I've tried before Haifu bond, DHS n°15. Nittaku Finezip is the best I have used : it's easy to make thin and regular layers. It's quite expensive but you don't need much glue for 1 rubber/blade. I put 3 thin layers on the rubber and 1 on the blade, it sticks well and the sensations are very good. I didn't had to put off my rubber for now but Finezip is said to be easy to remove.
Just 1 negative point : more zip sponges could be offered, because it's a one-shot use.
18/12/2013 perfect glue!!! Review by Stratos
This is the best glue I've ever used!I recommend it to everyone!It is top quality glue and I think that's why it is used by the most of the top players!
06/09/2013 very good glue Review by Adrien Scoarnec
No strong smell, a good adhesion, easy to remove. Simply the best.
30/07/2013 The best glue Review by Nedim Milanovic
This is the best glue I ever used. Easy to handle and very strong and adhesive.
21/01/2013 excellent Review by tt
clearly the best glue I have used.
Nittaku Glue Fine Zip 100ml