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Nittaku Flyatt Spin

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Rubber type : inverted
Flyatt Spin from Nittaku has a grippy surface combined with a sponge that has bigger pores. This is an excellent rubber for the offensive player looking for a rubber with a noticeably grippy surface and good speed. Flyatt Spin has great touch, enabling the player to execute strokes consistently when playing offensively and in all situations. Made in Japan

Customer Reviews

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10/01/2022 Вариант для бэкхенда Review by ANDREY ILLARIONOV
Для бэкхенда хорошая накладка, не чувствительна к приходящему вращению, хорошо подставки делать. Тензорный эффект слабый, двелл небольшой. Накладка хороша для контригры
25/08/2021 MANAGER Review by LUIS MORAIS
Love this Rubber for Looping combined with the Nittaku Latika.
13/02/2020 Nittaku Flyatt Spin Review by ALEXEY BLINNIKOV
накладки Nittaku всегда отличает отличное качество....
22/07/2019 Excellent control Review by Bruce Maclaine
This is an excellent rubber for control. It has decent spin, speed is 9.1 in my opinion. My game has improved mainly because of the control. It doesn’t react to incoming spin and blocks very well. If you are looking for more speed and spin than the Nittaku Fast Arc S is a better choice but you will give up some control.
11/02/2019 A very cheap and good backhand rubber good for the money! Review by Ulf Beckman
Liked the Flyatt, but it has alway lacked some spin, and i am a spinhunter. Buying this for 25 Euro was a must. It was not so tacky or spnny i was thinking, so i put it on BH on one of my 8 blades that im playing with for the moment. And there it shines!. I want a spinnier forehandrubber, but this was a very fun and good backhand rubber!

Speed: 9.3
Spin: 9.2
Rating: 9.3
03/01/2019 Excellent top class cheap rubber Review by Ulf & Linnea Beckman
Very affordable rubber with more spin in all the other Flyatt-rubber. Not MX-S or R47-spin, but surprisingly good. It is a perfect backhand rubber with light weight. The price/performance got this rubber to three of my friends bought it.
Can be played as FH or BH. Doesn't matter.
Spin: 9,3/10
Speed: 8.8/10

06/02/2017 Good Review by Sergey
Good rubber, not fast, exelent grip, medium soft, little mushy, dwell good.
03/12/2016 一般 Review by YIkai
Nittaku Flyatt Spin