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Nittaku Flyatt Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 82
Blade Type : OFF+
thickness (mm) : 6
The Nittaku Flyatt Carbon adds in two plies of carbon. The Flyatt Carbon is slightly thicker than the Flyatt Carbon Pro, making the ball contact more direct. A special wooden edge protection is integrated into the blade to protect it from the rigors of active play.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

05/07/2022 For price, very good blade Review by Nikola Trajcevski
For price, very good blade.
02/08/2018 Good for Beginners Review by Christos Papadakis
It has a really good control, especially if you play close to the table, you can send the ball exactly where you want with an easy block. The problem is that you cannot attack with this blade since it is quite slow.
07/04/2017 Good product and good price Review by Aleksandr Zubarev
I like this item.
21/10/2016 Not recommended Review by Rodrigo Navarro
1.-Defenetly not off+, i would give it a ALL
2.-No feeling at all
3.-Almost 0 sweet spot
4.-It has some vibration

Tried with hurrican 3pro FH and Joola Express ultra BH, might be the wrong combo but still, very disappointing
12/07/2016 Nice feel, good performance Review by ryan cronin
Really nice bat if you are moving from say a wood bat like a Yasaka Extra and are looking to try a carbon bat. Very comfortable handle. This bat made me want to look into Nittaku's higher end bats like the Acoustic carbon.
04/05/2016 Excellent Review by Vladan Savic
For money you buy,it is steal
22/03/2016 Very good! Review by Mihail Kosinici
Отличное качество! Скорость (с накладками Acuda S1turbo+Bluefier M2) выше чем у TB ALC с этими же накладками. Контроля меньше и есть ощутимая вибрация.
18/03/2016 It's a good blade for me Review by Leah Duerksen
This is a light blade which suits me just fine.
16/02/2016 Great if not awesome. Review by Shiv Shankar Dinakaran
This blade is surprisingly light with a lot of control for the speed it is capable of generating, thanks to the carbon layer!! Even Defensive play is quite consistent with a slower standard rubber like mark v . Ideal for looping and allround power play leaning on the aggressive. Match it with the right rubber for your game and you will be plenty surprised how good this blade is. Thoroughly recommended and enjoyed this blade.
18/12/2014 Excellent workmanship Review by Richard Masterson
The bat is a Christmas present and remains unused at this time.
11/04/2014 5 from 5 stars Review by Sergio Gojinetski
An awesome blade! You can't go wrong with this one. 5 from 5 stars. Thx tabletennis11 team again.
Nittaku Flyatt Carbon