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Nittaku Fastarc G-1

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Rubber type : inverted
Most players are looking for a rubber that fits them just right. Nittaku has introduced the Fastarc series which includes a variety to choose from. The Fastarc G-1 has the most power of the series. It's a very direct and to the point rubber. All offensive strokes from fast drives at the table to long-distance counter looping are executed with high precision. The hardest and fastest of all the Fastarcs.
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Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

14/02/2024 Speed Review by SHUYING YAO
This rubber is much fast than the one I had,l like it
08/02/2024 Excellent grip and spin Review by Henrique Fonseca
This rubber has an above and beyond grip and I feel like there's nothing it can't do. Great for serves, spinny loops, flicks, pushes, receives.. funny enough it also feels like it improves with use. Almost like you have to break in the rubber. Highly recommend it for FH, just because it's bit harder for my BH. The throw angle is perfectly fine for close to the table playstyle, if you make the right stroke the ball really arcs beautifully and always hits the table.
31/01/2024 Gran opción. Review by Manuel Santiago Avila Silva
Este es un caucho bastante rápido y con excelente spin.
Si juegas caucho chino y quieres usar europeo es una gran opción para cambiarte.
Puedes usarlo de revés o drive sin problemas.
Una gran opción.
30/01/2024 I's a classic rubber Review by Ralph Taylor
I's a classic rubber.
Like Sriver or Mark5 in their day!
Something of a "Jack of all Trades" true!
But does everything quite well, and sometimes you need that adaptability in your game plan :)
24/01/2024 Spinny and not bouncy Review by Talal Hrout
This rubber takes a while to get used to ,it is spinny enough ,for me the main advantage over sth like tenergy 05 is not being bouncy the feeling is not as hard as Chinese rubber,I think on a stiff blade wether wood or carbon it works better than on flexible blades because the sponge is not hard it is more of medium hard ,the sponge is very durable not easily damaged while removing glue .
As for playing style I found a new a closed racket angle and fine contact ,not hitting,yields the the best spin .
15/01/2024 Excellent Controlled Attack Rubber Review by Alon Reich
This rubber is very consistent.
Looping from mid to far distance of the table is quite amazing.
Looping from close to the table, have a slightly high arc, which might cause missing the other side of the opponents side of the table.
Blocking is superb, Flat hitting + Back-Hand puches are quite suburb as well.
easy to return serves. not as jumpy as some of the more tacky rubbers.
15/01/2024 Very good product Review by Yoav Ken
Very good product
11/01/2024 Супер Review by Evgenii Guberna
Тренер сказал брать эти, я взял. Доволен, всё хорошо.
10/01/2024 good light rubber Review by Aaron Miller
I've been using this on my backhand for several years. This rubber has good grip and spin and a reasonable lifetime. I like the Fastarc series since the rubbers have a lighter weight than many and I try to keep the overall weight of my bat down as low as possible. I use the 1.8 sponge.
10/01/2024 Satisfied Review by Amir Colpa
Rubber is excellent, not too fast, control is amazing
06/01/2024 Отличный товар. Review by Botir Rakhmanov
Беру второй раз для моей игры справа.
01/01/2024 Good Value Review by Marvin Smith
26/12/2023 An excellent Rubber for any level. Review by David Kelly
A Fantastic Rubber that does everything well, Hardness breaks in quickly, not quite the performance of a T05, it's only a bit slower and has less catapult but very grippy, producing huge spin, perfect for my forehand and backhand.
25/12/2023 Firm but fair Review by David Kelly
A great ruber that is quite firm but sufficiently grippy and fast. A top quality rubber that lasts a long time.
22/12/2023 Very Durable, and Very Balanced rubber Review by Petar Hristov
This is most durable rubber that I have probably played with, 1year and 6 mouths later the rubber still has spin and when you consider that I played with it mainly in the outdoors, I ordered again this rubber as it is just amazing, very good control, very fast when you want it to be fast, it has a higher troll angle, which can be perfect for forehand and even backhand play, I highly recomment it, and as always table tennis 11 deliver it with the best quility.
19/12/2023 Great all rounder. Review by DONALD HOLDEN
The Fastarc G1 does everything really well, good speed and spin together with a high level of control. Buy with confidence.
19/12/2023 Good Review by Heng Socheat
28/11/2023 Good Review by Jim Huang
My game is much better with this rubber
28/11/2023 Amazing Rubber Review by Tom
This is an amazing and long-lasting rubber. Grips very well, even at a slower speed.
27/11/2023 Nice Review by Ivan Tatic
Nice all around rubber.
27/11/2023 Best value Review by Steve Hochman
I've been using Fastarc for many years and love it. Speed and spin is quite good and I'm able to maintain control even with very offensive blade. I use G1 on the backhand as the sponge is harder. It makes flicks and kills easier, yet still able to spin loops with it. I use C1 with softer sponge on forehand as my forehand loop needs some additional assistance. C1/G1 combo works well for me.
17/11/2023 8/10 Review by Michael Li
Great rubber, abit of tacky great short game,
Recommend for a forehand rubber
07/11/2023 Excellent Review by PRADEEP NAGARAJU
Speed and powerfull
07/11/2023 Great rubber ! Review by Sherief Emad
just great in all aspects. little bouncy but if you put it in all wood blade it will be great. spin is very good and blocking is like a charm (it depends on the blade as well). I paired it with Clipper wood
06/11/2023 good Review by YU GAO
very cool
30/10/2023 Amazing Service Review by Azher Sharif
Amazing quality, best prices and quick service and very supportive people.
29/10/2023 Great combo of spin, speed and control Review by John Bonello
I am happy with this rubber on my Nittaku Ludeack - I thought it would be faster, but instead it has a great combo of spin and speed, with very good control.
26/10/2023 High Quality Review by David Kelly
Fastarc G1 is a high quality rubber that does everything well, fast drives and smashes, spinny loops and pushes.
The more you put in the more this rubber gives. Very linear playing character.
23/10/2023 Excelent rubber Review by roberto SALDANA /GEL7049
I use this rubber sponge 2.0 for FH on nitttaku acoustic
18/10/2023 Summary of Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Review by Brian Park
I purchased this rubber as a possible substitute for Tenergy 05, and it's surprisingly good. It doesn't have the "spring", but it comes close.
If you're more used to a denser/quicker rubber, this may not be the best option. Overall, it's a good product and I would highly recommend.
16/10/2023 Good Review by Frederick Cayanong
13/10/2023 Excellent Review by Vyacheslav Tsoy
02/10/2023 Good Review by Rajinikanth J
Excellent quality rubber, 2mm sponge
25/08/2023 Great Review by Robert Stilgoe
As always a great rubber and service from Tabletennis11
24/07/2023 nearly does it all Review by Carl Allen
Nearly does it all bar making tricky spin serves
04/07/2023 GOAT Review by Munazza Malik
Excellent spin and power
21/06/2023 Great fast, spinny, controlled rubber! Review by Alon Reich
I was really surprised with how grippy it gets when you make a big forehand or backhand loop.
Performing extremely powerful loop requires extra closing of the bat towards the table.
Great and easy returning spinny serves, and blocking feels incredible.
Controlled drives with no spin are on the weak side.
Would recommend this rubber for an attack players.
19/06/2023 Excellent Review by Mohinur Yodgorova
Very fast
17/06/2023 Ok Review by Amaan Bender
Good as always.
16/06/2023 Универсал Review by Yuriy Zryachih
Самая востребованная накладка среди универсалов: цепкая, долговечная, и по цене просто бомба! Рекомендую. Ниттаку по истине на высоте.
15/06/2023 ok Review by Damir Djordjevic
A tire that is neither soft nor hard, perfect for attack and block, spin from the table as well as side spin from the table.
For me, it is better than any BTF tire and it is also cheaper.
05/06/2023 Possibly The Best non-Butterfly rubber Review by Debashish Mitra
This rubber has a fantastic balance of speed, spin and control which is adequate (i.e. not lacking power) for high level play.
The surface is not reactive to incoming spin and so it is very easy to play with.
Good for almost everything - chop, block, top spin, driving, short game, mid distance looping, long distance looping (depending on the blade).
Pairs well with almost any type of blade. Suitable for both forehand and backhand.
I use this in 2.0 on my backhand in rotation with Tibhar MX-P (which is faster with more punch but this has better overall control).
On my forehand, there is no substitute for hard, sticky Chinese rubber
01/06/2023 Good Review by Gautham S G
I use this for my BH and it's very spinny with a high arc, which means it clears the net easily. And because of the high arc I think opponents find it a bit difficult to block ..
31/05/2023 Best Rubber Hands Down Review by Josip Turcic
Tried so many different rubbers but this one is amazing. Fast, spiny and awesome control.
22/05/2023 The best Review by VASILE CORLAT
Good for my backhand
17/05/2023 Most popular rubber on Tabletennis11 - well deserved Review by The Commander
I ordered 1.8 mm Fastarc G-1 for my teammate with the Nittaku Septear Feel Inner (from clearance - get it if you like the hinoki feel). He has very much improved with these rubbers. His loops are much more dangerous now. He has reached the next level!
08/05/2023 Excellent rubber! Review by Kamal Das
I know G1 can be used for both BH and FH. I chose to use for BH after T05, MX-P. I am glad that I have made the decision. It gives me excellent result in blocking, counter and long distance rally. It has enormous potential once we get used to. This is going to be my BH rubber for a while.
04/05/2023 Great control and spin Review by Hector
I was a Butterfly tenergy 64 player for almost 10 years, with this rubber My Game has improved a lot in the consistency of my forehand, it also has an amazing control for active blocking. This rubber is better when You play close to the table IMO.
02/05/2023 Quality and functional Review by Sean Tran
Glued on FH, great for spin and looping.
27/04/2023 10 of 10 for backhand! Review by Brandon Phelps
This has been my go-to backhand rubber for about 7 years now. If you are looking for a highly versatile rubber, especially close to the table, then this may be for you! However, I would not recommend this as a backhand rubber for anyone under 1200 level or if you want extra control or power as it is primarily a high spin-oriented rubber but still has enough of both for being well rounded. It works best with stiff and offensive all-wood blades or carbon blades. 10 of 10 for backhand, 8 of 10 for forehand.
06/04/2023 good rubber Review by ATHANASIOS KAMPATAGIS
Very good rubber, I have tried it with TB ALC.
06/04/2023 Really good fast rubber Review by Nimalka Lucas
Rubber is really good for forehand. Its a bit fast on the backhand but the control is also very good. Really satisfied by both rubbers
04/04/2023 Most versatile rubber !! Review by Aditya Nand
excellent rubber... pairs very well with a lot of blades. the topsheet is slightly hard, sponge medium (47.5). Grip is extremely good. Not very sensitive to incoming spin, so blocks nicely. Is able to generate a lot of spin in pure brush loops and even when engaging the sponge for loop drives. Medium high throw angle.
Seems very durable as well. I have been playing with this on both sides of carbonado 45 blade. Excellent combination. Highly recommended. The rubber also pairs well with Timo Boll ALC and Hurricane Long 5 blade.
04/04/2023 how come this is the best selling rubber worldwide Review by Dominator
This is my first ESN or new generation rubber, I was using Mark V before. I had pretty high expectation because of the reputation; it was huge disappointment after I use it and I even bought two at different times.

First, I just use it on my old stiga eg for my FH, I found it was too soft to have decent ball control for blocking and topspin. So I swtich to Neottec X-M as it was another recommended rubber from TT11 German vs Japan rubber comparison; it turns out perfect for me, although I can't say the difference between X-M and Mark V but they both use the traditional Japanese sponge(no visible bubble).

The horrible experience of Fastarc G2 repeated once I tried the rubber on Donic Waldner Carbon and Nittaku Excellent-P Jap.Penhold (9mm 1 layer thick blade). The rubber was not supportive so me and my friends found we can play backhand block with it. There was no difference on the Carbon blade (shakehand), everyone in my club including the coach was not impressed by this rubber.

I had two on max thickness, it might be another story if I went with other thickness I believe. However, I have to say no to any experiment on this one; I had great experience with S1 though.

To the end, how come this is the best selling rubber worldwide, WHY!
03/04/2023 My rubber of choice for the few recent years Review by Stanislav Demchenko
I've been using Nittaku Fastarc G-1 for over 3 years now, both FH and BH, primarily on Nittaku Acoustic. I also love play with def blades, long pips on BH and G-1 on FH.
G-1 An excellent rubber both for loops and smashes.
G-1 is quite grippy even when humidity is a bit high. And it is very durable, it plays almost as good as new after 2 month of everyday play for 2-3 hours.
Out of curiosity, I try other rubbers by other manufacturers from time to time, but always return to G-1. It's far superior for my game style. The rubber gives me lots of spin, very reliable attack and block close to the table.
The only point I have not decided yet is thickness. Sometimes I buy 2.0 mm, sometimes MAX. 2.0 gives me enough spin and excellent control both close to the table and away from the table. MAX gives me significantly more spin, but I lose control when forced to play a few meters aways from the table.
28/03/2023 Excellent Review by MT
2mm for BH. I was initially surprised at the fairly hard topsheet. Too soft a stroke and it may not clear the net. It felt more elastic after a few hours. Blocks, pushes and drive was great for my level. Not very spin sensitive so receiving was easy. Flicks was more difficult for me than say Rakza 7 as I found the topsheet harder and you had to hit a lot harder (probably due to my lack of skill).
Max: Fels softer and easier to engage the sponge. Faster, throw angle seems higher but harder to control.
28/03/2023 Excellent Review by Gary S.
A very good FH offensive rubber.
20/03/2023 Spin monster! Review by Ronald Ramos
The spin and control of this rubber is great! And the most durable rubber I have used...
18/03/2023 Best Review by JavidGY
This rubber was the best item in my order. Can't overstate how amazing it feels to play table tennis with this rubber. Amazing quality all around.
18/03/2023 Very Good Rubber Review by ROBERTO VICENTE
Suitable for FH or BH.
17/03/2023 Fast one! Review by Luke
I like it a lot but it is a bit too fast for my skill level. I will need to improve to use its full potential.
15/03/2023 Fast Review by Pratyaya Mandal
Buy it with thickness 2.0. This is too fast.
13/03/2023 Nice rubber Review by Kamhab
I used it for bh. Fast and controlled. thanks tt11 for nice price and fast delivery.
02/03/2023 Fantastic Rubber Review by Ramanathan Balasubramanian
Best rubber for all round to offensive game;
very good in receiving
looping machine
very long lasting
Chop blocks
one of the best rubbers but try Max sponge for these effects
24/02/2023 Great quality Review by Jonathan Tannhauser
If you are an intermediate offensive player like myself, take the Fasrarc rubbers and start working on your skills. My playing level has gone up and I love it!
21/02/2023 Will buy another or 2. Review by Jeff Z.
Pretty good on everything.

Like it over MXP, still not there with T05.

MXP's topsheet is built to last longer, this topsheet is crunchy like T05 but not as fragile.

performance: T05>G1>MXP
durability: MXP>G1>T05
18/02/2023 Nice rubber Review by Oliver M.
Awesome rubber for smashing!
14/02/2023 Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Review by Valeria Prisakaryan
По мне, так лучшая накладка. Играю справа ей, вращение подачи и топспин, контроль на короткой игре. Ну и цена не баттовская.
13/02/2023 ++ Review by Sergey Tichshenko
Хорошая гладкая накладка для атакующей игры. Не заметил большой разницы с Donic Blue Fire M1. Такая же быстрая и хорошее вращение.
08/02/2023 Excellent Rubber Review by Dionissys Anyfantis
Spin and consistency is great for this rubber.
24/01/2023 Great rubber Review by Bogdan Berindean
I tried this rubber on the backhand first and I loved it so much that I put it on the forehand as well! It has great spin and speed, but its greatest strength is control. Blocking is effortless, so it allows me to stay closer to the table and be more aggressive. If you don't know which rubber to get, I recommend this one.
18/01/2023 Very good product Review by Yoav Ken
Very good
18/01/2023 Excellent Review by Goran Stevanovic
I have been using G1 2.0mm since 2015. In the beginning only on the backhand, and on the forehand tenergy 05 2.0mm. Not long after, I realized that the G1 suits me better than the T05 on the forehand, due to better control and longer durability. Honestly, the price is lower than T05. The ball launch angle is good, but a little less than the T05.
But, the new max thickness of G1 gives a completely new quality to this rubber. Due to the greater thickness, the impression is that the rubber is softer than before, although it is not. The ball ejection angle is greater than with the 2.0mm thickness, the catapult effect is much better, with a longer dwell time of the ball, the spin is greater, the shots are stronger, faster and much more penetrating than with the G1 2.0mm.
I use it both on the forehand and on the backhand and I am very satisfied. Top quality for top professionals at a very favorable price compared to all other manufacturers.
In the near future, I would like Nittaku to make G1 max with a slightly higher hardness, for example 50 degrees. And it will also be a top professional offensive rubber.
I sincerely recommend this rubber.
13/01/2023 Exellent Review by Paul Waldron
Amazing service as always from this company.
11/01/2023 Does it all Review by jky
swapped from t05 to g1 on my FH - my serve receives are much better. While my loops are a bit slower, but I tend to win more points due to better serve receive. The only thing I would say is missing is a bit of oomph mid distance but you can easily adjust with technique.

Extremely well balanced rubber imo.
06/01/2023 Best value for money Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
Best value for your money. Never goes wrong once you get used to the speed and throw angle.
04/01/2023 I’m a Big fan Review by Kenneth Jensen
Best bh rubber I’ve tried so far.
Earlier played with Tenergy 19, Hurricane 8-80, Rakza 7.
G1 does it all.
Blocks, loops and flat smashes.
Using Nittaku Acoustic all-wood
02/01/2023 Versatile long-lasting Rubber Review by David Kelly
I have tried many Blade and Rubber combinations over the years and in my opinion the Fastarc G1 is very good at all aspects of play. There are rubbers that are faster, spinnier, have more control, can block better, are easier to counter loop with etc. This rubber does it all, if every quality of a rubber was rated between 1 to 10, Fastarc G1 would never fall below 7 in any category. Highly recommended.
30/12/2022 Excellent Review by San
One of the best rubbers that i have played.
27/12/2022 Using this for FH Review by Edwin Wong
Yes... I find this faster than my previous rubber. Still getting use to it.
I must say -- TT11 service was fabulous -- very fast delivery to the USA.
23/12/2022 Perfect all round rubber Review by jason duffield
Fantastic rubber brilliant on back hand. Blocks well, generates loads of spin but amazingly it is not too spin sensitive. Great for looping and especially back hand flick. Highly recommended.
23/12/2022 Low catapult, good surface grip, very durable Review by Leo Hong
This rubber is used for my two ALC blades. It has very low catapult, almost to a level as the notorious Hurricane 3. Grip and spin are good, although not to an insane degree. Durability is good. Nothing noticeable after 2-month play (~3 sessions a week).
19/12/2022 Recommended. Must have Review by Denis Konjar
For me the best offensive rubber and with nittaku acoustic is magic. Recommended. Very satisfied.
14/12/2022 For me, the best Review by Eduardo Espinosa
For my game of blocking and loop driving (traditional J-pen) this is the best rubber I have found so far. The reason is that I can keep an offensive game with the best possible control with it. The only rubber I have been able to loop consistently with, although it's not my forte. Not good on a off+ blade. Has to be a good control blade like 10mm hinoki. For some reason I only like it in black. Red catches humidity. A rubber I used for many years was the Acuda S2. For it's control. I'm hoping that the new version Bluegrip S2 will give me similar results to FA G1. Then I would choose the cheaper of them.
06/12/2022 10/10, better than H3 Review by Jari Seppala
I bought this for my friend, he is very satisfied with the quality and the service of the supplier. His loop is now much stronger and has more spin.
05/12/2022 Quick Review by Sagar Khandelwal
The Fastarc G1 lives to its name. I use this as my backhand rubber and its pretty swift.
24/11/2022 Low catapult, good grip Review by Leo Hong
As the summary says. Personally I would prefer to have a bit more catapult. Other than this, this would be a perfect rubber. It's very controllable in short game due to low catapult. I found this rubber works well with both fore and back hands.
23/11/2022 Отличная накладка Review by Sergey Tichshenko
Похожа на Donic Blue Fire M1. Скорость и вращение на высоте.
02/11/2022 Excellent Review by KHIEM NGUYEN
Great for both forehand as well as backhand
02/11/2022 Love it Review by GEROGE MOURIKIS
I used Tenergy 05 &19 because there are amazing rubbers, but I didn't like that much in the short game because are really bouncy. I researched for an alternative and I bought from TT11 2 nittaku G1 2.0 for a test... after 2 months of playing I really like the control and the power that gives you when you play hard or soft. Amazing rubbers !
01/11/2022 Great speed and control Review by Petar Hristov
This rubber is a serious replacement for tenergy series in my opinion and it can do it all, it also feels very durable
30/10/2022 Excellent Rubber Review by Robert Platt
First time playing with this rubber, reminded me of Mark V but better. Good speed and control but excels in generating spin with the right technique. Prefer 2.00mm in black.
22/10/2022 Nice, fast rubber Review by Anton Tran
A very nice spinny rubber
21/10/2022 Heavy Review by Ardak
It is one of the best. Spinny, high control, good feeling. But it is very heavy rubber.
18/10/2022 Good bh alternative for butterfly T05 or 64 Review by shi jun lin
Harder than 64, but still good control.
07/10/2022 Good rubber Review by Keat Chea
Good rubber
06/10/2022 One of the best ESN’s you can find Review by Dante from California
A great rubber with superb quality, affordable price and satisfying lifespan. You really can’t miss it.
04/10/2022 A prefect overall rubber Review by utsav shaw
As this was the first time I was using a professional setup. I researched quite a bit on which rubber to get for my forehand. After much thought, I decided to go for Fastarc G-1. Given its high control rate. I am very satisfied with the performance of the rubber. Of course, when compared to MX-P(I used my friend's setup) the speed is a little slow but in compensation, you get better control and spin on looping and counter hits. I would highly recommend using this rubber if you are looking for an all-around rubber that gives you a professional feel without worrying about control.
04/10/2022 Excellent Review by Ardak
Very heavy rubber. Less catapult, more control, very spinny. Hard feeling. One of the best rubbers.
30/09/2022 Dependable rubber for topspin focused players Review by Jan Bierbrauer-Severin
This rubber is for everybody who values spin over speed.
26/09/2022 Amazing Review by Tenzin Zompa
Best all around forehand and backhand
21/09/2022 Needed 4 glue layers Review by S
First impressions were very bad, but I tried adding 2 more layers of glue and it made a huge difference. So if you get a dead feeling, these rubbers soak up a lot of glue when they are new.

After re-glueing: Medium-hard hardness and quite fast. Medium throw. Good spin in most shots, but does not try to maximize spin (like e.g. T05 or D09c) but rather gives a balance between spin sensitivity and offensive power. Will not be optimal if you like soft, spinny shots. Power loops are fast and with enough spin to put pressure. I use these on both sides on my Acoustic CI and on my Acoustic, but I feel the G-1 are a bit better with a wooden blade. The combo carbon blade+G-1 creates a long arch and requires a good touch.
19/09/2022 Reliable Review by Jon Gustavson
I use this in it’s thinnest version. It comes off the racket more directly than sticky rubber. On a defensive blade, it has fantastic control. I could imagine this rubber being good for all types of players and styles of play. Nothing really unusual about it - just very reliable and easy to adjust to.
13/09/2022 Very good rubber Review by THIAGO MARQUES
i've being using this rubber for more than a decade. And still is very good.
08/09/2022 Good Review by Heng Socheat
Very spin
07/09/2022 Good and reliable Review by Bruno Silva
Plays well

Speed and spin are more than good enough

With this rubber I can focus only on playing.
31/08/2022 Best Non Chinese Rubber Review by Debashish Mitra
The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 is the best non-Chinese rubber in terms of spin, speed, control, value, durability - with the Tibhar Evolution MX-P a close second overall in terms of spin, speed and value (that one has more speed but is a bit more reactive to incoming spin requiring active blocking for slow spinny incoming loops). The Nittaku Fastarc G-1 is very unreactive to incoming spin making it great to return the slow spinny loops with flat blocking i.e. without the need of active forward wrist movement - where with other rubbers like Tenergy, MX-P, the ball would fly off the table unless it is an active block (i.e. having the quick forward wrist movement) even with a closed bat angle due to those rubbers reacting to the incoming spin. I like this way better than Tenergy, Dignics. This is very linear and you can produce good spin with proper action. The durability is better than the Butterfly or Evolution MX-P rubbers - only Chinese rubbers and possibly Xiom rubbers are comparable in durability. This is the best value and overall best non Chinese rubber by far for me. Over the table short play - great, opening backspin - good, power loops - very good, blocking - fantastic, mid distance play - very good, durability - possibly the best amongst non Chinese rubbers.
22/08/2022 127 Review by Daniel Andres Delgado Cabrera
Una goma bastante rápida y con excelente efecto
10/08/2022 1st Class in Grippiness Review by Lester Tabada
So far one of the best Japanese rubber I've tried. Great rubber. Its a hard rubber but with a really grippy surface. Note that this is not a tacky rubber, but its grippy. This one don't have the catapult effect like the Tenergy and Dignics series but this is a fast, controllable and grippy rubber. I came across this rubber because Mima Ito primarily use this on her dreaded BH game; flat hits, aggressive attacking style and tricky service game. And after using this rubber, I did have a considerable improvement of my game. There is a getting used to stage coming off the Tenergy 05 and Xiom Vega rubbers, and I think the rubber need to be broken in to unleash its full potential. Don't give up on this just because it comes out dull or slow at first.
The rubber is perfect for looping with its grippy surface, FH drives are sweet & fast depending on your level. Flat hits, of course its overkill man. G-1 rubber helped me a lot with service game. Hope to have more good times with this rubber.
03/08/2022 Top product Review by Vladislav Cicvaric
Very good job...
09/07/2022 5 star rubber Review by pinakin suryavanshi
This rubber is great to use on FH and BH. Great spin, heavy chops. The only complaint is the rubber gets deteriorate on edges after a year or two. I am using it for 3 years and I see a lot of deteriorated spots on the edges.
04/07/2022 Classically great Review by Víctor Jiménez
I have tried some rubber trying to find the ideal one for my backhand, on this occasion, I wanted to try the Nittaku G-1 for its comments and recommendations, I can conclude that it has all the control you require in the backhand, excellent rotation, I like its controlled speed, it has a very rich sound in the strong blows, I will continue to use it, although if the comments are true, it must last me long, I won't have the pretext of wear and tear to change...
04/07/2022 Good alternative for high end priced rubbers Review by Sahad Miah
Does everything nicely, high spin and control and good durability.
03/07/2022 Best rubber Review by Lewis Liew
THE best rubber you can find on earth.
02/07/2022 Suitable for both FH and BH Review by Shrisan
I tried Fastarc G1 on FH after using Vega Pro on Primorac Off, this feels similar but without the catapult of Vega pro. The character of the Blade comes more clearly with G1. I need a couple of weeks to adapt to this more linear rubber. It's certainly worth trying for anyone trying to improve their own game. I feel it should work well with BH too.
01/07/2022 Good rubber Review by sheng
Good rubber, fast and elastic can be used on FH and BH.
30/06/2022 Good quality Review by Mustafa
Good for FH.
29/06/2022 Muy buena de revés, alto impacto y rebote, Pero en cuanto al efecto tiene muy poco en comparación a las otras Fastarc Review by Jesus Olivarez
Muy buena de revés, alto impacto y rebote, Pero en cuanto al efecto tiene muy poco en comparación a las otras Fastarc y similares de otras marcas.
25/06/2022 good forehand rubber Review by jiazhong chen
Good forehand rubber all loop compares to Butterfly T05 it might be even more powerful (speed) but less spin.
31/05/2022 Super Review by Sergiu Maftei
27/05/2022 Top Belag Review by Iacob Stefan
Sehr gut.
Weiter zu empfehlen
27/05/2022 Not much needs to be said. Review by Alexander Dickens
One of the top rubbers in the game. A great blend of almost-Chinese grip that gives quality arcs.
Used to use P-1, which is probably better if not all-out looping.
17/05/2022 The best tensor rubber ever tried Review by Hazem Kassem Mohamed
Using Max thickness
Spin, speed, control (and as I hear very durable) medium high arc
I would choose it over Tenergy every time.
16/05/2022 Good rubber with weird feeling and poor quality Review by Cristian
The rubber is spinny and fast when doing a proper stroke, on touch shots the hard topsheet makes it feel really stiff and strange. On stronger shots, it feels soft.

The main issue is the quality of the rubber, not only the superthick was heavier than the max but the edges of the rubbers keep disintegrating, and they started doing this from day one. There are always small bits of rubber left on the table during a session.
27/04/2022 The best Rubber for Forehand and Backhand Review by Panha Yin
I choose the Super Think version and they are the best for both FH and BH.
25/04/2022 Excellent G-1 Rubber Review by Jeff
I would say this performance is very close to T05 at half of the price. The speed and pace on the ball beat many other rubbers I've used previously. It can be used on FH and BH. I would prefer FH. Mima is also using it as her FH weapon.
25/04/2022 Jda ham tez nakladka Review by Nurmukhammad Khamidov
O'rta darajadagi tennischilar va profilar uchun zo'r.
01/04/2022 Good Review by Heng Socheat
Very good for a spin.
31/03/2022 Top notch, if it only was a bit faster out of the box Review by lcddi
Who tried it, knows. Great rubber, an evergreen quality in the sea of TT rubber sheets. And Xiom Zetro Quad has a special kind of effect on it, making it an immense spin monster. Tenergy 05 is normally a bit above in spin, but not on this blade. It is possible to produce a spin comparable to Chinese-style rubbers and it just needs a stroke to aim for more spin than speed; it definitely doesn't require a full brush stroke (which is something a naturally bouncier blade-like ZQ isn't good for). It is easier to produce good amounts of spin with T05, but it can't match the overall spin capability of G-1. G-1 also surely prevails with its relative insensitivity to spin and the low level of bounciness. It does require more effort to achieve good speed; also, to generate spin, you have to make more effort, but on the other hand, this fact helps when you need to play quickly and directly without spin - flicks, drives, smashes, blocks.
18/03/2022 Classic modern tensor Review by Alexander Dickens
Switched over to this after playing with the P-1 for two years, and the gears are immediately apparent. The ball just snaps off the rubber and drops quickly, unlike the softer P-1 which has a lower, longer arc. Might have even been too good for me, but adjusted my game accordingly. Good for fast strokes, and excellent on the backhand punches although it requires slightly more force and accuracy for the backhand loop.

One of the top rubbers of the modern game, but you may want a thinner one on the backhand.
17/03/2022 Good FH or BH rubber Review by Adam Hudson
It’s the new Mark V - does everything well, I consider it the gold standard. Lasts a long time, can do all strokes with confidence.
25/02/2022 Excellent Review by Khusan Rakhimov ( AB1791861 )
Excellent rubber for any style.
17/02/2022 Perfect! Review by NEDZAD HAVERIC
Best forehand rubber!
11/02/2022 Grippy topsheet Review by Adam
This rubber has a grippy topsheet so great spin (although not in the same league as something like Hurricane 3), but has more speed like tensor rubbers. It is slower than Tibhar MX-P Hard / Tenergy 05 that I have used before but it has a lot more control than those two rubbers.
10/02/2022 Rubber Review by Raimo Lassila
Good control and speed.
05/02/2022 Excellent ! Review by Paul Greenberg
I already wrote a review!
27/01/2022 Lots of spin Review by Sasa Stevic
Good forehand rubber.
26/01/2022 Good Fast Rubber Review by SURYAPRAKASH S
Rubber is fast as advertised.
The control is fair but the player should have to control it on his own.
19/01/2022 Nothing special Review by Haavard Salamonsen
Reminds me a lot of Rakza 7. Comparing it to MX-P and T05 it has less speed and spin, and the sponge seems not so lively.
13/01/2022 excellent, durable and inexpensive - what's not to like ;) Review by Nemanja Radonjic
This rubber has a durable top sheet and good spin and speed qualities. Not as fast as T05 or MXP and more linear without a strong catapult effect. More suitable for blocking and short game than T05 and easier to play. I would highly recommend it. Just pair it with some hinoki top plywood to get extra bounciness if you like that feeling.
13/01/2022 Отличная накладка! Не зря она номер один в Японии Review by Alexander Rybakov
Отличная накладка! Не зря она номер один в Японии
13/01/2022 Номер 1 Review by Evgeniy Shenk
По соотношению цены, качества и характеристик, №1.
31/12/2021 Great backhand rubber Review by Frank
On par with Tenergy 05 and Tibhar MXP for backhand. Tenergy is overpriced and MXP has durability issues. Nittaku Fastarc G-1 is a no brainer for backhand.
29/12/2021 ¡ Nice spin ! Review by Paul Greenberg
¡ Easier to handle like a Goldarc 8!
¡ I like it on the Viscaria!
27/12/2021 FH king Review by bilykun
Used on FH and paired to Nittaku S-5 blade. This is one of my favorite bats!
08/12/2021 Excellent rubber for FH and BH Review by Andy Lee
Love this rubber. Suitable for FH and BH. Grippy, easy to generate spin. Good speed.
06/12/2021 Fastarc G1 Review by Cherniavskyi Volodymyr
Заказываю второй раз эту накладку. Первая была 2.0 красная, играю ей чуть меньше года. Очень долговечна. Вращение отличное, довольно быстрая, дуга высокая, очень хорошо поднимает мячи со стола. губку прожать тяжело, нужно жесткое основание или с карбоном. Однозначно рекомендую.
03/12/2021 Very good rubber Review by Sudais Amir
Good forehand rubber.
22/11/2021 Better than T 05 Review by kevin mccarthy
Better in every way than Tenergy 05 at nearly half price. Better for service, blocking. Just as fast and roughly just as spinny with a bit of Falco to loosen it up. Great rubber.
18/11/2021 Muy buena Goma Review by Pablo Burotto
Tiene mucho control
17/11/2021 10 Review by Kalin Kanev
One of the best forehand rubbers in the market.
Speed Spin Control is the highest level.
Doesn't work for most players if they use very stiff hard blades.
09/11/2021 Great choice for RPB Review by Jian Guo
Great quality, last long, easy to take care of, solid for my backhand.
H3 Provincial Orange 39/2.15 | Clipper CC C.Pen | Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Max.
06/10/2021 загадка Review by Igor Golovlev
вес 67.7 г не нашел ничего для себя интересного в этой накладке
27/09/2021 Excelente Review by Carlos Perez
Excelente goma, muy buena rotación y velocidad.
Muy bueno el envio, muy rapido.
Recomiendo la goma y la página ampliamente.
20/09/2021 European Style Review by Onur Kaplan
Even after reading a lot of comments about the linear arc of this rubber, I was still surprised about it. After using sticky Chinese rubbers for a time, I needed to adjust my game for both forehand and backhand. Surprisingly, I found this rubber perfect for my BH, FH still needs some time to get used to it.
Best: Perfect for passive blocks.
Worst: I can't gain short serve points as I did before with Chinese rubbers like H3.
16/09/2021 Maybe the best forehand rubber ever? Review by Marco
There's a reason this has been the number 1 selling rubber in Japan since before the dawn of time: It's brilliant! High spin (about the same as T05), easy to control (less catapult than T05), and lasts forever. For me, this is the best forehand rubber of its class (ie. rubbers around 47.5 degrees, and with a normal thickness topsheet). I can't understand why anyone would pay more than double the price for the 'other' Japanese rubber of similar spec! Note: I am not as impressed with it as a backhand rubber.
14/09/2021 Lots of spin! Review by Robert Payne
A friend piggy-backed this on my order, so my review is limited to the receiving end. I can only say that his topspin to my BH is killing me now!
31/08/2021 Great Review by Austin Howd
Good for everything.
19/08/2021 Excellent rubber Review by Rishikesh Bhide
I have used this rubber for a few years now. It has a tenergy-05 kinda feel to it. Very spinny in the short game and more than enough oomph for smashes. There is a reason it's one of the most popular rubbers in Japan. The rubber has lasted well over a year of consistent club/league play and I am replacing it only because I managed to bang it against the table corner and punch holes in it.
Service and delivery from tabletennis11 is consistently superb - as I have come to expect over the years anyway :)
15/08/2021 Great Review by Alvaro Munno
Bites the ball amazingly, has sufficient acceleration, is good for short game, and lasts a lot of time. Perfect for my forehand, but it is also good for the backhand if you hit with enough force.
16/07/2021 Great rubber with superb control. Review by vfrrjq
Great rubber with superb control.
14/07/2021 Excellent rubber. Review by orlando gallardo
With Nittaku DHS Carbon 3 Blade, the Fastarc G-1 rubber (BH, FH) performs beyond my expectation. The throw angle is just right; it's fast yet the control is excellent.
08/07/2021 good product Review by Heiki Kuus
Nittaku Fastarc G-1 is one of the most popular tt rubbers for good reason.
The rubber is universal: equally well suited for all types of shots.
23/06/2021 Good rubber with speed, spin and control Review by Stephen
Had the rubber with 2.0mm thickness. Very good control and spin on forehand.
14/06/2021 Too slow Review by gary fagan
Had hoped it would be an alternative to Tenergy. Slower, less spinny, the max sponge is only 2mm due to the thickness of the topsheet. Gave my 4 sheets away. Back to Tenergy.
02/06/2021 Reliable, a bit on the softer side. Review by Leon Siu
Reliable, a bit on the softer side.
Plenty good enough for intermediate local league players.
31/05/2021 Highly rexommended Review by Jamil Shikhlinski
Very spinny, good control rubber. suits for either B/H, F/H. not good to your opponents, try it.
27/05/2021 bestseller Review by Artem
This is a bestseller.
In my view, that sums it all up.
25/05/2021 Loopin' ! Review by Paul Greenberg
Fastarc G-1 & Rakza Z are my favorite rubbers! You don't need the booster!
24/05/2021 excelente Review by Jucielson Pereira
24/05/2021 Perfect Grip Review by Ouchy
The best rubber for spin and control. Not too fast but fast enough to press the opponent.....
21/05/2021 Good product Review by Zayar Lynn
Nice to use
14/05/2021 Aggro Review by Tami chacha
Very aggressive. A lot of spin but not a very high throw angle. Plenty of power even 3 m behind the table. Difficult to play over the table. Not a lot of margin for error. Great acceleration, so be ready for the ball to come back quickly too. I recommend only for athletic players.
Not versatile. All-out attack. MX-P.
11/05/2021 Хорошая резина Review by Uteshev Akhmetgali
Купил первый раз на основании отзывов. Очень интересная накладка. Поставил на основание иннерфорсе алс. Катапульта очень хорошая управляемость отличная. Прямая накладка сколько придаешь сил столько и летит. рекомендуется к покупке. До этого играл баракуда биг слам. Эта накладка пожестче и помощнее есть запас по скорости.
10/05/2021 G-1 2.0 Review by Vladimir Stolnikov
Только начал пробовать на основании Joola of- необходимо время, чтобы оценить данную накладку.
07/05/2021 Fastarc G-1 Review by george nelson
Other than the weight, it's perfect. Just three grams lighter per sheet would have been pleasant. Nonetheless, will purchase again as needed. The best property of the rubber sheet for me is that the throw of the ball is consistent in height both on drives and smashes. With other rubber sheets more smashes go in the net. Here, no problem. Using ZJ szlc blade, and Photino blade also. Thanks, TableTennis11!
07/05/2021 Reliable, but slightly soft Review by leon siu
Reliable, but slightly soft.
If they release a 50degree version, I will be the first to put my money down.
06/05/2021 Super fast delivery and product quality are excellent. Review by Paul
Super fast delivery and product quality are excellent.
14/04/2021 Not satisfied Review by Salman Arif
I buy Nittaku fast arc for the first time by seeing the rating of this rubber but it's so slower than expected and its throw angle is not so the linear ball just drops down and the ability to spin the ball from this rubber is just zero
01/04/2021 Good control for back hand Review by dich dang
I have been practiced for minimum of 5 years with this G1 on both FH and BH on a few blades and finally, I found that G1 very much control on my BH for blocking and sometimes attacking, especially 1.8 thickness
22/03/2021 Excellent Review by RONEL SINGH
Good all-around rubber, lesser bouncy than Tenergy 05.
Lesser spin,
Same spin...
13/03/2021 Excelent! Review by Ismael Morales-Garay
Great for attacking as the name Fast-Arc. Recommended for the middle attack players.
02/03/2021 Excellent T05 alternative Review by Stanislav Demchenko
I have been using this rubber for almost 2 years and absolutely love it. It's cheaper than T05, lasts much longer, and has a very similar spin, speed, and arc. I use max thickness on Nittaku Acoustic (OFF) when playing offensively close to the table. Middle thickness works very well on DEF blades (Donic Defplay etc) when I fancy playing as a middle zone defender.
Comparing to other Fastarc rubbers, I also like C-1 for BH. It feels a bit slower but catchier. It adds stability to my backhand and helps me with the backhand flick. As to, P-1 and S-1, I feel like they are OK for less competitive play, but I don't use them in tournaments.
Overall, after discovering G-1, I stopped experimenting with offensive rubbers.
For FH, G-1 is my rubber of choice.
For BH, I am split between G-1 and C-1.
20/02/2021 Good Review by Solimxon Ibrohimov
18/02/2021 Классика. Review by АНДРЕЙ РОЗОВ
А чего писать? Играет на всем. И справа и слева. Баланс оптимальный.
13/02/2021 Great Review by Quinn Davis
This rubber is great! Very easy to control, has a lot of spin and can loop everything with ease. The grip and ability to pick up low balls with this rubber are quite amazing. Flatter and more direct slap shots/ aggressive drives/ smashes are also quite powerful. Feels similar to Rakza 7 but has more spin, more speed, and a higher throw angle. Works well on forehand and backhand. There is a reason this rubber is the most popular rubber sold by TT11 at the moment.
08/02/2021 High quality off rubber Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
High-quality rubber, for advanced players.
08/02/2021 Good spin and good for blocks Review by Boon Heng Lim
Goes well with Yasksa YEO7. need more dwelling time if you are a beginner.
28/01/2021 Buenas Review by Raul Calderon
Gran goma, funciona muy bien para mi derecha... Gran control. Se logran buenos efectos dependiendo de tus golpes y técnicas. Me gusta mucho...
26/01/2021 Can't go wrong with this rubber Review by Tai Luong
This rubber is very close to Tenergy 05 in terms of spin but it is better than T05 in blocking and flat hitting. To me, this is the most durable rubber and I have tried at least 15 different brands of rubbers before. It seems that the black Fastarc G-1 is stickier and lighter than the red one.
20/01/2021 Excellent Review by John Pinto
Great touch and spin allowing the ball to bounce at the end of the table and increasing regularity.
14/01/2021 Fantastic Rubber Review by TT Player
G-1 and C-1 are great rubbers. I used both on FH. They play slightly differently but I can switch from one to the other effortlessly. What strikes me is the amount of spin they can generate. Must accelerate the paddle well to get the full benefit. Both are very durable and cheap!
p.s. I name TT11 as "best TT shop of 2020, 2019, and 2018!"
09/01/2021 Excellent Review by Ray Pestridge
This is my first time with Fastarc G-1.
I was very pleased with Tabletennis11 including the packaging and identifying the rubber weight. I thought this was a nice touch. Very Thoughtful.
So far the rubber is playing with good control, I need to play more with this setup. With the current situation, I'm not playing as much as I would like.
30/12/2020 Good service Review by wylyem kromyko
Never a complaint with Tabletennis11. They always provide a high standard to service customers.
24/12/2020 Good Review by Heng Socheat
Good spin.
15/12/2020 slower than mx-p Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
A quality rubber. It has good spin and control. It is softer and slower than MX-P and goldarc8. Arcs of MX-P and goldarc8 are more straight compared to G-1. I bought this rubber also for my friends. A friend who plays with off+ carbons blade says that G-1 is excellent. A friend who plays with defensive blade Victas Koji says that this is weird and too slow rubber, he didn't like it.
Some people are saying that it is better than Tenergy, but I don't agree. Tenergy is much better. For me, even Xiom Vega Japan is better than G-1.
09/12/2020 My new No.1 choice Review by Lance Chhuana Ralte
Previously used Rakza 7. Comparing to that, spin wise - same level, speed - G1. Totally happy with this rubber.
03/12/2020 Very good rubber still. Review by Leon Siu
The grip and throw encourage you to play more aggressively. Still a very good rubber in 2020.
24/11/2020 Fantastic BH rubber Review by Fabio BLT Calicchio
I love this rubber for my BH, fast and with control.
23/11/2020 Good attacking rubber Review by Dusan Pejanovic
I switch rubbers very often, my quest is finding slow and spinny rubber with good control, and this is very close. High arc, good spin-spin, and not very sensitive to incoming rotation. No more tenergy and Dignics for me.
Stalno sam u potrazi za sporijom, spinastom gumom sa dobrom kontrolom. Ovo je veoma blizu. Visok luk, dobar spin i nije osetljiva na dolaznu rotaciju. Posle t05 i d05, sve sto je islo preko, sad ide na stol
09/11/2020 Накладки оправдали мои ожидания ! Review by Igor Efimenko
Накладки Nittaku Fastarc G-1 имеют очень хороший зацеп, топшит достаточно плотный, на основании
Nittaku Septear накладка толщиной 2.0 мм. не ощущается излишне
жёсткой , наверное из-за мягкого kiso hinoki, для вращения просто идеальный вариант, можно задавать дугу разной высоты, очень хорошо контролировать мяч на блоке, в короткой игре всё предсказуемо , без неконтролируемых выбросов, для атакующего стиля хорошо подходит как на бэкхенд ,так и на форхенд.Собранным комплект остался очень доволен. Спасибо TT11!

31/10/2020 Excellent Review by Ardak Mirzakhmedov
This rubber is most similar to tenergy rubbers. But G-1 has better control and a low price.
28/10/2020 Very good Review by Vincent Court
Good speed & spin I use it on my FH. Control is excellent. Ideal for my darker speed 90.
26/10/2020 Yahshi Review by Irvodon club
08/10/2020 ОТЛИЧНО! Review by Alexandr Sizykh
Качественная и сбалансированная резина!
05/10/2020 Hundreds of reviews say the same thing, it's true. Review by Zane Cundiff
Trust the multitude of reviews because they are absolutely correct.
05/10/2020 The NEW MARK V for future generations Review by Zane Cundiff
All round to offensive options. Great intro tensor that works for Pros to the beginner. Insensitive to spin. Easy to create spin with the ABS ball. Easy to counter, push, block and open up. Best BH rubber I have had the pleasure to play with. Not as wicked fast as T05 but enough for 97% of your attacks.
29/09/2020 Spinny and lasting Review by Roberto Ighut
Spinny and lasting.
29/09/2020 good quality Review by Marcos Guglielmetti
Excellent rubber, but I don't like non-sticky ones, good for BH.
15/09/2020 OK Review by surducan constantin
Spin and control are ok.
11/09/2020 Interesting rubber Review by Ruslan Gunko
Using it with Donic Defplay Senso V3 for forehand and it gives interesting effect and very useful for the super spinny begging of attack and very surprise opponents during counterattacks. However, you need time to understand the effect of it in the beginning as the trajectory really different, especially after the Tenergy. I'm super satisfied with it and bought one more.
04/09/2020 Best rubber outside of dignics Review by Hoang Vu
in my opinion, this is one of the best rubber available. I think the Dignics series carry a little bit more spin and speed, but they are also twice as expensive.
Fastarc G-1 offers little catapult which makes the feeling very linear and easy to control. The top sheet is weirdly not very spin sensitive which helps with the serve receive or blocking. Looping is great with tons of spin, and if you hit hard enough, there is a nice clicking sound.
The feeling is similar to MX-S but not as hard, slightly faster, and higher throw angle. some of the comment said MX-S might offer more spin, but based on my experience with both, I don't think there is a big difference, might even be the same. MX-S might be better at short ball since its harder and more "dead" compared to G-1.
22/08/2020 Good Review by Sobitxon Alabaev
13/08/2020 Excellent Review by Khusan Rakhimov
The best rubber that I have tried, works very well on BH and FH.
05/08/2020 Excellent both for FH and BH Review by Stanislav Demchenko
I play close to the table with a lot of topspin and less with direct hits. I love this rubber just as much as T05. I have been playing with G-1 for the past 6 months. I can notice a small difference only in direct comparison, e.g. by looping for a few minutes with G-1 and immediately after that with T05. But if I try one day G-1 and another day T05, there is zero difference to me. Absolutely the same throw angle, the same reliability in looping or blocking when playing against attack or defense. Besides, G-1 is at least as durable as T05.
03/08/2020 GOOD Review by Branko Cirjak
01/08/2020 great rubber Review by Andrei
The Fastarc G1 - I haven't played previously with, and given its almost legendary status in Asia and Japan in particular, where it remains among top best selling rubbers for years, I expected a lot from it.
Nittaku rubber chart shows it as having the highest spin value and being just off the top speed. I come with the thickest sponge of 2mm. As I was intending it for BH, that removed my doubts as to whether to choose max or 2mm. The density of the sponge is good at 47.5 and I presume the rubber will feel even better with a 50-degree sponge. Excellent grip on the ball regardless if the sponge is engaged or not. Creates sufficient speed, power, and spin whether driving or brushing, while maintaining fairly high control. Compared to Rakza Z on the other side of Darker Synergy + blade, G1 has slightly less spin, but much more speed. The rubber surface developed a dark dot under pressing forefinger within 3 sessions. Otherwise, rubber appears very durable
28/07/2020 Excellent Review by Khusan Rakhimov
Good for FH and Bh, I use it on OFF blade, and I'm very satisfied with good control if you have good technique you can get enough speed.
21/07/2020 exc Review by tcheesen
Fastarc G-1 is my best FH rubber compared to the many European/Japanese tensor rubbers that I have used (barracuda, Omega Asia, Rakza 7, zack) over the years. The drive is the most powerful feature of this rubber, from near and mid-distance, with a strong ball bounce at the opponent side, excellent trajectory enabled by the higher throw angle, and a nice clicking sound when hitting the ball. The other two positives features of this rubber are blocking and serving (able to generate strong spin). The rubber works very well in both my all-wood blade and 5+2 carbon blade. It is no wonder this rubber is the current choice of the top 2 Japanese female players and a male Japanese national player.
(P.S. The one rubber that I have yet to try for comparison with G1 is the MX-P).
17/07/2020 Superb Review by Zachariah Flowers
One key-point of this rubber is man must using 2-3 layers of glue for the first time. With one layer, the rubber feels very hard, dead, and not spiny. The max sponge is only 2.0mm might be the reason for this.
After enough gluing by good quality glue, it feels like a Hurricane 3 with 70% speed of Ternegy 05. All shots refuse to be out of the table.
Quality control is superb as usual.
13/07/2020 Good for punch hit Review by Yao Li
Looping not as good as Hurricane but very powerful direct punching hit, Very direct return, lasting longer, short touch returns easily go high.
09/07/2020 Faster MX-S Review by Hoang Vu
A faster MX-S rubber, with similar spin and maybe better grip. Very linear and easy to control/block as the sponge is not bouncy like Rakza 7.
The sponge is 37.5 hardness which is not very hard in the modern era, however, the rubber doesn't feel soft and if you swing hard you can get the best out of the rubber easily not like Hurricane3, which makes this rubber very easy to use.
On top of that, this rubber is not spin sensitive (don't know why), so blocking and serve to receive is slightly easier.
Such easy to use rubber but still deliver top-notch performance, no wonder Mima Ito uses it on her forehand, and this rubber is also a long time #1 best-selling rubber in Japan. I tried to find other rubbers that can replace this but still ended up coming back to this one. maybe only butterfly Dignics has better spin but the price is too expensive. I would take this rubber over Tenergy for sure.
03/07/2020 Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Review by ANDREY ROZOV
Перепробовав на OFF -, OFF, OFF+ 05, 80, 64,все FX, Вега про, MX-S, Ракза 7- с осторожным удовольствием насладился ощущениями от Nittaku Fastarc G-1 2.0 на
Joola Rosskopf Emotion 86гр. Впервые в игре на счет удалось расслабиться и слева накидать сопернику принимая низкую быструю подачу почти китайские топ спины. По возвратной доске серию слева - сбился со счета. Удивительная гармония. Правда каюсь: изюминку в виде дополнительной доли секунды задержки дала чайная ложка Джонсона. Балуюсь давно, нашел идеальную пропорцию.
17/06/2020 most popular one Review by Wayne Shen
Use it on my BBC blade forehand and it is perfect. Lasted about 5 months after I played with it around 3-4 times a week.
05/06/2020 Fast delivery - excellent quality Review by Filla-Pong
I've been using C-1 (max) on forehand for over a year and loved it, but the rubber is getting old, based on so many great reviews, I decided to try G-1 (black-max). At first, I thought I've made a big mistake, it's too bouncy, too fast and couldn't control the ball compare to C-1 (of course C-1 is a slower rubber) but I stuck with it and after a few weeks, once the rubber has broken-in, I got used to the speed, wow... the control is much better and the spin is amazing. I can place the ball anywhere on the table with a ton of spin, much more than C-1. I play close to the table. IMHO, all rubbers are good if you get used to them, but G-1 definitely will be my forehand rubber for a while.
Blade: Nittaku Acoustic Carbon.
Ref: Forehand rubbers used: Tenergy 05, 80, Rakaz 7, Rhyzm-P
Backhand: Victas VO 101
01/06/2020 Fantastic rubber Review by Silvio G.
Very grippy rubber, ideal for offensive play. This rubber makes counter-looping easy.
19/05/2020 Good rubber Review by Albert Liang
Good European style rubber. Excellent balance of speed and spin. 10/10
07/05/2020 Good spin Review by Markone
Lightweight good spin.
Less speed, but good control.
23/04/2020 Drum roll please.... ta da!! G-1 Review by Mark Elert
I like having the option of creating problems for my opponents by having two different kinds of rubbers (on DHS 301 blade). Hurricane 8 mid-hard on FH, and G-1 on bh. But - I am now convinced if I could only have one kind on both sides, I'd pick G-1, and here's why... Take T-05, keep the spin, reduce the insane sensitivity to opponent's spin by 70%, lose the just past the end down-the-line bh unforced error, add easy, low short receives, add shorter serves, and a big spoon-full of control and (wha-la!) have G1. More ideal for close-mid than mid-deep play. Works great for both wings.
20/04/2020 Great rubber for forehand Review by Khoi Ly
I use this rubber for my forehand. It helps me greatly with my loops and it produces lots of spins. I think it soft enough for me to feel the ball.
16/04/2020 Top quality! Review by Goran Stevanovic
I have been using G-1 2.0 since 2015 and I am very pleased. Even dissatisfied. Initially, I used G-1 on the backhand side, and on the forehand side of Tenergy 05. The blade is Timo Boll ALC ST 83g. My backhand was progressing very quickly, but I was still not happy with the forehand. Soon I put the G-1 on the forehand side too and made no mistake. The feeling is amazing. Everything is better with the G-1 than with the Tenergy 05. Now I manage to do everything I imagine. No limit. All you have to do is make the whole and proper movement. Everything else will be done by G-1, do not doubt it. The G-1 has a very strong grip, very powerful spin and very good ball speed control. Regardless of the strength of your kick, if you hit the ball properly, it will definitely fall on the table. Tenergy can't do that, also a Hurricane, which is too slow without busting. I also tried the Nittaku C-1 and P-1. They are not as good as the G-1. The C1 has a slightly less powerful spin than the G-1 and is a bit slower. P1 is not slower than G1, but I feel that the top shit is a little softer, so the spin is less powerful, which is why the ball sometimes: 1. doesn't switch the net, or 2. switches the table. Hurrican also has this under-controlled network switch, and Tenergy also has under-controlled full-table switching. The G-1 does not have these problems.
The G-1 is very long-lasting and also has no competition in that feature.
And in comparison price vs quality G-1 is the best.
Lastly, I wish everyone good health.
Take care of yourself and others.
And until we beat the CORONA virus, STAY AT HOME, please!
15/04/2020 Very good Review by Neeme
My forehand spins are much better. I like it a lot.
23/03/2020 Легенда Review by Aleksander Izbennikov
Легенда. Кто играет, нравится всем.
19/03/2020 Very Good Review by iksoon im
Very Good.
15/03/2020 Excellent rubber Review by Nikita Churakov
My favorite rubber. Both for FH&BH. The best ratio of price, speed, spin, power, and durability.
14/03/2020 Best buy for spin and weight Review by Mark1
A light weight of 46g for 157x150 normal blade size. Good for backhand, not for forehand, since the driving distance is too short if you are a middle player.
14/03/2020 Spin Best, Push Normal Review by Mark1
Spin Performance is best for outside of carbon blade (Viscaria), not for inner carbon such as inner-force alc.
Backhand push such as tenergy 64 styles is normal or not good as 64 series. If you are preferred to have 05 styles in backhand, it should be perfect.
09/03/2020 One of the best rubbers Review by Wayne
I am surprised that I never tried this rubber before. But after I tried it, I love it.
The rubber works excellently on my Koki Niwa carbon blade and another customized carbon blade made by Charlie. Loop, smash, chop, it does everything well.
The only regret is that I didn't use it earlier.
08/03/2020 Шикарная накладка Review by Ivan Pandur
Очень контрольная накладка с очень хорошим вращением. Небольшая катапульта гарантирует попадание в стол.
02/03/2020 Great for spin Review by Bennett Alfred
I used this rubber for my backhand and it's really got a good grip on the ball and creates a lot of spin on my shots.
22/02/2020 FastArc G1 Max Sponge Review by Robert Yang
Good rubber. This rubber is more of an all-around rubber in my opinion. It looks to be very durable and spin qualities are good. Speed is ok. Very forgiving rubber for sure. I prefer more of an offensive rubber like Tenergy, Tibhar, DHS Gold Arc 8.
20/02/2020 Awesome rubber Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
If you're looking for something with good speed and spin with a med-high throw angle, and a close alternative of T05, just go with it. Used it on Viscaria and Stiga OCC, both works great.
20/02/2020 Simply perfect! Review by JEROME ABASOLO
Perfect fit! FH rubber and fast shipping seller! The best!
18/02/2020 The most pleasant location for your Table Tennis goods Review by Nick
Appreciate their speedy services and quality products as always! Kudos to the TT11 team!
18/02/2020 Excellent rubber Review by Nikita Gofman
Very high control and spin. Sponge hardness is medium by the feeling.
Not the fastest one, but fast enough for me. In general - very universal rubber that can forgive some mistakes.
03/02/2020 Decent Rubber Review by TTW
This is a decent rubber and will suit you if you are an advanced attacking player.
25/01/2020 Nittaku Review by Tae Son
Good rubber.
22/01/2020 The best of the best Review by Linnea Beckman
Best spin ever. Looping around the net, no problems. Changing one time per season.

Easy to play with. Service incredible, as is topspin, sidespin, and block. Best sold rubber in Asia for many years!
Speed - 9.2
Spin - 9.9
Rating- 9.9
20/01/2020 High arc spin monster Review by Ionuț
Closest you can get to Tenergy 05 in terms of spin, it is a total spin monster.
Not as fast as Tenergy 05 or Tibhar MX-P but with better control
The throw angle is very high, the same as Tenergy 05.
It is an excellent rubber for people who play close to the table and like to loop both backhand and forehand.
15/01/2020 Good Rubber Review by George Buck
Not suited to my style in defensive play but good to play against lower levels but no chance against higher levels but this rubber is good for all-round play against lower levels
14/01/2020 High speed, good control and lots of spin! Review by Oliver Baerland
I use the G-1 rubber on FH and it is incredible! The amount of spin that I am able to produce is mindblowing. My strongest side is definitely my serves, and this rubber does a great at increasing the spin on my serve. I usually serve tomahawk BH or FH. I get more spin on BH tomahawk with mantra s but often win on serving FH with the G-1 too. If you are an offensive midrange player, then this will suit your playing style nicely. I love it and would recommend it as well!
01/01/2020 nittaku fastarc g-1 Review by paulus pusponegoro
speed & spin ok, control everage
31/12/2019 Excellent rubber Review by Rorospero
Experience : 15 years
Ranking England : ~ 200

This rubber is amazing. Best choice for cheapest Tenergy 05. I try the Omega V tour and asia, the Mx-p and Mx-s, the Mantra H and M, Rasaka 7...
The Fastarc G-1 for me is the best than each others !
On my Latika 5 plis all wood, i put de G-1 2mm for my forehand and the combination is amazing, truely. The ball control is excellent and when i do top spin with engage, the speed is relay good and nice good spin with this flexible blade.
Throw angle : little bit less high than Ternergy 05 but amzing arc the ball fall everytime in the table.
This rubber is a little bit hard at the start but after 8-10h hours its perfect ! Durability > Tenergy 05

You can't go wrong with Fastarc G-1

27/12/2019 As per manufacturers products description Review by ROBERTO VICENTE
Very good rubber can be use for fh or bh.
25/12/2019 Good Review by Zoe Schmidt
As expected for years.

But I noticed this production batch is a bit softer than normal but not a big deal. You'll get used to it very soon.
09/12/2019 Excellent Product! Review by Saul Mayorquin
Perfect rubber for topspin, excellent to perfect your technique.
03/12/2019 Nice alternative to tenergy Review by zacaria
Very good topspins, lot of spin and speed, control is quite ok sometimes in blocks it feels slippery. Suggested for extremely offensive spinny players.
02/12/2019 Nittaku good rubber Review by paulus pusponegoro
Reasonable price & good for speed, spin, & control.
25/11/2019 Awesome rubber Review by Bhuiyan Tanveer
Switched from Tenergy 05. This is now my most favorite forehand rubber. Using on Viscaria. Great spin and speed. The ball crosses over the net safely due to high arc as the name suggests (an advantage over Rakza7).
21/11/2019 Best ESN rubber Review by Marc Cavero
Complete in all aspect.
19/11/2019 Excellent rubber! Review by August
And special thanks to Tabletennis11 team for super fast delivery!
19/11/2019 Good Review by Leen Hogg
Good quality as always.
11/11/2019 Simply the best rubber money can buy. Review by GG
Excellent in every aspect of the game.
22/10/2019 Super Review by Nikolai Klyushnikov
Super rubber!!! Tenergy series not even close!!!
18/10/2019 사용하기 좋은 러버 Review by jo myeong hoon
원하는 만큼 회전을 줄 수 있으며 포핸드, 백핸드 어디에 사용해도 좋다. 그러나 단단한 러버가 아니기에 단단한 러버와 조합을 하려면 상대적으로 덜 튀기 때문에 적응을 해야한다.
09/10/2019 Good rubber Review by paulus pusponegoro
Spin, speed, & control ok.
26/09/2019 Good quality rubber Review by Sreng N.
Good grip and good control with enough speed to do the job.
16/09/2019 Excellent value rubber Review by Tim Bourgeois
My FH rubber of choice. Great control, low catapult, very spinny, great for blocking, and fantastic price.
16/09/2019 Speedy all around Review by A player
Fast and controllable. Need clean tech to keep it on the table. Spin is good as well
10/09/2019 Great rubber Review by Juergen Kurras
I like it. good grip and fast enough. Great Control.
Good Service from TT11
29/08/2019 Herşey Review by Ertugrul Sari
You can everything with this rubber. Very good for those who want to thrive.
09/08/2019 buen servicio Review by Hugo Alberto Paz Ocampo
Muy buen servicio por parte de la tienda y llego bien a Mexico y el producto llego bien
07/08/2019 Хорошая Review by Alexander Veygert
На Nittaku Holz Sieben сидит как вата но с катапультой.
02/08/2019 Good Review by Carl Johnson
01/08/2019 Отличная накладка Review by Orunbek
Отличная накладка, цепкий, контрольный, в меру быстрый.
Сервис и скорость доставки супер.
22/07/2019 Fast and bouncy Review by Hary
For reference, I'm not USATT rated but my usual teammates have been telling me that I play around 1800. I have been playing with the Yasaka Extra Offensive Power 7 + the Rakza 7 for BH and FH (all from the excellent TT11 service).
I used the Fastarc G-1 on FH with the Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro and it was excellent: faster than the Rakza 7, bouncier and also I felt a bit less control. I also believe the Rakza 7 has more spin, but it might be related to the fact that it has more dwell time, in the sense that you can really feel the ball penetrating the rubber.
All in all, excellent rubber, I feel I need to play more with it to get used to it and adjust my strokes.
Thank you TT11 for the fast and excellent service, always at the best price!
19/07/2019 hard, direct and all-round great for my game Review by TT
I use this as my forehand rubber (and twiddle, since I play long pips on my backhand). I use it to chop, block, loop and hit. With a 1.4mm version of this rubber, I can do all those things to my satisfaction. Chops are very controllable and loaded with underspin. Blocks are also low and controllable. Due to the hardness of the rubber, hitting feels crisp and direct, and while loops (with this thin a sponge) aren't going to be Ma Long-level, I can still get plenty of spin and speed when I need to.
11/07/2019 Excellent BH rubber Review by ITTF2400
Descent speed, high spin, and control, medium feel, pro rubber.
08/07/2019 Excellent power Review by Mark Krotec
Excellent power for forehand attack, good spin, and decent control for pushing and blocking. I highly recommend this for strong attackers. I have switched to this for forehand, provides strong spin and counter-attack, without sacrificing too much control on push or block. Highly recommended.
04/07/2019 Recommend, an excellent product. Review by Kair,
Recommended, an excellent product. Medium hardness, good speed, and good spin. Tenergy has in some game situations uncontrolled release of the ball, Fastarc G-1 more linear and controlled. Good durability.
03/07/2019 Good Review by Gilbert Pritchard
Superb, as always.
25/06/2019 Very good rubber Review by Gabor
Very good on the Apolonia ZLC. Great spinning rubber, good for chops too. Would have felt better, I guess, if it had been a bit thicker.
25/06/2019 Very good rubber Review by Nikita Churakov
Rather hard rubber. Very good for forehand. High level of control, speed and spin.
04/06/2019 Gomas perfectas Review by Ivan nancucheo
Con estas gomas puedes hacer todo, buen giro, buena velocidad y control, las tengo en un viscaria y me gustan mucho.
30/05/2019 Good rubber Review by Ralph Taylor
Good rubber. Similar to the Raxza 7, but I would say a little better control. Pushing is a bit easier as rubber is less bouncy. But still good speed.
09/05/2019 My decent backhand rubber! Review by Zimiao Meng
I have used for my backhand and I found it's perfect for brushing the ball and looping. But it is a little lacking of under spin and side spin when I serve and chop and push. Overall, it's a good rubber with powerful, high tension top sheet and great feeling, but if you want more spin, I prefer traditional Chinese rubber like Hurricane 3 or Nittaku Hurricane Pro Turbo.
01/05/2019 One of the best.... Review by Ralph Taylor
Similar to the Rakza 7, but seems to have more dwell time, and is very forgiving.
Not too bouncy. Better than many Tensors.
I like it for forehand. Seems to keep a nice surface. Hopefully it will last a long time!
29/04/2019 Very good Review by Mickael
Very good, but slow.
22/04/2019 Excellent rubber at a reasonable price Review by LD USATT Rating 9001
This rubber serves as a very stable high performance rubber in contrast to some of the modern tensor rubbers available on the market today which can change in playing characteristics in a relatively short period of time. In my experience, near daily usage for approximately 3 hours a day the topsheet and sponge provides a consistent experience for about a month. This includes multiball with some particularly dirty balls and not necessarily the most meticulous cleaning regimen. For a modern offensive game there's no particular field that this rubber is deficient in. If there's any nitpick then one could say the sponge is on the softer side lending to the rubber bottoming out more easily than others on flat shots or smashes. Whether looping at mid to long range or driving the ball close to the table, the rubber has a very linear feel compared to other rubbers in this class and is easy to understand from the get go.

In comparison to other popular rubbers, it feels more inert than Tenergy which allows for easier short-short play. It still does maintain a springing feel with a lot of incoming energy being conserved which make emergency shots and short strokes easier to perform than with Hurricane3. As alluded to earlier, G1 sponge tends to maintain it's characteristics longer than Tibhar Evolution rubbers such as MX-P or EL-P.

Having gone through several sheets of G1, one oddity to note would be that the topsheet for red and black sheets do not have the same surface feeling. A rough description would be that the red topsheet feels a bit more "plasticky" while the black topsheet feels more pliable. This doesn't seem to affect the ball characteristics too much in normal play, but it's divergent enough to be able to determine which sheet I'm touching in a blindfolded test.

Overall, G1 is an excellent rubber for players looking to develop a consistent attacking game and doesn't have any apparent deficiencies. I would call it a jack of all trades, but that would be doing the rubber a disservice as it performs on the same level of pretty much anything else on the
17/04/2019 Отличная накладка Review by Orunbek
Отличная накладка, достаточная скорость, хорошее сцепление, контроль все на уровне. Советую.
16/04/2019 Great Rubber for Less Review by Albert Geht
After trying the Yasaka Mark IV, DHS Hurricane 2, Tibhar MX-P, and Butterfly Tenergy 80, I really like this rubber because of high spin, great pushing, and top spin attacks. I use it on the both sides of my blade.
14/04/2019 Awesome for brush looping. Review by George Li
Perfect amount of hardness for forehand looping. I can get a lot of spin with this rubber.
12/04/2019 so~so Review by Kim JongRok
I used to use G1 and changed rasanter r50.
The reason is that it lacks elasticity and speed.
09/04/2019 Use for BH Review by tom wei
I use this on my BH and love it. Good speed, grip and control. Love the high throw angle because my BH is a more flatter shot. So the margin of error is higher.
04/04/2019 Fantastic Review by David Nguyen
Very good rubber for the price.
Fast and the spin is as expected. My game is improving because of this rubber.
22/03/2019 Excellent Review by Steve Hochman
I switched from Hammond and Hammond Pro Alpha and have been VERY pleased with both G-1 and C-1 Fastarc. I use the G-1 on the backhand and the C-1 on the forehand. The sponge on the C-1 is a bit softer and results in a tad more spin. G-1 is still excellent for looping but is also fantastic for quick, flat, pick hitting, which is my backhand game. I have enough wrist on my backhand loop to still generate a lot of spin but have the flexibility to pick hit with it as well. C-1 I need on my forehand to help me generate more spin. Both are fantastic and seem to last well.
08/03/2019 Excellent rubber Review by Lewis Chow
Excellent control and fast speed. Very good balance.
12/02/2019 Good Review by Shahad Akram
Very good and outstanding rubber for spinning players.
12/02/2019 One of the best in Business Review by Kartik Anbalagan
This rubber is similar to Tibhar MX-P. No great difference. Low throw than Tibhar MX-P. Control is good. Speed is good for putting away winners. Block depends on blade, but low throw can cause you to fall inside your net.
I would rate it 9/10. No change after playing for 1 month, so I think it is durable.
11/02/2019 Awesome Review by Rango
This rubber is one of the best rubbers to create spin. It's fast with outstanding control. Very good on both sides of your paddle.
08/02/2019 Best!! Review by Sang Hoon Baik
It's very good. I want super thick version. If possible, tell me.
31/01/2019 Good spin~ Review by Kim JR
Tenergy 05 is very expensive.

I love the G-1 !
30/01/2019 Powerful and spinny rubber. Review by wong siew meng
One of the best rubber that I have used. Can execute powerful forehand and excellent control.
15/01/2019 Good spin~ Review by Kim
G-1 is the top rubber with good spin. It is cheap and light. It's my best rubber.
14/01/2019 Great for chopping Review by Berj Nercessian
Great for chopping and returning serves. Great for backspin serves too.
14/01/2019 Very Happy with this rubber Review by Berj Nercessian
My favorite rubber. Excellent grip as the name says. Also, control very good.
11/01/2019 Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Review by kaho cheung
This is one of my favorite FH rubber, very high spin potential and excellent surface grip, this rubber plays similar to Tibhar MX-P with more control and higher throw.
09/01/2019 Excellent product Review by Jenny
It is a very good backhand rubber and last longer than Razka 7.
09/01/2019 Excellent Review by Gary S.
This rubber has very good control and speed.
09/01/2019 Good Review by Estella
Excellent as always. Very durable.
08/01/2019 Best forehand rubber for developing technique! Review by Javier Martinez de Navascues
This is an excellent rubber for those intermediate players who want to improve their forehand repertoire. It sacrifices a bit of speed to gain control and as an off player I can say this rubber has made me improve all forehand strikes.
03/12/2018 Good Control Review by Jisthi Hassim
The feels just like Tenergy. Good for offensive play. Speed and spin is superb. Can control the game smashes and top spins. Once you get the grip of the rubber, it's just perfect. Just as the name says, it is fast and has a high arc. Can vary with just amount of spin and push.
12/11/2018 good for me so far Review by Vladimir Shastin
Totally agree with:

Great rubber for intermediate to advance level players who want something like T05 but less speed more control and is useful for developing technique (particularly loops)"
12/11/2018 One of the best for an off- style Review by Gicu Arama
Excellent rubbers if you need control more than speed. But you have enough speed to kill the point with good technique. Offers a lot of gears, very good in short game, great touch.
02/10/2018 My favorite rubber Review by JEFFREY VALDEZ
This is great if you find T05 too sensitive to spin. Can also generate amazing spin. Open-ups are easy. Dwell time is also great. Use it on Tenor or Acoustic.
14/09/2018 Very good. Lasts a long time. Review by M.A.
One of the best rubbers in the market last a long time. Excellent spin, very good on plastic balls, not heavy; suits forehand and backhand and not bouncy as Tenergy. Higher throw then MXP and Bluefire better then new Aurus Rasanter and Joola.
18/08/2018 Good Review by Krug
One of the legendary rubbers from ESN. It's like a Tenergy 05 with 75% stickiness of Chinese rubbers.
21/07/2018 Excellent rubber Review by Pranot Mahabaley
I have pasted it on XVT ZL KOTO.
I have used Omega IV PRO and Rakza 7 with Carbo 7.6 in the past.
Hence I am comparing Fastarc G1 with these rubbers.
Throw angle of Fastarc is better than these 2 rubbers. Provides good clearance over the net.
Lifting underspin is easier.
Spin in slightly better Rakza 7.
Hardness is same as Rakza 7.
Control is very good.
5% slower than Omega IV PRO.
In short Rakza 7 + better throw angle + better grip = Fastarc G1.
It is only a week since i have started using hence cannot comment on durability.
Overall very very good rubber.
Just go for it.
Thank you :)
04/07/2018 Отличная накладка Review by Orunbek
Отличная и цепкая накладка, скорость достаточная.
Пойдет в качестве замены Tenergy 05, только менее универсальная накладка, не на любое основание может сесть
20/06/2018 Excellent Review by Krug
Very good both on wood and composite blades. Very durable.
20/06/2018 Good Review by Anton Valovenko
Rubber have a nice spin, not very fast and small catapult.
03/06/2018 Nice spin Review by Alexandr Oshlakov
Use Fastarc G-1 for FH on Nittaku Latika - really liked spin.
23/05/2018 Good spin, decent speed Review by Mark Hendricks
This rubber has high spin for a good arc and decent speed, however not as fast as the evolution MX-P that I use on my other side. It is overall a decent rubber however I had a lot of trouble dealing with incoming spin on my backhand because it reacts VERY strongly to spin. Backspins became much more difficult to lift.
23/05/2018 Great FH Rubber Review by Two H's
Solid feeling and control. Gives a very predictable and consistent feedback to the user. Well adapted to offensive topspin play style. Durability is also a strong point. Generally will end up replacing once a month playing around 15 hours a week. Have noticed that the top sheet for the red rubbers have notably less grip compared to the black sheets.
18/05/2018 *Thumbs up Review by TQN
Works as intended!
14/05/2018 G1 rocks! Review by BRIJMOHAN ARORA
Great rubber for loops and serves.
09/05/2018 Excellent Review by Cesar Palacios Mendizabal
Excellent control, excellent spin, speed superior
08/05/2018 Great rubber Review by Timothy Noh
Very good rubber feels like the MXS, but a little more controllable.
26/04/2018 КОНТРОЛЬНЫЙ ТЕНЗОР! Review by Alexandr Sizykh
Поиграв несколькими тензорами, решил, что наверное это не моё. Мешала катапульта. Так и думал, пока не попробовал эту накладку. Очень контрольная катапульта, цепкий топшит, вариативна (можно использовать как справа, так и слева, у меня в основном слева), маловосприимчива к приходящему вращению, легко контролировать скорость, линейна и предсказуема. В общем, очень много плюсов. Менять буду наверное только на неё.
16/04/2018 Excellent Value Review by Anthony
Great value for this product. I've used it as a nice all around sponge.
19/03/2018 My favorite FH rubber. Review by Tim Bourgeois
Love this rubber. I'm using Black Super Thick 2.0 on a Nittaku C-SZ. It has good grip for lifting. Not very spin sensitive. Excellent touch for the short game. Enough power away from the table. I'm simply landing more good quality shots on the table than ever before with it.
05/03/2018 Good quality for low price Review by Brian US Rating ~2000
The rubber is now my preferred forehand rubber. I've tried hurricane/skyline, tenergys, MXP, rakza, and some other popular rubbers, but this one is considerably cheaper (especially if on sale) and has the best qualities from all the rubbers mentioned above. It has a pretty tacky topsheet (less than hurricane, but definitely more than tenergy), powerful sponge (harder than rakza, softer than hurricane, similar to tenergy), and lasts around the same time as most tensors. It allows great spin when needed as you can feel the topsheet clicking with the ball and also shoots the ball out with great speed; it's really like a hurricane topsheet with a tenergy sponge. Great for both loops drives and softer spin loops. Smashing can also be performed with good technique. When the rubber gets too old, it still feels grippy when you touch it, but when playing the ball tends to slip a lot more and loses the spinniness it once had. I would recommend it to people with developed technique because it provides enough power/spin if you stroke the ball correctly and performs well in every field. You can't really blame this rubber if you miss because it does everything it should: lifts underspin, allows topspin loop drive, spin loops, pushes with good spin, short game is fine, flips are easy, serve receive is easy (much easier than tenergy imo), every ball clicks into the rubber/topsheet easily, etc. Overall a great offensive rubber that performs as it should and really allows you to swing into your loops because of its tackiness and springy sponge. Really love the price and quality! Can be a bit brittle around the edges and loses grip after a couple months, but it's still playable after this and shouldn't be thrown away. Boost it after it gets old and slap it on a spare paddle and it still plays pretty well.
22/01/2018 Nittaku rocks the tensor rubber department! Review by Vance Taggart
Samson Dubina recommended this rubber and I am pleased that I seriously considered his suggestion and bought the G-1 red and black rubbers in Max sponge. Plenty of tack to brush the ball back to your opponent, even from off the table and low. The grip is just insane. Love it! Spin is top notch. This rubber is also loaded with speed. When max sponge is activated, your opponent had better be fast to respond to your attack due to the immense speed created with this rubber, especially if you're using a carbon blade in combination with the G-1's. If you have a forehand rubber that you would rather use instead of the black G-1, please note that the red G-1 is stellar as a backhand rubber. I contend that the G-1 red is a better backhand rubber than the Tenergy 05. It has the same spongey feeling but there is just more to the feel of it than the T05. Personally, I will keep a blade with G-1's on both sides and another blade with Nittaku's (DHS) Hurricane 3 on FH with G-1 red on BH. All bases covered. One cannot go wrong.
30/12/2017 Not so fast Review by Phinyawat Thummanon
Good for control
29/12/2017 Nittaku Fastarc G-1 Review by TT Player
Really fast rubber. Hard feel (sponge and topsheet).
Playing modern defense, it's suited for countering at mid distances but it's too fast for short game and chopping.
Grip is surprisingly good (black rubber).
Max is 2.0mm.
09/12/2017 Good rubber Review by Juergen Kurras
Its a good rubber. I use it on forehand.
Good Speed and Spin.
04/12/2017 good rubber Review by jeongmin cho
포핸드에 아주 좋은 러버입니다 추천해요 할인할때 사면 아주 좋네요
29/11/2017 Great rubber for the modern game Review by Jason Chan
Fast, spinny rubber with an acceptable short game. Performs most shots well. A little too hard and high throw for my backhand but great for the forehand. A great choice for offensive players who are undecided on an all purpose attacking rubber. Great price point too so I can see why it's a best seller in Japan.
20/11/2017 Rubber of choice Review by Jack
On all 3 of my Violins and Accoustic, both FH & BH. Perfect balance of speed, spin and control. It is relatively light in weight as well. If there is one criticism - it is not as durable as I would like.
18/11/2017 Excellent Review by Jared Petersen
Thanks tabletennis11
06/11/2017 good Review by min-jae kang
I bought a high-quality product at a low price.
Delivery is also fast and convenient.
24/10/2017 The quality is as claimed by Nittaku. Review by Sanjay Jain
behaves all right but difficult to judge due to a slower than expected blade.
26/08/2017 Good Review by Byunghun choi
Good perfomance
26/08/2017 Good Review by Byunghun choi
It is good performance
22/08/2017 Good Rubber Review by Daniel H
Good rubber from Nittaku. I've enjoy Fastarc S-1 for few years, this one comes in very close.
20/07/2017 Good spin Review by Ed Leung
I'm using this rubber on my forehand and find it has very good top and side spin. Smashing from mid distance was very good.
14/07/2017 excellent rubber Review by sungsu An
appropriate for spinning and speed. I'd like to make a suggestion for all the players, especially for high level player. Thank you.

17/01/2017 good speed Review by rio
this rubber good for block and fast
02/01/2017 Nice offensive FH Rubber Review by Richard Levy
This was an upgrade on the FH side of my Xiom Vega Tour from Omega IV Elite. I was looking for more speed and spin, and this rubber delivered on both counts. It has a relatively firm sponge, but the rubber grips well and loops and drives were easy to execute. A good shot is accompanied by a nice click.
07/10/2016 Decent Review by CroneOne
Pretty nice rubber actually. It seems less springy than say T05 or M1. Maybe the sponge is harder. If you brush the ball finely it will be loaded with spin. It's also quite fast for flat hits or fast loops. Used on a carbon blade.
26/01/2016 good rubber Review by ilkay Demiralay
best rubber my FH with nittaku barwell fleet
29/12/2015 Fantastic! Review by Goran Stevanovic
This is a phenomenal offensive backhand rubber.
I also durable.
I recommend!
For forehand I personally prefer Tenergy 05 or Tenergy 05 fx.
Use not much haevy and too hard blade (approximately 85 grams).
A good choice is Timo Boll ALC, Joola Markovic (the new name is Rosskopf Emotion), or for example in my opinion unjustly neglected Joola Sheik (75 grams).
01/12/2015 Excellent rubber Review by alvin tso
Very good quality. Very grippy and spiny. Very good feel and control. Take time to understand its behaviour. It will get better when you can connect with it.
24/11/2015 Too soft on viscaria Review by Jimmy
Had this rubber for forehand on my viscaria. Spinny but too slow.
12/11/2015 superb Forehand rubber !! Review by Aditya Nand
The best forehand rubber I have tried out of the following : rasant powergrip , rasant, tibhar aurus, yasaka rising dragon, xiom omega 4 pro, xiom omega 5 tour, tibhar 1qxd, h3neo, skyline tg2 neo
fastarc G1 incorporates the best qualities of the above rubbers :
1. tackiness like 1qxd (this helps a lot over the table short game, server receives, pushes, lifting underspin balls in a controlled manner without overshooting edge of table, sidespin-hook topspins)
2. spin/grip like rasant power grip (provides great spin when brushing looping as well as when you engage the sponge in close/mid/far distance game)
3. med-hard sponge like aurus (not too hard, but not also medium like rasant... this allows you to start engaging the sponge relatively closer to the table, without fear of ball overshooting due to high throw of rubber, or ball rushing to the net due to med-low throw...... the med-hard sponge also ensure adequate power from all usual playing distances)
4. med-high throw angle like rasant (helps in clearing the net easliy from close/mid .... )
5. blocking is also good like xiom rubbers .. no issue in this aspect
From the look, feel, and daily playing experience, it seems pretty durable as well !! Totally satisfied !! Highly recommended !! I m using it as FH on DHS long 5 blade, with Fastarc C-1 on BH. Great combination.
09/11/2015 perfect rubber Review by Nafiu Sani
I have used different rubbers but this rubber is superb execellent and have lots of spin and control especially for long distances loopers. Good price and fast delievery.
07/09/2015 very good Review by hugo valdebenito
good rubber, excellent short game.
20/07/2015 Light Review by barış akbay
Excellent lightness excellent control gives you the balls real and excellent sense
13/06/2015 Fastarc G1 Review by Ding
I tried this product for my forehand for one month with Stiga sense 7.6. not as good as butterfly 05 with butterfly blade though. But it would be a good rubber if you hit the ball quite often. If you have 50 euro pls choose butterfly 05 instead. It would be a nice choice if it is used for backhand.
12/06/2015 Mustafa Boyaci Review by Mustafa Boyaci
for powerful control speed and spin
12/01/2015 Attack Review by Oliver Mecseri
A great attacking rubber. I am a die hard looper, and this is not exactly for the slow, super-spinny ones, but for everything else. Again, work great on both sipes. Most excellent away from the table. a monster out there.
22/09/2014 5 Review by Oleg Kuntsevych
The perfect quality of the rubber straps on the tennis rackets, quick delivery and definitely will order again. Recommend everyone!
19/09/2014 excellent Review by Oleg Kuntsevych
The perfect quality of the rubber straps on the tennis rackets, quick delivery and definitely will order again. Recommend everyone!
16/09/2014 One of the best Review by calvin
Has very good speed & spin. I have 1.8 & 2.0mm on my BH. Feels a little hard at beginning. It takes some time to get used to. After that, it works like a monster. Very explosive.
16/09/2014 great Review by woodchuen villanueva
sticky and fast looping rubber. great quality and great value.
05/09/2014 Good Review by Lipka
Fast and spiny. for your information, the rubber feels harder than the C1 and S1. Can be used for the forehand and backhand, but I find it to be better for the forehand.
18/08/2014 Best rubber, i have played! Review by Christian
In the last 10 years, i have played vom Butterfly sriver, over Butterfly Bryce an Ternergy. But now, this rubber is greatfull in quality, control, spin and speed. I use it in super thick on my forehand on a Joola Chen Wexing blade. The service, chop, and 1st ball are so controlled with so much spin, that i can open the game with a very good topsin. I have played the first rubber over 4 month and he is actually Ok. Butterfly Tenergy was over 7 weeks very weak.
27/05/2014 This rubber offers fantastic spin and what I really like about this rubber is the high throw angle. Review by peter kau
My top spin far away from the table has always been low and it lands at the net frequently. with this rubber, the ball is now landing on the table more often. the throw angle is fantastic, and spin is great and the speed is just right.
27/05/2014 Great Rubber Review by rob
Tried this as an alternative to Tenergy 05 (which I beleive has a much inflated price). It has a better short game than T05 and there is less of a "bounce" feel, so you get the feeling of more control. I found that it doesn't generate quite as much spin on very thin contacts but is just as good on thicker contact loops.
In all I think I prefer it (though T05 is still a great rubber) and use it both backhand and forehand on my Nittaku Violin.
So... if you want to try a fast and spinney rubber thats not as pricey as T05, give this a try and you won't be dissapoined.
18/04/2014 good Review by zach
This rubber is good for spin and controlled loops. Didn't seem very powerful on driving but over all is a good rubber.
09/04/2014 Wow!!! Review by Ulf Beckman
A very expensive rubber, but thats ok, because the quality is way up there! Speed, control and spin is out of this world. Durable as hell!

Speed 92/100
Spin 97/100
24/03/2014 the excellent rubbers Review by ALEKSANDRS
One of the excellent rubbers on the today. Durability and Strong Performance typical of a Japanese made
Rubber. Tried this with my blade
Nittaku BarwellFleet.
An explosive combination. Will definitely
11/01/2014 great rubber Review by Dino Midzic
Fantastic for offensive play, great spin and speed
03/06/2013 very good Review by lim koon siang
all round play, fast and spin
01/05/2013 Excellent! Review by Young K Kim
It's got lots of speed and spin. I recommend it highly.
Nittaku Fastarc G-1