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Nittaku Alhelg

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Nittaku Alhelg is a medium hardness rubber with great spin and a medium-high throw angle. This rubber has superb feeling with incredibly high levels of control. It is best suited for allround-offensive players looking to execute high quality loops. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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04/07/2019 I recommend as an analogue of the Chinese sticky sponge Review by Kair,
Topsheet is thick, conical spikes, large diameter, so low sensitivity to someone else's rotation.
The sponge is purple in color, with large pores, and soft and elastic.
Alhelg pad recommended to fans of Chinese type pads, Hurricane 3 (provincial, national) and Haifu Blue Whale. With proper hitting technique and footwork and body, the Alhelg delivers power and the force of the blows and rotation.
My subjective opinion - the Alhelg is greatly underestimated. The product is very balanced - has great power, high control in a short game, and will have little marriage in the intermediate game (no strong tensor effect.
I recommend to those who prefer to play right Chinese Velcro. The Alhelg the nature of the hybrid between Chinese and Japanese sponges combines the best qualities!
17/07/2017 Excellent grip Review by Kam
Best rubber for polyball. Excellent grip !!
Need to change every 2/3 months depending your play frequency.
24/10/2016 perfect Review by daniel sokolov
great product
great shipping
19/10/2016 good rubber Review by ilkay Demiralay
good quality
29/06/2016 Amazing Rubber Review by Homa
What's special about Alhelg is its stability. I have tried many rubbers: Airloc, Rakza, Omega, Evolution, etc. Alhelg stands out in its ability to grab and hold on to the ball. You can literally feel the ball stays on the paddle while you are looping.

The way the ball leave the rubber is very natural, and at will. At the same time the ball comes out with power and spin that matches many top rubbers.

On the down side is the loop has slightly less kick than Airloc M and Rakza X, but the control factor trumps that in my opinion. I would rather to have 10 consistent (and confident!) loops over 3-5 with the extra kick.

One way to think about it as a powered up version of Juic Driva Smash Ultima. It's a do-it-all with no obvious weakness.

I'm using it on my BH but I also like it on my FH very much.

I would recommend Alhelg to players at all levels.
08/12/2015 Hard sponge and grippy topsheet Review by alvin tso
Very good for flat hitting. Spin is unpredictable. Still try to understand how to use effectively. Take a while to run it in. Maybe apply a little less weight to the stroke might help.
26/07/2015 I love Alhelg! Review by JoeyA
This rubber i fell in love with on the first day. Using as my FH on Yasaka Extra Special using it more on the 40+ balls.

The trick is to flick your wrist to maximise the spin then your opponent will feel the punch. The ball will catapult forward and makes your opponent adjust timing the return, either not caught or it will bounce off the table when returned.

Controlled block returns are wonderful, with the proper angle of your racket returns are easy. Punching is another wonder you can place it anywhere, placing it on your opponents weak spots after a power smash.

Pricey for a Nittaku but worth every penny.
22/07/2015 Didn't like it... Review by Alexander
I didn't understand this rubber at all. Had a 2 hours session with it on FH on my lovely Xiom Zetro Quad with old celluloid ball. People say it might need time to break in but man I don't want to wait a 40 euro rubber to break in to start playing.

Speed. Low speed on weak stroke and become some lively on big strokes but still the speed is below the level of the last gen ESN rubbers.

Spin. Many wrote about great spin produced by Alhelg. I didn't notice it at all. I may agree I don't know how to get a spin out of it. But for me the spin was nothing then average on my loops. I didn't found it especially grippy as well (Omega V Tour much grippier imo). May be plastic ball will make a difference here but I mostly play with celluloid.

Control. Can't say anything bad here. The control is awesome. Over and close to the table especially. Short game is also good.

One more thing. I couldn't lift the underspin with this rubber at all. Normally I use Tenergy 05 FX on my FH and didn't have the problems lifting average unserspins. But it appeared the same stroke just doesn't work with Alhelg at all.

Well I don't know what's wrong with this rubber... may be this is a blade mismatch or ball mismatch or my technique doesn't suit. But I can't confirm the positive reviews here.
13/07/2015 It needs matching up with blade Review by alvin tso
I have yet to find out the real potential of this rubber. I am trying it on different blades in order to learn more about its characters.
08/07/2015 Good rubber Review by Amekun
kinda like TSP Ventus series
insensitive to spin
you really need to dig in to get a massive amount
01/07/2015 Very nice sense and control Review by Lubov
Very nice sense and control and enough spin, but a little slow for me, I wish it had 2.2 sponge. Very good rubber for close-medium table games. Nittaku quality!
04/05/2015 top rubber on par with tenergy for cheaper Review by Kurokami
Faster and spinnier than fastarc - check.
This rubber can do it all. It is not too soft, not too hard, plenty of spin, speed and control.

ESN topsheet makes it bit hard to grip but unlike G-1 or bluefire, this actually breaks in very quickly within a few hours.

It weighs lighter and with proper technique, has full range of attack with a slow low gear and speed-glue fast top end.
I prefer it over T05 as its characteristics allow it to be used like H3N as well as Tenergy.
10/04/2015 BEST nittaku, Beating BTY Review by LI
Overtaking other Nittaku rubbers, Alhelg is not only the latest rubber of Nittaku, but the top model of Nittaku with top technology and top performance. Meanwhile the packing is very nice, offering two protective sheets, very quality ones.

I bought the max thickness, and it's excellent with both fronthand&backhand. I glued with some Nittaku blads and BYT blades (ALC, ZLC, etc), it feels great with nealy all blades. The 1st feeling is very comfortable and extreamly stable in shots at each level of power, yet not like MXP in high throws, Alhelg has low throw and stable shots in attacks / loops / blocks / counters, similar to BTY tenergy.

The touches of Alhelg is great, clear & as your wish. The finish of Alhelg a bit oily, hence couldn't figure out why the short sets are so nice, possibly due to the tense outer rubber.
At low / mid of power, the speed is great, especially in short blocks / counters (which is stable at the same time), much faster than other nittakus, which vagues me in using an ESN.
At powerful shots, the speed is not so fast as top ESNs, while the control and spin are the advantages of Alhelg, similar to BTY tenergy.

Besides the above overall reviews, in my view Alhelg is special in: 1. controling throw / spin / direction. Thanks to the top tech of nittaku, don't know if it comes into rubber or sponge, the spin, throw, grip is among the best of all rubbers, at same level of BTY Tenergy. I can easily loop for long table and close to net, which is amazing.
2. Similar to what I've just mentioned, the looping of Alhelg is great and unpredictable. I quote unpredictable because with a combination of specific power / angle, the looping will suddenly boost with speed and/or spin and/or curve, which is totally unpredictable to the other side, yet you can control this boost.I've been using BTY T05 a lot in FH, yet this boosting of T05 is pretty easy to sense while that of Alhelg is like a ghost.

As all the above, Alhelg is the best of Nittaku, and will not let you down.
10/04/2015 Too soft for FH Review by NS
I tried this on my Viscaria for my FH and i felt it was kinda soft to use it on my FH , especially on my FH Drives and smash, however it was very consistent and linear like lot of Nittaku rubbers are known for. Do not expect a lot of spin with just top sheet there fore spin on serves slightly less than modern ports sponge ESN rubbers like BF/MXP etc...however this one being linear helps to keep serves even more deceptive and also short .
16/03/2015 very good rubber Review by LUCIA SOLSOL FLORIDA
What is using my son is happy says it's fast, and has adapted very quickly to new plastic balls.
09/03/2015 Excellent rubber Review by Ertaç Vural
High spin, good controle and good speed. Excellent rubber.
Nittaku Alhelg