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Nittaku Acoustic Carbon

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Number of Layers : 5+2
approximate weight (g) : 90
Blade Type : OFF
thickness (mm) : 5.5
The Nittaku Acoustic Carbon is based on the original Acoustic blade. This blade was created by adding two layers of carbon to the original Acoustic blade. This provides it with the familiar feeling of a carbon blade. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/01/2019 An excellent blade for semi-pro players. Review by Javier Martinez de Navascues
This is the first "pro" blade I've ever owned and I could not be more happy. Excellent speed, decent control and good spin. It needs a few hours of play to fully adapt, but once you get used to it this blade is awesome. I paired it with Fastarc G-1 (Forehand) and Fastarc C-1 (Backhand) and I can say I've improved my game a lot.
09/11/2018 Great Feel Review by Bertson Ng
This is my 3rd or 4th Blade from TT11, and the best one compare to Zetro, Septear & Offensive S.

Very good feel provided from the blade during plays and plays well for both short and long strokes. Worth the price and wait.
18/04/2016 Awesome! Review by geo pantuliano
So the blade was delivered faster than expected and as requested at exactly 88g: customer service at TT11 is fantastic!. In terms of the blade characteristics it is a 5+2 wood/carbon blade that feels and delivers like a hard, stiff wood blade (no flex/vibration) yet maintains superb feel for the ball. The speed and spin is excellent. The control is absolutely amazing. IMO Speed: 95 Spin 93 Control 91 Stiffness hard/medium hard. Pairs well with med/hard tensored and softer sponged rubbers (my preferences are Rasant G/PG; BTY T80fx, MKV HPS) Given proper tachnique ALL aspects of your game will feel refreshed and natural. It is just so comfortable and delightful to play with right from the get go. I have to say though that the spindly handle was the only bummer. Read my NAC LG review under that heading. I recommend it for adults or teens over the standard handle. En toto a great piece of equipment from Nittaku and TT11. THANKS
21/01/2016 not good euough Review by Zuo lei
it has good feeling and control speed is good,but its hand is too thin,Compared with other top blades, its handfeeling feedback is not very clear
11/05/2015 Harmony of speed and control, nothing better! Review by YOON
Best blade among about 20 blades I've experienced.
Powerful smash along with fantastic spinning ability, this Nittaku carbon blade also permits comfortable control. That's why I've just baught one more for spare!
24/04/2015 Most balanced blade ever.. Review by Perry Santos
Speed/Control ration is 2nd to none. Very fine crafmanship, in par with butterfly blades.

i had replaced my jm szlc with this beauty as my main blade.
23/04/2015 Good blades Review by Xiang
Very good service.
I have kept buying a lot of blades.
23/10/2014 as advertised Review by tom
all components of topspin as advertised and the best of all the blades I tried. was hoping for a little more in flat kills
10/07/2014 Superb Review by Federico
Had the best feeling amongst carbon blades, not too stiff nor too soft. Fast enough and good control. Excellent.
16/04/2014 the blade looking for Review by Geswin Hermawan
This is the best blade ive tried. Best feel among composite.
Top notch production.
Great speed to control ratio.
Just buy it
Nittaku Acoustic Carbon