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Juic Neo Anti

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Rubber type : antispin
It is easy to chop, block, lift and hit with Juic Neo Anti, as the top-sheet is softer than by many other anti rubbers. The elastic antispin top-sheet helps to return the balls safely, confusing your opponent with the unpredictable spin. This rubber can be recommended for those players who would like to try playing with anti rubber. Made in Japan.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

09/05/2021 The best anti Review by Ivan Ivanov
The best anti.
16/10/2020 Great defensive rubber for local league players Review by Steve Swan
After trying a range of different pips-out rubbers, a friend of mine suggested that I might like to try anti-spin. I researched by a combination of asking around and Revspin. This rubber came out top of my list for what I was looking for. It took me a little while to get used to it, but now it's operating exactly the way I wanted. It is a great defensive rubber and I use it on my backhand to disrupt topspin attacks. I use DHS tin arc for attack and the combination working well for me. A point to note is that many You reviews say that anti is no good for topspin attack - don't believe it. It's obviously not as spinny as a tacky/spinny rubber, but if you practice it has very useful attacking properties and is great for twiddling.
06/09/2019 excellent Review by paul hewitt
13/05/2019 Juic Neo Anti Review by Evaldas Karalius
Apgaulinga guma. Gera kontrole zaidziant su puolejais.
27/11/2018 Easy to use Review by ronila lanada
One thing I like about this Juic Neo Anti is easy to use and you can even attack with it close to the table you can lift the ball compared to German anti which is more friction-less and the top sheet is very hard. I would recommend it for somebody who wants to try some anti.
25/06/2018 Average anti Review by Yap Chun
At 2.0mm thickness, its weight is heavy on the def blade. Never counter block against topspin close to the table. Only effective at some or mid distance. Good chopping rubber but need good wrist and chop strokes. Very effective at counter offensive.its a very slow and consistency anti spin rubber. Against spinny serve but not heavy topspin.hardly have reversal. Perhaps may try 1.0mm on fast blade.
12/03/2018 2.0 anti Review by Antonio Oliver
This anti spin rubber pretty good. I use 2.0 version and I have tried them all. I think the 2.0 is best because it’s better for blocking and generating speed returns. When I tried the less rubber versions the sound was different coming off my returns and you know how picky we are about sound in ping pong. The 2.0 version is good it reminds me of the yasaka 1.5 anti rubber
17/10/2016 not sure Review by David Kim
So this is the first smooth, anti-spin rubber I've used and it definitely changes the speed and spin. It's currently running on the backhand of a chinese pen grip. The return gets so slow you have to essentially block or chop the ball back even on really fast attacks from your opponent. I've had this for a few months now and still have trouble gauging the power and "thrust" required to get the ball back. I'll probably swap this out for a normal spin rubber at some point.
19/09/2016 tested and approuved Review by Fabrice Baus
I had that rubber few years ago and after using fast rubber, I'm back to that antipower.

It is a very good anti, stoping the effect from opponent and giving him back a ball with no effect and no power at all.

It is possible to lift the ball with it and give the opponent a strange effect.

For those who play with anti, NeoAnti is the best.
Juic Neo Anti