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Joola Rhyzen FIRE

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Rubber type : inverted
Add a flame to your game with this latest generation offensive rubber. Geared for an intricate balance of power and spin, the Rhyzen FIRE combines a medium-hard sponge and offers a high ball trajectory for heavy topspin and power looping. In addition, the ‘sweet zone’ technology ensures a consistent ball bounce, feeling, exceptional control for your offensive strokes, and deftness for subtle plays in serve and return. It’s time to turn up the heat on your opponents with the JOOLA Rhyzen FIRE!

Customer Reviews

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28/02/2023 All round rubber with attacking power and a nice touch Review by Yijian Cao
Used the max thickness on FH to play top spin, spin drive, and flat hit. Medium hardness sponge and relative grippy top sheet make these combination of shots relative easy once one developed the good techniques. The top sheet feel relatively fast even though one can feel the ball dwelling on the paddle in the process of top spinning the ball. For short game near or inside table, one needs to practice to get the feeling for push or flick. Although it is a little bit on the heavy side, it takes time to get used to the weight and balance with the blade (Donic Original Carbospeed), Overall it is very nice rubber for both attacking players with top spin/spin drive, and near table blocking or flat hitting. Highly recommended.
Joola Rhyzen FIRE