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Haifu Sea Moon Booster 100ml

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Booster increases the overall spin and speed characteristics of the table tennis rubber and creates a very pleasant ball touch. According to our information boosters are used by all top players in the world. The Haifu Sea Moon booster is one of the strongest and most popular boosters in the world. Use Haifu Sea Moon Booster on the rubber only. Repeat the application every 24 hours for a better speed effect. After the last layer, let it dry until the rubber will become flat again. Join the rubber and the blade with water-based glue. Efficient 4 to 8 weeks. Booster is not the glue, so you will need to use table tennis glue to attach the boosted rubber to your blade. Risks: 1. Booster increases the thickness of the rubber. The total thickness of the rubber should not exceed 4,00 mm on all competitions played under ITTF rules. It is the responsibility of the player to check the thickness of the rubbers in this case. 2. Rubbers with speed glue effect must be treated with care and less amount of booster because these rubbers have already some booster liquid inside. Volume: 100ml.

Customer Reviews

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08/06/2022 Excellent booster Review by Stephen Chan
This boaster works well with Chinese rubbers. It takes longer for the boosting effects to develop.
07/06/2022 Чувствуется физически некоторая мягкость и небольшая добавочная скорость. Review by ALEKSANDR D.
Заказывал Falco booster. НО по всем характеристикам Haifu понравился больше . Пробовал на тензорах 48-50 градусов и жёстких накладках (китайских). Для тех кто не пробовал, попробуйте. Чувствуется физически некоторая мягкость и небольшая добавочная скорость. На мягких накладках не советую бустерить, становится ватной. Это сугубо моё личное мнение.
05/05/2022 Booster Review by Frank Aguilera
Nothing to say at the moment.
01/04/2022 Great Review by Attila Nagy
The booster is working as I expected. It gives more flexibility and speed to the rubber. Honestly, I have tried it with Hurricane 3 rubber it worked perfectly but with old/used Tenergy05 not really... but only used 8-10 times no more. Maybe I have better experience month by month how it is working with the different rubbers... all in all great product
29/09/2021 Works Review by Daimeng Chen
Works well, no problems.
16/08/2021 Must have for Tacky Chinese Rubber players! Review by Ali Kaderji
Great product with superior quality and performance!
A must-have booster for Chinese tacky rubbers. little stronger than Falco. Highly satisfactory with its boosting effect. Minimum 2 layers and 24h gaps between application is recommended before gluing.
03/08/2021 Curious Review by TTjunkySA
1st time using and I'm impressed by what can be achieved when used on hard non-tensor rubbers
Almost as if I'm addicted lol
10/02/2021 Good booster Review by Markus Kempf
Great service by TT11. Thanks!
05/11/2020 Works well Review by Jensen Ip
Applied to Hurricane blue sponge. There is an improvement in speed.
27/10/2020 Good Review by Romualdas Klicmanas
Haifu Sea Moon Booster 100ml