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Gewo Hype XT Pro 50.0


This product was discontinued and would no longer be available.

Rubber type : inverted
GEWO Hype XT Pro 50.0 insures the high precision, catapult effect and high trajectory in the attacking situation. The speed and power featured by 50 degrees hard sponge are not creating the obstacles to control the ball in the modern table tennis game.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

06/09/2019 NO TAN BUENO Review by Antonio T.
Este caucho carece totalmente de potencia, pero lo que si posee es mucho control
12/03/2019 NOT FOR BACKHAND Review by A
The rubber is great and can pack a punch for certain, but it isn't for backhand. It is very unforgiving on the backhand and the hardness impedes spin production. The ball barely soaks in.
However, if you time it perfectly, you can flick/topspin/smash/whatever you like, to the degree that most opponents won't able to return the ball.
It's a good rubber for forehand if you like a hard forehand rubber, but definitely NOT a backhand classic(unless you have great technique and can deal with the unforgiving nature of the rubber).
17/09/2018 good, but not durable. Review by M.V.
good, but not durable.
17/09/2018 Excelente Review by RUBEN CECCOLI
Excelente goma
pero fragil al momento de minimo roce con la mesa se rompe
pero sus caracteristicas son estupendas.
16/01/2017 Recomended Review by Minh Tuan Hoang
Very good rubbers. It's my alternative rubbers for Adidas TZU which is no longer existed. I tuned with Falco Tempo Long and got better control. Recomended for forehand.
28/12/2016 Very speed and spiny Review by Yongwoo Rim
Fantastic rubber. Very speed and spiny. Perfect rubber that I've been looking for.
26/08/2016 overall a good rubber Review by singaraju v s avancha
It has a good feeling unlike other hard rubbers. It is fast and gives confidence from mid distance. I am still to play more with the rubber for more correct review.
Gewo Hype XT Pro 50.0