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Friendship 729 Bluesponge

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Rubber type : inverted
The famous 729 sticky rubber with a blue sponge.

Customer Reviews

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24/07/2023 Pretty good for an occasional player Review by Jon Einar Mattias Visser
I don't play that often but this is a good beginner sticky-ish rubber.
It generates good spin and I can even do pretty good backspin serves with it that stop at half long over the net or even shorter.
Good control and okay-ish looping ability as the rubber is not so sticky that a spin ball from the opponent flies immediately in the wrong direction if not hit correctly.

Good to learn spin shots and easy to control as well as pretty good speed
27/04/2023 nice Review by Alden Reyes
17/12/2021 Good rubber Review by Bunbun Bunyamin
Low price good rubber, recommended for BH.
03/09/2021 Pocket friendly Review by gajanan9034
Very good rubber for beginners. Must try on soft or medium hard blades.
03/08/2021 Returning Review by TTjunkySA
Good rubber when boosted so came back for a few more.
03/08/2021 Curious Review by TTjunkySA
So I bought this cause wanted to see what all the hype is behind boosted Chinese rubbers!! Very hard sponge! After 4 layers of booster over 5days felt great on my 90's Stiga UTC allround classic! Great control very spinny/tacky
Glad I bought few rubbers
07/01/2021 Best price Review by Ardak
I like Chinese rubbers. Not spinny as DHS hurricane 3, but it has a better price.
28/12/2020 Excellent price/quality ratio Review by Alonso Alvarez Tengan
It's preferable to boost it in order to break it in asap. Other than that, excellent medium-hard lightweight rubber.
10/03/2020 Very Good Review by Andrew Cadiz
Perfect for those who want to develop their FH stroke.
This is my first Chinese rubber on my FH.
Very spinny and control is superb!
28/01/2020 Superb Rubber! Review by Andrew Cadiz
Cheapest rubber that I’ve ever used with superb performance! I boosted it 3 times (24hrs, 12hrs, 12hrs interval) and paired with Butterfly ALL Secretin blade.
Perfect spin, superb control, and decent speed!
27/01/2020 Not what I am looking for. Review by Nicholas H
I was hoping the rubber would be harder than it was. Lately, I have been wanting a hard Chinese rubber for my forehand. The rubber is great, I’m just looking for something else.
05/01/2020 GOOD for active game Review by Gennadiy Shnaper
Good rubber and lightweight, but not suitable for carbon blades - I suppose so. It is designed for wood blades, otherwise, it plays like a "dead" rubber if you are lazy ))) A real Chinese rubber. I put it on Venus 14 Pro (Galaxy Yinhe), like ALC. I need to work on my short game; long distance is with control. Use it against strong players to obtain some control. Understand how you play, your style. It gives spin/control/pretty good speed if you like the "Chinese style". If you play the European style (lazy, to be bounced from the rubber w/o movement) - forget about it. It's cheap, put it in wood blades. Suitable for BH better.
10/10/2019 Quality of rubber Review by Sean Kang
Good rubber, given the price. Slow rubber but it can generate a lot of spin.
24/04/2019 More than just for beginners Review by HW
I bought few pieces on sale meant for practice only. I boosted it and used on FH. Wow, it is really good not only for beginners. It is easier to penetrate through the sponge and apply the power from the blade. There is enough spin either chopping or looping. It performs well from the short games to the mid range. In my opinion it is good for players from any level. I plan to stick it to my FH. For its price, it is way over performed! BTW, this rubber best fit the players who have good foundation and have from bottom up power. If you rely on the power from arm and bouncy sponge, then this rubber is not for you.
04/04/2019 Good Chinese rubber Review by plant viet
About 40 degree. Is tacky.
30/03/2019 Good for training proper technique Review by Ma Long
This rubber is great for working on technique. Even a small mistake and you will get punished. Forces me to use my legs more instead of just relying on arm because when I don't use my legs the ball doesn't go over the net. People who say this rubber is bad probably have bad technique themselves. It's the player who plays the game, not the paddle.
07/01/2019 Very good Review by Allen Lee
I use it on my practice blade , good spin and control. I will get another for spare.
27/10/2018 Very precious rubber Review by GEORGE STATHOPOULOS
Excellent rubber. I have been using it for many years since 1995. I recommend it especially for casual boys.
11/10/2018 облегченная китайская липучка Review by Igor Golovlev
163х163х2.0 мм весит 60 г,это довольно легко , учитывая то, что у топшита почти отсутствуют пупыри . Резина не быстрая , цепкая с тонкой губкой хороша подходит для защиты.
24/06/2018 5* + Review by Sergey Erilin
Дано хотел попробовать эту накладку толщиной 2,0 на Fh CPen Yasaka Sweden Extra Ch.Pen, вместо DHS TG2, 2,2 ..
Удивительно !
Всем CPen , Рекомендую !
22/10/2017 Needs boosting Review by Michael Wu
Pretty good rubber by it self, its more grippy than it is tacky. sponge is fairly soft for a chinese rubber aswell, but i do find the ball sometimes doesnt bite the rubber, causing it to slide off.

With 2 layers of booster, this is a different machine, picks up low balls with great ease, really feel the ball bite into the sponge. i am able to loop back over the table short balls with extreme ease.
18/10/2017 very nice rubber Review by alaa mansour
very nice
01/04/2017 not bad at all for plastic Review by Mel Dato
good for those of you who want to start using plastic balls. they are cheap and were on sale for 4 boxes of 6 for the price of 3 boxes!
16/02/2017 ..... Review by rio
fair for the price..
15/02/2017 great product Review by bernard savitz
very good product.
very spinny ,yet real good control,and fast.
real springy sponge,overall great product.
15/02/2017 excellent product Review by bernard savitz
this is a very good product.
great sponge,real tacky top sheet,great control,yet fast .
31/10/2016 great sponge Review by Travis Snodgrass
Great sponge, good bite.
05/08/2016 IT IS MADE FOR FOREHAND Review by Pedro Einloft
blue sponge version made for forehand. Had never tried this one and I must say it is the hardest piece of rubber Ive tried so far. And it didnt get any better after 2 weeks playing with it. Ok, it is cheap, but there are several other better options on the price range. If you want to buy it to get a feel of chinese rubbers you must boost it.
20/06/2016 nice product Review by Nuno Alves
It s a nice product for beginers for a nice price
09/06/2016 A RUBBER THAT RESPECTS MY INTELLIGENCE. Review by khaldoun khader
when tuned it plays at the same level as those very expensive rubbers, it becomes super fast when boosted, but you must use 6-7 layers of boost, it is not too grippy, but offers unbelievable control.
- the price of this rubber reflects the respectfulness of "729 friendship" it is just a rubber, why should it cost $50 -$70 dollars??? why??
- this rubber proves that you can play like a pro with a $9 dollar rubber, and that the rest of the rubbers in the market are a white-hand theft and robbery.
- buy it and tune it and push your game with it..
23/12/2014 Great table tennis rubber Review by Patrick Haubruge
Amazing rubber like a Tackiness C
Great control and feeling thans
23/12/2014 Great table tennis rubber Review by Patrick Haubruge
Amazing rubber like a Tackiness C.
Great control and feeling Thanks
18/12/2014 Nice Review by Ruben Kvamme
Concidering the price, blue sponge lookin great. As expected not much speedy or springy, but pretty spinny. For the price, definitely worth a shot.
07/12/2014 GREAT! Review by Eric
Good for FH & BH!

No matter sponge.......handsome!
02/10/2014 Good Review by JAEWON JEONG
My first chinese rubber, Good for BH, Simple rubber for beginner
27/08/2014 very good allround rubber Review by andy spring
great value rubber very good quality and yet again top service from table tennis 11
16/07/2014 Very good rubber Review by user
Very nice FH rubber.
This is my first chinese rubber after japan/european rubbers
With proper technics this rubber shines in all strokes.
Perfect control. Don't want anything else.
01/07/2014 Well Review by Alexander Kulebyakin
Good rubber, but too soft for me.
09/05/2014 Blue sponge better than orange sponge Review by Patrick Haubruge
More speed and more control.
in 1.5mm very good for blocking.
10/04/2013 Great Review by Paolo Pastorelli
25/03/2013 perfect Review by Paolo Pastorelli
08/02/2013 For Begginer Review by Fred Hirata
It is not very durable, it is hard, but it has good spin. These rubbers were made for players who are starting in table tennis. It's very cheap but it hasn´t a lot of speed. Those looking for something better than the rubber sold in stores, I recommend it. Really it is the quality better than any rubber accompanying racket.
08/02/2013 Para Iniciantes Review by Fred
Não é muito duravel, é dura mas tem muito efeito. Essas borrachas foram feitas para jogadores que estão iniciando no tenis de mesa. É muito barata mas não tem muita velocidade. Quem procura algo melhor que as borrachas vendidas em lojas, eu recomendo ela. Realmente o qualidade dela é superior a qualquer borracha que acompanha a raquete.
07/02/2013 very good Review by pietro carrozzo
Friendship 729 Bluesponge