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Dr.Neubauer Trouble Maker

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Rubber type : long pips
The plastic ball has set a new challenge to long pimple players. However TROUBLE MAKER will still enable to produce a deceptive game close to the table, even against offensive shots with less spin: The most effective shot with this rubber consists of chop-blocking close to the table against topspin. It will be difficult for your opponents to produce their next attack. The ball can be kept low both while blocking passively and while chop-blocking, even causing some wobbling and sinking effect. TROUBLE MAKER is also quite effective for an active long pimple game as aggressive pushing can be performed very easily, especially against chopped balls. Surprisingly the rubber is also a good weapon for classical defense, producing very good backspin and a low flight path, with a noticeable sinking effect of the ball. The rubber was exclusively developed for use with plastic balls and comes with good control, both for passive shots and for an active type of game.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/07/2022 Interesting product Review by Daniel Valdes
Very disruptive, it's a good weapon but however not easy to use. To acquire 100 % of this rubber requires practice and technique.
24/03/2021 Blocker Review by ONG BENG TJUAN
Trouble for opponents.
13/02/2020 Dr.Neubauer Trouble Maker Review by ALEXEY BLINNIKOV
Хорошие длинные шипы.... пишут , что жесткие....никакой жесткости я не увидел... шипы довольно мягкие с насечками...чем то напоминаю Butterfly Feint Long....
31/01/2020 As advertised Review by Stuart Gordon
I'm not very experienced with long pips. I have only used Dtecs and Butterfly Feint. In comparison, Trouble Maker allows for good control with active strokes. Not as much reversal on passive blocks when compared to Dtecs. This rubber suites my active at the table style so I will continue to use it.
31/08/2019 Hard to control, hard for players to flat attack Review by Charley Aebersold
Warning, this is my first long pip ever so my review may not be accurate. I bought it because I was hoping that it would be really deceptive. It wasn't too difficult for players to return unless I gave a high, smashable ball. Then it was a disaster. Otherwise, the control was so poor compared to other players' paddles that I've since tested.
05/08/2019 One of the best LP I've ever used Review by Tristan
As a long-time D.Tecs user, I never thought I would be switching to anything else. But after a friend brought a sheet of this to the club, I knew that it was something special. The braking effect on both passive and active blocks is much more pronounced than D.Tecs and with even more reversal. The dwell time on the rubber is very short, however, so strokes will need to be adjusted accordingly. Offensive strokes feel this even more so you may struggle to adjust to the new dwell time initially.

I put this rubber on right before a tournament and had my best tournament result to date, beating players several levels above me with no losses below me.
19/07/2019 Excellent but brittle Review by TT
The Dr. N Troublemaker (I used it in OX) is an excellent close-to-the-table blocking rubber that is also great for chopping. On blocks and chops, the ball trajectory is very low. The underspin on chops is good for an OX rubber. The spin reversal on passive blocks is as good as any I've seen, given the inherent limitations of the minimum friction rule and the low-spin ABS ball. The dampening effect of the rubber is also great. Because the pips are soft, you can also create lots of spin variation that'll keep your opponent guessing. This would be the perfect OX pips for me, but for two issues:
(1) after about two weeks of play, the rubber loses some of its grip, which turns it from a rubber that's very easy to attack with to one that makes attacking difficult; and
(2) on both sheets of this that I tried, pips starting falling out in batches after about two months of play. This is unacceptable at this price point.
22/05/2019 The Best Review by ERIC NGUYEN DUY
The Best.
21/05/2019 Amazing Review by Marko Maric
I have tried this rubber now for 1 month and its amazing. I beat 2000 players in Sweden easy and the rubber has disturb effects, like the old superblock. I was one of the better players in Sweden, born in 1991, same year as Falck and Karlsson. I,ve beaten Anton Källberg many times and I used superblock back then and now I can finally say that there is a rubber that actually is close to it. Of course, it's not 100% as good as superblock, but you can actually return serves short, long, or however you want and if you do a lift move with it you get the same effect as superblock (but its very hard to do). If you get a backspin ball, its super easy to push with it just like superblock. Most of the time, when I misshit the ball, it goes into the net and not outside of the table. That's a huge positive since with all the other long pimps it usually goes outside the table. I just need to practice my technique. Also it's super good to chop far from the table. I'm a really aggresive player close to the table player, but I have no problem going away from the table now either. Best long pimp Ive tried so far.
Dr.Neubauer Trouble Maker