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Dr.Neubauer Leopard

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Rubber type : short pips
This short pimpled rubber will be a real challenge for your opponents. Blocking on topspin or smash will produce very disturbing returns, the ball tends to go down and wobbles. It is a supreme weapon for blocking, counter-attacking and hitting in both 1.5 and 2.0mm versions. The rubber provides a very good control for all blocking and attacking strokes. With 1.0mm sponge underneath LEOPARD enables safe and effective chopping as well as occasional attacking.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

18/07/2017 Great BH Rubber Review by Mohammed
Best BH rubber used ever
25/05/2017 One of the best PIPs Out Rubber !! Review by Syed Farhan Alvi
I became a fan if this rubber when by chance I choose this rubber in 1,2 mm for my Dr. Neubauer combination effect blade (also purchased from The rubber is very easy to play , slightly fast than other pips-out so you need control but amazing returns. More than 50% top spin loops of my opponents go in the net or outside the table.

The chops are great and you can return any spin with it from the backhand easily. You just need to push or chop and the return will go with reverse spin on the ball. Only those sharp players who know how to tackle pips will ive careful returns.

I have tried this rubber and Killer / Killer Speed in all thickness and feel that OX are difficult to control but they are far more danger for others but 1.2 mm is the best choice of less experienced players.

The rubbers were fixed by perfectly with beautiful perfection. The services they give are amazing and great, fast and reliable and with the very best discounts.
17/01/2017 good Review by rio
i enjoy with this rubber for block..
16/06/2016 Good for inverted to pips transition Review by ITTF 2400
Nice rubber for style of transition from inverted to pips.
05/05/2016 Excellent rubber for BH ! Review by Chris B
I ordered this rubber with 2mm sponge and I was very happy with it. I am not a short pips user, rather a dabbler. I am a beginner player at club level, about 1300.

This is the only short pips rubber I used. I was impressed on how efficient this rubber is for BH and even for FH ( in a combination with long pips for BH ). On one hand it generates some spin, however its power is in deception. A gameplan backspin serve - backspin return - push - attack will make the opponent throw the ball out.

Also I played some practice against a very powerful player about 2000 who was using penhold with attacking long pips and this rubber completely disrupted his attack game !

So if you want to try long pips, I think that this rubber is an excellent choice.
16/07/2015 Good blocking and attack Review by Bryan Foo
I have been using this rubber since last year for my backhand. Very good for blocking and the best part is this rubber is able to create backhand loop. Although is not as spinny as inverted rubber, but the effect is enough to give your opponent a hard time to counter attack. However, this rubber is best use with carbon blade. I have tested it with pure wood blade and it did not perform well compare to carbon blade. Overall this rubber is good!
25/11/2014 Good rubber and able to do looping Review by Bryan Foo
I am a penhold style player and I use Hurricane 3-50 for my forehand and Dr Neubauer Leopard as my backhand. I am quite satisfied with Dr Neubauer Leopard as this short pimple rubber is able to perform loop with my reverse penhold backhand technique. Whenever I block my opponent heavy top spin with Dr Neubauer Leopard, it generated a wobbles effect with some down spin. The spins generated from reverse penhold backhand is not as spinny as normal pimple in rubber but the wobbles effect is enough to give your opponent a hard time to adjust. This rubber is worth to buy.
30/08/2014 Good rubber and control of spinning ball Review by Addison
Give opponent a lot of hard time to return the ball and surprise to all the veteran players that I had improved so well.
25/09/2013 soovitan Review by Marek Kotkas
Mind hoiatati, et nupuga kummiga ei saa tõmmata vinti. Saab ikka küll!Milleks üldse sile kumm, kui ründenupuga saan teha samu asju palju ohutumalt. Laua lähedal kaitses olles on 2,0 mm variant kohati isegi liiga tundlik. Kaugelt kaitstes, tugev altlõige....super.
Dr.Neubauer Leopard