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Dr.Neubauer K.O. PRO

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Rubber type : long pips
K.O PRO is half-long pips rubber that can be considered a faster version Dr.Neubauer's K.O. This version allows for an even more dynamic game while counterattacking and flat hitting. At the same time, this new version also provides a bit more "sinking effect" on the ball than the original version can. This holds true for all active shots but also for passive blocking. This makes it a good alternative for players who enjoy using K.O. but are looking for more speed to improve their attacking game, without its disruptive effect.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

08/03/2019 K.O. PRO knocks them out Review by Robert Milton
Good quality pips out rubber. It is faster than many long pips rubbers, but not as
deceptive. Backspin can be chopped using this rubber, and some topspin can be produced (from backhand) against topspin.
05/01/2019 Great offensive option for LP players Review by Aleks
Strong sinking effect and deceptive trajectory. Easy to keep blocks short. Easy to attack with long pips' technique.
15/12/2018 Very Disruptive! Review by Brandon
I had been using inverted on both sides since I've been playing (20 years), but the past several months I have been experimenting with different sorts of pips on my bh. I have found that I like medium pips the best as they tend to have short and long pip tendencies. K.O. Pro and Aggressor have been the two that I've been going back and forth with the most. Since this is a review about K.O. Pro and not Aggressor, I will stick with just my findings on K.O. Pro (red 1.3). A review of Aggressor will come shortly. Here are the pros and cons to using K.O. Pro.

When countering, the opponent had a very hard time getting the ball back to my side of the table. It almost always ended up in the net on their side. Sometimes it didn't even make it to the net! The ball that they are trying to hit is very dead and floats very low. It takes the other person several tries to adjust to the ball coming to them. Pushing is also easy with this rubber. The ball stays low and skids on their side with no spin. This tends to pop the ball up to you more. Blocking with this rubber is also fairly comfortable. Because of the low trajectory of the rubber, it is easy to block with. Heavy loops blocked back do have reversal on them giving heavy underspin. Chopping away from the table is also very effective with this producing good underspin. It's also easy to serve low and dead to the opponent with this rubber. It makes it tricky for anyone to do any opening attacks when receiving serve.

Now here are some cons to using this rubber...

I feel that the biggest pro of this rubber (extreme dead ball) is also one of its bigger weaknesses. Since you can't produce any sort of topspin with this rubber, after a while the better players start to adjust to the incoming dead balls so it's not all that effective anymore. Opening attacks aren't the easiest to do either. Since the low trajectory, you had to time the ball just right to clear the net. So many times I either drove the ball into the net or lifted to much and would hit long. There really was a fine line in the timing to attack. Here again, even when attacking successfully, the better players didn't have any trouble returning the attacks because they had adjusted to the dead ball. Once the ball came back to me, it was hard to consistently stay on the offense with this rubber. I'd have to block or push, which could set them up for a winning point. For me, K.O. Pro is suited for someone who is wanting a strong disruptive game that is geared towards playing more of a passive game with attacking occasionally. I know it made me want to play more passive, but that's not really in my game. Control in the active game with this rubber tends to go down considerably.

My overall impression on this rubber - this is a very good rubber that is highly disruptive, but like I said above, not being able to produce any sort of topspin on counters and open ups made it a little one dimensional for me. The consistency during active play also goes down. This could be a true K.O. in the right hands of an experienced pip player who plays more on the passive side!

16/10/2018 Faster then K.O Review by Uri Mints
Faster and a bit less controllable.
Suitable for someone who also wants to attack and not only block.
Dr.Neubauer K.O. PRO