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Donic Spike P2

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Rubber type : long pips
This long pimpled rubber owes its unique playing qualities to a combination of an extremely soft sponge and the specially developed long pimpled top surface. Spike P2’s soft sponge increases control when backspinning close to the table and facilitates surprise attack and variation, which can disturb the opponent. The specially designed structure of the pimples makes it possible for the modern defender to employ all the strokes necessary for top play. This new rubber was developed together with MASATO SHIONO from Japan, one of the best defenders in the world. Sponge hardness: soft Unique soft sponge Specially structured long pimpled to surface rubber Best possible control Good for defence and backspin close to the table Specially designed for the modern defender It is possible to block topspin close to the table

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

22/04/2019 Average long pimple Review by Yap Chun
Tried it on a fast def blade. Agreed that this LP has high throw. Opp easily attack return. Not the best for chop and don't expect any disruptive effect. Push block quite okay away from the table.
19/04/2017 Good quality new rubber Review by Abubakar Mehmood
Received via DHL in just 3 days. Brand new rubber, according to expectations. It was my first experience with long pimples, so it took a bit getting used to. But the rubber is excellent for chopping, especially on the backhand with minimal sponge. Great value for money.
11/03/2017 Good Review by Andrejs Resetnikovs
Horoshaja kontroljnaja nakladka mjagkaja lutce stavitj na plotnoje osnovanie
27/02/2017 xorosho Review by Jevgenij Bragin
xoroshije dlinnie shipi
11/01/2017 Excellent Review by Egils R
Player for which i buy P2 said, that in games P2 is very good!
10/01/2017 Spike P2,0,3 mm sponge Review by Frederick Els
Excellant chopping long pips for the new ball,it bounces low and short over the net,giving your opponents lots of trouble,I use it on Victas Koji Matshushita blade,its devastating,your opponents is going to hate u
05/05/2016 Good for attack Review by Chris B
I ordered this rubber WITH thick spongeto replace my first long pips grass OX, which I simply didn't like.
With the sponge you get much better control, however the spin reversion is also quite terrible, especially in short rallys over the table.
This rubber is suitable for BH flicks and even loops but it takes lots of technical expertise. The spin inversion kicks in if the ball comes in fast ( which is normal ).
Overall I think that this rubber is better if you know how to use it. If you want to stick the paddle there and see the opponent miss, this is the wrong rubber, get OX instead.

Looks and feels high quality; made in Japan.
12/01/2016 5 Review by nachum shamis
Donic Spike P2