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Donic BlueGrip C2

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Rubber type : inverted
The Donic BlueGrip C2 is the second generation of the Donic Bluegrip rubbers with tacky topsheets. It has a softer sponge compared to the Donic BlueGrip C1. The stronger catapult effect, in regard to the first generation of the Bluegrip rubbers, makes it suitable even as a backhand rubber for top players.

Customer Reviews

All reviews listed are from verified customers who have purchased this product.

27/10/2023 Not that tacky Review by AJ Collins
Not that tacky but lots of grip. Spin is so good because of this and it being a hard rubber it's speed is amazing
12/09/2023 Good grip for spin Review by Shu Yang
A little hard sponge so need to apply more force. Strong grip for spin and loop shot
22/08/2023 Grip, spin, maxxx Review by Mihai Anghelea
Grip, spin, control, maxxxx. Europa meets China
13/07/2023 quite good Review by Dmitry Ostroushko
New quite good
08/06/2023 + Review by Владимир Кабарухин
Очень хороший зацеп и скорость, что удивительно для этого вида накладок.
Обычно есть или одно или другое. Мне подошла на форхенд.
01/04/2023 fast hybrid Review by Ardak
I use it as a BH rubber. Easy to receive serves. It is not too slow during topspin rallies unlike chineese rubbers. Spin is above average, not as spinny as boostered hurricane 3. It shines on carbon blades.
13/03/2023 Better choice for harder rubbers Review by Codrington Nesbith
Excellent spin and control. The better choice to H3 Neo
02/03/2023 Wow Review by Uda Bhagya
Good for both offence and defence. Very similar to dhs hurricane 3. But for me this rubber is slightly better. Very good spin
25/01/2023 Best Donic Rubber? Review by Coach Mihali Crisostomo Ateneo Table tennis
One of the best Rubbers by far of Donic. If you are looking for a rubber that has similar characteristics to Dignics 09C, this is the rubber for you. At first try, this rubber may seem very hard to you, especially if you are used to softer rubbers. Once you get the hang of it, you will unlock its speed and spin potential. You may want to boost it once if you feel that it is too slow for your taste.
18/01/2023 Very good product Review by Yoav Ken
Fast delivery and excellent products. They respond quickly if there are problems.
26/12/2022 Top rubber Review by Robert Platt
Use on my B/H and this far haven't a better alternative. Particularly good when spinning or driving, blocking is easy too. Recommended for agressive play.
07/12/2022 Blue Grip C2 Review by mischa chau
blue rubber like Chinese rubber feel
26/09/2022 8/10 Review by Aleksandr
Отличная накладка на 2-4 недели, дальше верхний слой гибрида стирается, остается тензор не самого высокого качества
Но поиграв эти 2-4 недели менять на что-то другое не захочется, липкость позволяет просто понимать плоско любой неудобный низ (работает и со скидками и в короткой игре) усиление неплохое, но скорости немного не хватает, блок отличный, становится все равно на вращение даже от мягкого торса с сильным верхом
19/06/2022 Amazing feeling. Review by Jonas Lindersson
This rubber has a special click sound and feeling. Hitting the ball makes you feel both the rubber and blade are working together in harmony and this feeling gives me a lot of confidence in my stroke and makes me feel what I did wrong when I make a mistake. It has the best feeling of any rubber I have ever used (I have tried 50+ rubbers).

Used mostly on Clipper CR then, Viscaria and Rutis Revo. Will soon try it on an offensive flexible all-wood blade.

Works on both backhand and forehand but it's better for the forehand.

On the forehand it's good for everything, in my opinion, you can ever chop very nicely with it.

Best tho is counter, counter spin, and loop kill.

Backhand punch works very well and attacks close to the table if you take the ball early you get a fantastic shot, but you need a strong backhand and can angle your racket a lot for optimal results.

Speed: 9.2

Spin: 9.4

Control 9.5

Gears: 9.5

Throw angle: 7.3

Arc: High but long. very hard for an opponent to counter.

Consistency: 10.0

Durability: 8 it loses a little bit of its tackiness, but then it stays the same for the rest of its life it seems.
08/06/2022 Good tacky rubber with speed effect Review by Stephen Chan
Tacky rubbers are usually slower in speed. This rubber improved in speed, making the transition from non-tacky rubbers easier.
17/05/2022 Top rubber Review by Robert Platt
Have reviewed it before on here but still rate this rubber highly. I use it on B/H and find it excellent in all aspects.
05/05/2022 Top of the line hybrid rubber Review by Anton Kukeste
For me, this is the best hybrid rubber, very good control with plenty of speed and massive amounts of spin. Ordered multiple times now.
05/05/2022 Rubber Review by Frank Aguilera
Not as good as Hurricane 3.
21/02/2022 Suits my forehand Review by Ralph Taylor
I really like it. Suits my forehand very well.
Quite hard sponge. Very grippy topsheet (but I would say not tacky)
This is the only rubber I have used that 'bites the ball' similar to T05.
A good loop creates nice curvature and a slight 'skip/kick' on landing.
I need to improve my technique in order to use its full potential.
Also touch play and blocking are no problem.
Can't judge yet if it lasts long!
22/11/2021 One of the best hybrid rubbers on the market Review by Anton Kukeste
This is by no means a rubber for beginners. But I'm surprised, that despite the sponge being 55-degree hardness, this is still quite easy to handle compared to most hybrid rubbers. The speed is there on more powerful shots. Brushed loops are accompanied by a great amount of spin. This is not the spinniest hybrid rubber I've tried, but for me, Bluegrip C2 strikes a nice balance between the ability to create massive amounts of spin and maintaining control. From my personal experience Xiom Omega VII China Guang and Butterfly Dignics 09C are more powerful rubber able to create generate more spin, but handling them is also a fair bit harder.
02/11/2021 Perfect Review by evgeny golender
Excellent ball control, good spinning, and re-spinning.
05/10/2021 Excellent B/H Rubber Review by Robert Platt
As soon as I started to play with this rubber it felt good. Very good control, spin, and speed. Highly recommend trying this on your backhands.
13/09/2021 Hard rubber with soft touch Review by PpTT
Good backhand rubber, at ease on returning serves and short balls rallying, Perfect blocking and top spinning due to heavy hard sponge and soft top sheet. Aggressive attackers with strong arms will love it. Great pair with carbon blades. Very durable. Recommended.
06/09/2021 Good Review by Jorge Garcia
Good control and speed, but I would like more speed to it. Please, recommend me a faster one.
21/05/2021 Excellent rubber. Grippy and super spiny Review by Zayar Lynn
Grippy and super spiny, not super fast but fast enough, forgiving, and slightly heavy.
05/01/2021 Ok Review by Daniel Drimba
Grip foarte bun.
06/11/2020 Hard, heavy, spinny rubber Review by Anton Kukeste
A grippy rubber with a very hard sponge, heavyweight. Takes a lot of getting used to, but
Donic BlueGrip C2