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DHS Tinarc Mid Hard

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Rubber type : inverted
Fast and spinny rubber for quick attack close to the table. Sponge production combines the latest technological developments and innovative concepts, which ensures the acceleration of the ball on impact. Special geometry of underlying pimples along with a grippy outer rubber surface provides for better ball control. 2,0mm rubbers come with SOFT sponge and MAX thickness rubbers with MEDIUM HARD sponge.

Customer Reviews

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03/06/2014 Average rubber Review by Michael Ussher
Bought this in error - thought I was ordering a tinarc 3. Throw on the tinarc is medium bordering on medium to low. Good speed but needs a full stroke to get the consistency. Gives a nice cracking sound. Probably worth boosting to enhance the performance. Felt harder than a skyline 2 neo but might have performed better for me on a less stiff blade than the Clipper.
DHS Tinarc Mid Hard